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  1. HomesteadWrestling

    Homestead (Fort Wayne) looking for one dual

    We are looking to schedule one more individual dual for next season. If interested, please email SpartanGrappling@gmail.com
  2. HomesteadWrestling

    NCAA DII National Qualifiers from Indiana

    Williams (Upper Iowa) MD. Glogouski (Lake Erie) 20-8 Crume (Indy) Dec. Ball (Ft. Hays St.) 10-3 Grine (Tiffin) Dec. Kemper (McKendree) 9-5 Faulkenburg (Indy) Dec. Hopp (Upper Iowa) 8-4
  3. HomesteadWrestling

    NCAA DIII National Qualifiers from Indiana

    Doster 0-2, Wilson dropped his first then won his 2nd, Bethel had a :20 fall. Schurg with a :39 fall and Bates dropped his first match.
  4. HomesteadWrestling

    Homestead High School - Math Opening

    Homestead High School has a math position open for the 2018-2019 school year. Homestead is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana in Southwest Allen County Schools. It is a highly rated school in a desirable area of town. Wrestling coaching positions are available as well. Please email SpartanGrappling@gmail.com if you would like to discuss further. Thank you!
  5. HomesteadWrestling

    Prayers Needed for Garrett Wrestling Family

    Blessed are those who mourn for you will be comforted. Praying for this young man's family, his teammates and the Garrett community.
  6. HomesteadWrestling

    Class Representation at Semi-State (Fort Wayne, thru 145)

    I don't know what the discussions have been around class wrestling at the individual level. We don't have data that breaks anything into two classes. I would have to guess who would be big school for versus small school and I don't think it would be as simple as splitting things down the middle.
  7. HomesteadWrestling

    Class Representation at Semi-State (Fort Wayne, thru 145)

    Well I must be computer illiterate today because I can't seem to update the original thread title or content. Here are the updated numbers after counting all weights. Total qualifiers for each class (224 total qualifiers) 3A: 70 2A: 100 1A: 54 152 3A - 5 2A - 8 1A - 3 160 3A - 4 2A - 9 1A - 3 170 3A - 6 2A - 5 1A - 5 182 3A - 5 2A - 7 1A - 4 195 3A - 4 2A - 11 1A - 1 220 3A - 5 2A - 6 1A - 5 285 3A - 4 2A - 9 1A - 3
  8. If this has already been posted somewhere, you can remove this or add this to the appropriate topic. I will get through all 14 weights for Fort Wayne but I wanted to post my progress so far. I don't know if there is much here to discuss but I am just going to post the numbers and let others interpret. One thing I was wondering - Does each semi-state have an equal distribution of 1A-3A? Or does one semi-state have considerably more small schools/big schools filtering into it? Here are the numbers: Total qualifiers for each class (thru 145, total of 112 qualifiers) 3A: 37 2A: 45 1A: 30 106 3A - 4 2A - 10 1A - 2 113 3A - 6 2A - 8 1A - 2 120 3A - 5 2A - 6 1A - 5 126 3A - 5 2A - 6 1A - 5 132 3A - 6 2A - 5 1A - 5 138 3A - 5 2A - 5 1A - 6 145 3A - 6 2A - 5 1A - 5
  9. HomesteadWrestling

    Wrestling Academies

    Thanks for the compliment for our kids. They certainly do fight, it's fun to coach them.
  10. HomesteadWrestling

    East Chicago weather report

    Maybe a light dusting in Fort Wayne so far, but nothing significant (8:38 am on Friday)
  11. HomesteadWrestling

    Wrestleback alternative: Seed regionals thru state

    Didn't realize that, lol. Should have posted my ideas here as a response, my bad.
  12. HomesteadWrestling

    Wrestleback alternative: Seed regionals thru state

    I thought you meant Friday morning at 10 am. The tournament (quarterfinals, session II) already starts at 9:30 am on Saturday morning.
  13. HomesteadWrestling

    Wrestleback alternative: Seed regionals thru state

    That would be great if it was an option. I think Ohio starts their tournament on Thursday (or goes into Sunday, I can't remember, but I do believe it is 3 days). I just think we need to add some bullets to our chamber. If we go in with one idea and it gets shut down, what is Plan B?
  14. HomesteadWrestling

    Wrestleback alternative: Seed regionals thru state

    It has been mentioned in past posts that the IHSAA is concerned that longer tournaments could interfere with Saturday night basketball games. Also, someone mentioned something about cutting into the school day not being an option. Even Saturday at the Carroll Regional, there was a girl's basketball sectional immediately following the wrestling tournament. I am not sure why they wouldn't mix up their hosts across sports to avoid this. I also wouldn't assume that they are interested in increased revenue. On paper it sounds like a good thing but increased revenue may come at a price they aren't willing to pay.
  15. Now before you respond and say how this is such a terrible idea, let me just say this - I am not sure if I am even in favor of this. Like a few other contributors have shared, we have to take a different angle. The IHSAA isn't responding to the current request. So instead of throwing the same bait into the water and hoping to catch the fish, maybe we switch the bait. I was going to just give a quick video explanation because I don't want to type all of this, but let's think through some of this and pull out all the pros and cons. Try to read through all of it so we can have productive dialogue. I think if we are going to improve our state tournament or reach the desired end, it will have to be a gradual shift. The seeding idea certainly isn't a perfect solution but I think of the BCS in college football and I think we hear less complaining with the playoff than we did with an outright one and done championship game. If our case is going to be strong, I believe it needs to accomplish the following: 1. Not cost the IHSAA any additional money or cut into any potential revenue 2. The length of the tournaments can't increase When I considered those two factors, I thought a "seed meeting" could help avoid some of the issues we are facing in semi-state. Keyword: some, not all. I cringe at the idea of reproducing the already painful sectional seed meeting but maybe it could look different. Perhaps coaches do a lot of legwork ahead of time and submit their data to a seeding committee. I am not sure how we could do this effectively but I thought you could have IHSWCA member coaches volunteer to seed a tournament they are not associated with. There would not be a physical seed meeting where all participating schools show up and talk in circles for three hours. Could the committee members have ulterior motives and try and miss-seed a regional so their kid gets a better draw down the line? Well hopefully a multiple-member committee would provide checks and balances to prevent this from happening. A strong ethics code and pairing coaches with regionals that don't feed into their semi-state could also be beneficial. If a coach doesn't wish to seed his wrestler or neglects to do his homework and submit the appropriate information, then his kids have to suffer at his lack of care. It would also help if the committee members were knowledgeable, invested in learning about all the teams and wrestlers and could get close to the right seeds even if a coach didn't do his job. When it comes to semi-state, I had one additional idea. You don't necessarily seed 1-16. Maybe you seed the 4 1's, 4 2's, etc. Then, you could still have a random computer draw if we found that to be an effective protocol. Seeding criteria: I think it could be similar to the sectional criteria but it would be awesome if it was a little more intelligent. We have such great minds on here that put together great stats, rankings and information. Now obviously none of that is flawless but the NCAA seems to get their championship tournaments right and they use math and logic, along with results, to determine proper allocations and seeds. But I am just dreaming here. I'm just thinking of the case where the "weak regional" has a kid with a 40-1 record and you have a kid who has gone through a meat-grinder of a schedule and has 7 losses. Well if we don't have head-to-head or common opponent, I guess weak schedule wins. Hopefully at the regional level we should have plenty of head-to-head and common opponents but it's not a lock. It may also be helpful to realign some regionals and try to balance things a little better on a competitive basis. Again, I am dreaming but I am trying to think of solutions that meet the two criteria above. Whatever solution we find, if we ever find it, is just a means to the end. What I think most of us want in the end is the best 16 kids at state, with the best 8 standing on the podium. Even if we decide that "wrestlebacks" is still the best proposal to take to the IHSAA each year, let's call it something different. It is a term exclusive to our sport and these people don't understand how our sport operates. THEY DON'T GET IT. They ain't one of us. So at the very least, let's hire a marketing firm and develop a better brand, image and slogan for "wrestlebacks".

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