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  1. U of m football sucks..so he must not be that good at football..go bucks
  2. jason

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    That's because he knew it was a pin u crybabies
  3. jason

    Mappes vs South?

    There is a rule book and case manual we are given..sometimes whatlooks like stalling to a fan is not stalling ect..as far as out of bounds if the wrestler has a.take down with his 2 feet in bounds the take down should be awarded then out of bounds called
  4. I am a ishaa wrestling official looking for contests anywhere from youth middle school and opens peewee thru junior
  5. That's bull..in a.big school you have say 5 guys competing and pushing.you at your weight..at a small school your lucky to have 1..havent you ever heard the phrase.."iron sharpens iron" also...if your in a.small town away from a larger metro area there are no academies..clubs..ect...unless you have a parent who has time to drive you 80 miles one way to get more kids to drill at your weight...
  6. jason

    Becoming a licensed IHSAA Referee

    Just got certified..thanks for the info
  7. I have just passed the test for licensing..anyone in needing officials for events or open tourneys I'm available...i will do friendship meets for free
  8. jason

    Delta Sectional

    Nice job Turner
  9. jason

    Jay County Regional

    Nice job Chandler..nice win over friedt
  10. jason

    Delta Sectional

    Prayers would be appreciated..hes my son.
  11. jason

    Tri Sectional

    The 1 seed at 152 is going to forfeit all the way to The finals..thats pretty sad
  12. jason

    Delta Sectional

    He's gonna be a scratch..just got the word
  13. jason

    Delta Sectional

    Yeah..who knows..duncan may not even wrestle Saturday
  14. jason

    Delta Sectional

    At 160 Duncan dominated west before pinning him in the 2nd period and he was under the weather for that match
  15. jason

    Delta Sectional


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