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  1. Delta Sectional

    145 hunt..152 hiestand...160 Duncan...170 bell..182 abbott...195 pease...220. Brown..285 shaffer
  2. MEC

    Looking forward to my son facing the the champ at 160
  3. Big wins/upsets 1/20

    Shaffer over wisner
  4. T.E.C. Thread

    Ok...good luck
  5. T.E.C. Thread

    What happened to the 160 from Lincoln..his name is McKinney
  6. T.E.C. Thread

    Knightstown didn't...not sure about union city
  7. T.E.C. Thread

    Purdin didn't wrestle at county last weekend...did he beat knightstown or hagerstown 160?
  8. Favorite Excuses

    My back hurts
  9. T.E.C. Thread

    Do you have the top 4 seeds yet?
  10. Weight Allowance

    If you don't make a weight your trying to cut to for conference can your coach bump you up and bump another guy down..or does your team forfeit that weight
  11. Becoming a licensed IHSAA Referee

    how do I go about becoming a middle school or youth ref?
  12. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Really 16 forfeits..thats highly unlikely..who comes.up with this b.s....i mean really...stay out of our meetings.already
  13. Notable win 1-6

    So hiestand is going 152?
  14. Richmond invite

    Total ripoff...15$ for a 2 day pass
  15. Best brother combo ‘17-18

    Winchester..just having some fun..theyre my sons