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  1. Merry Christmas

    Appreciate the well wishes, it was amazing to be able to eat anything I wanted on Christmas! You know what they say you can take the rat out of the region but you can’t take the region out of the Rat!
  2. Merry Christmas

    Rat- Could certainly use you down in #TheCounty no steel mills down there but plenty of good wrestling!
  3. The County

    @regionrat1 many good trailer parks down here. Would love to have another Rat in #TheCounty
  4. Prediction Time

    Congrats to the Rat for putting in 38 years at the mills, that incredible. Fabio does not like to scrap all the time, which I️ do not blame him for. P.S. stop telling everyone my secret moves!
  5. Prediction Time

    Hey Rat, you have to show a little bit of love for #DaCounty. I’m a former Region Rat and you and me both know Rats always stick together. All jokes aside it’s going to be a very fun year with a few “Where did that guy come from?” Very excited to see what this state can put together!
  6. Nathan Walton of Brownsburg commits to

    Cumberland University is getting a great kid! Very excited to have the opportunity to work with Nathan this year. Time to go win a state title now! #PainTrain
  7. Ty Mills of Brownsburg commits to

    Big Congrats to a great kid and a great family, Duke is getting a class act that is for sure!
  8. Rest In Peace Tim Ayersman

    As some of you may already know my father Tim Ayersman passed away Sunday afternoon. My father was the biggest supporter of me, Lake Central, Purdue, and now Brownsburg. He loved Indiana wrestling and everything that went with it. Vistation will be tomorrow (Wednesday the 13th) from 3-8 at Kish Funeral Home in Munster, Indiana. If everyone could send a few prayers towards my family we would greatly appreciate it. He loved getting on Indianamat just to see what was going on after I graduated from high school. Lastly, contrary to to popular belief, my father was not "Buttdrag" as some of you thought. Kyle Ayersman