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  1. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Oh no P, please do not let this happen. They will be fighting with each other in the corner! I've seen many of these fights first hand, they go something like this: Chad-"Shut up Doug, you're wrong!" Doug-"No chad, you're stupid!" and it goes on and on and on.
  2. NCAA DI National Qualifiers from Indiana

    Exactly, I just wanted him to know that he did not want be known for being from such a soft place!
  3. NCAA DI National Qualifiers from Indiana

    I understand where you are coming from however, more opportunities for jobs in Da Region, obviously leads to more people. If possible maybe we can class counties. If Indiana ever classes wrestling, we should class counties as well.
  4. NCAA DI National Qualifiers from Indiana

    I say just Lake County, some try to claim it but I do not think that is right. Had a kid in college one time say he was from da region, I asked where, and he said Rensselaer, I just said you are not from da region and never spoke to him again.
  5. NCAA DI National Qualifiers from Indiana

    Here to back my buddy @regionrat1, but do we (Hendricks County) get to claim everyone that isn't from da region? I feel like its pretty straightforward, you are either from Hendricks county or you're not. However, next year when 3 Brownsburg Bulldogs make it to the big show, we might have more. I am curious to know what he classifies as da region though, most just say Lake County. "You can take the rat out of the region, but you cant take the region out of the rat." -Aristotle 343 BC
  6. Brownsburg RWO - Thursdays at 6:01PM

    We were wall to wall tonight at the 'burg. Had studs from Mooresville, Edgewood, Ben Davis, North Montgomery, West Lafayette, Roncalli, Cascade, and of course Brownsburg. Christian has already said that he will bring some of his Yorktown boys as well for next week, so clear your schedule because it will be another good one next Thursday!
  7. Brownsburg RWO - Thursdays at 6:01PM

    Man, Warren Central was a meatgrinder last night, many studs and many live go's. The thing that stands out the most was Coach Krulik's stories, I don't know if I ever will be the same. I'll never take my puppy Jett over to Krulik's house! But come on out to the 'burg tonight and learn from BLee who is one of the states finest. Maybe one day I'll get a business card and say I helped train him!
  8. Kyle Ayersman-Warren RTC

    I learned today that half of my losses are to coach Krulik as well. Was an awesome practice today had guys from Warren, Brownsburg, Roncalli, Cathedral, McCutcheon, and Rushville, sorry if I forgot any. Hope that I was able to teach everyone something today. Come on out to Brownsburg tomorrow at 6 p.m. and learn something from BLee. P.S. @coachkrulik I dont think we need to tell Snyder about any of the houses we looked at tonight;)
  9. Kyle Ayersman-Warren RTC

    I did lose to a Mishawaka kid at a Mishawaka tournament but then avenged that loss twice over. So that loss seems a bit fishy...let's just say after that day I've never liked Snyder and I still don't to this day!
  10. Kyle Ayersman-Warren RTC

    I'm bringing about 3-4 Brownsburg guys with that were all on our varsity squad last year, come beat them up a little bit with some technique I show you!
  11. Kyle Ayersman-Warren RTC

    Lol @Darrick Snyder we both know Jett is off limits. You cannot touch a hair on his head, or Katie will kill you. But Snyder is right, everyone come on out, don't care where you're from, let's make some state champions! I'll do my best to convince some our Brownsburg hammers to come out!
  12. Epic Clash

    Now, I may be biased but I'll give the edge to Gelen, as long as he doesn't shut down. I do not see a way that he gets majored. I say a very close match that either could very well pull out.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Appreciate the well wishes, it was amazing to be able to eat anything I wanted on Christmas! You know what they say you can take the rat out of the region but you can’t take the region out of the Rat!
  14. Merry Christmas

    Rat- Could certainly use you down in #TheCounty no steel mills down there but plenty of good wrestling!
  15. The County

    @regionrat1 many good trailer parks down here. Would love to have another Rat in #TheCounty