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  1. Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    Yeah it was at sectionals not regionals my bad
  2. Fight Shorts/shirt

    flo has all the rules their website also
  3. I've been trying to find clubs around Marion does anyone know of any
  4. Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    This kid is at 195 I beat him 9-5 at regionals in the bracket it said he was a senior maybe I read something wrong
  5. Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    isnt baryden erb a senior
  6. State Rankings ideas?????

    how do i get the magazine
  7. NC SS Sneak Peek

    I will be going at 195
  8. NC SS Sneak Peek

    alright let me cover than lol
  9. NC SS Sneak Peek

    wrestled around with cody kletteheimer over the summer that kid is a monster.
  10. NC SS Sneak Peek

    yes i definitely will, but i don't want my name getting out too much though. Thanks
  11. NC SS Sneak Peek

    Who is D. Brooks is he from lewis Cass
  12. Just wondering if anybody knows if ball state is making any moves towards having a wrestling program.
  13. Middle schoolers who could place

    It is not that serious chill man I have seen multiple schoolers that could qualify for high school state
  14. New rules?

    Is there a new rule for what we can wear heard about thought it was rumor