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  1. Technique: Re-drop return to the mat @TigercoachJoeyD https://t.co/gzmQQuXbFY

  2. RT @BruinWrestling: Technique: shoot with your inside hand @caelsanderson @pennstateWREST https://t.co/XteADA1enO

  3. RT @cardinalwc612: Technique: stand-up rotation out https://t.co/vZ2FWkuD3c

  4. RT @cardinalwc612: keep up on the CARDINAL WRESTLING CLUB at Ball State University https://t.co/4zI2EU6E3j https://t.co/euhWQKIFAh

  5. Technique: front headlock to ankle pick @TigercoachJoeyD https://t.co/RxJ89TzB6U

  6. RT @BruinWrestling: Technique: fake and snaps for TD angles https://t.co/zq114yOHrB

  7. Technique: Front Headlock and Go-Behind TD @TigercoachJoeyD https://t.co/cZDqZyJbka

  8. Technique: Easton Shrug to a Turk @Bryan__Snyder 136-11 career record @HuskerWrestling 4x AA & 4x Big 12 champion https://t.co/TSYUotxIAm

  9. RT @cardinalwc612: Technique: Easton Shrug to a Double Leg TD @Bryan__Snyder 136-11 career record @HuskerWrestling 4x AA & 4x Big 12 champi…

  10. RT @cardinalwc612: 1st workout down #2 this Friday 8-10pm! Chirp Wrestling Chirp! https://t.co/bgv0smfLmZ

  11. Straddle Lift for Greco-Roman Wrestling https://t.co/p3jib07U6E via @YouTube

  12. https://t.co/cn6a6KGOMt https://t.co/kZbPDS7swi

  13. we are now filling in winter dates with folkstyle meets . the focus will shift to Greco-Roman going into the spring… https://t.co/Fgqyeg6bsr

  14. RT @BruinWrestling: Went to visit @BogieAD @Janel_OU in Athens & got lucky to see @OhioU_Wrestling room. If in the area eat at Olde Dutch-L…

  15. @Frank_Staebler how can we as a state spark more interest for GR within Indiana. Please email me tbanditswrestling@… https://t.co/megFAd1gbE