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  1. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Maybe to get that backup wrestler a match against a quality opponent. Isn't one of the important things to get as many kids as possible matches whenever there is an opportunity?
  2. Seeding Meeting Change???

    We could seed all 9 or 10 wrestles and make those last 2 or 4 seeds wrestle the pigtail matches. Also, any teams that enter a forfeit at a weight should automatically be placed in the pigtail brackets first. These could help eliminate a few of the problems. Of course, seeding meetings would last even that much longer than they already last.
  3. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Not what I'm saying. I would love for the seeding to be perfect every time at every sectional and no kid to ever get "screwed". However, there is no perfect system for seeding especially as it relates to forfeits. So either way, counting the wins or not counting the wins there will be a few kids that lose in the pigtail rounds that maybe should have been seeded 4th. Again, just a life lesson. So I guess if you have a perfect system, let's hear about it instead of bitching about the system in place.
  4. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Here's my 2 cents which I know ain't worth much. There is no perfect seeding system as it relates to forfeits unless every team in the state has every weight filled with a wrestler at every match. Obviously not going to happen. I personally don't think a forfeit win should count for seeding but either way it doesn't matter a lot in the big picture. A few kids in the state may get "screwed" because they weren't seeded 4th in the sectional and lost in the pigtail round. Probably the only way we were going to see those kids at the Bank on Friday night is if they bought a ticket to sit in the stands. So a few tears and a life lesson that life isn't always fair never hurt any of us. The bigger crime is the guy that loses in the ticket round who would be a state placer but drew the eventual state champ and didn't get the opportunity to wrestle back. But I guess it's just another example of a few tears and a life lesson that life isn't always fair.
  5. Team State

    The best way is to drive up to Ft. Wayne.....
  6. As a coach I never thought it as necessary to shake hands with the coaches, but as a parent I always demanded it from my kid. It was a preference of how I wanted to raise my kid.
  7. ...and it gives us all a very good understanding why teams would leave good tournaments such as the EMD Holiday Tournament and the Al Smith for the opportunity to compete in a tournament of this level. Good luck to all of the Indiana boys!!! I'm sure you will make us all proud.
  8. I believe last years duals included Roncalli, Warren Central and Columbus East. Will all of these schools be there again this year? If so, should be some great match ups of teams that will be in Ft. Wayne in a couple of weeks.
  9. #3 Brownsburg vs. #4 Avon

    Maybe #Ouch!!!
  10. Replacing the no show with a bye seems to me to be the fairest thing to do. Redrawing and the 5 worst teams get the bye seems a bit suspicious to me. If I felt like the host school had a bogus draw, then I would drop that event for next year and schedule a better run event in it's place.
  11. Interesting situation. Assuming that it is a duals event, I think that the schedule that was initially determined should hold and the schools that were scheduled to compete against the school that dropped will have a bye during that round. If the schedule was not already pre-determined, then a blind draw should determine which schools will compete in each round and the bye rounds will be set that way.
  12. I would think that Chesterton and Perry Meridian both have a very good chance to be voted in.
  13. Class Wrestling - Fairness

    If this could be done, then more kids, more wrestling and more schools and fans in the stands..... Could be a good thing for both the IHSAA and the wrestling community....
  14. Class Wrestling - Fairness

    I asked this question in one of the other class wrestling topics and nobody replied. What would a 2 class state finals look like at Bankers Life Fieldhouse? I don't see how we can add a bunch of additional kids and still be able to complete the tournament on Friday night and Saturday.... I don't think many of us would want to give up the excitement created at that venue to have a classed tournament at separate venues or a different venue with extended days....
  15. Class Wrestling - Participation

    What would a 2 class state finals at Bankers Life look like? 12 kids per weight class from big school class qualify and 8 kids per weight class for small school class qualify? I would assume that we would still need to complete the tournament on Friday night and Saturday, so we wouldn't have the time to add too many more kids and matches to be able to get it all completed.
  16. 2017' Mr. Gorilla

    I believe Bailey, White and Davison are nearly equally deserving..... However, I give the nod to Davison based on the undefeated season and national tournament success....
  17. Fab Five - The Columbus Republic

    Great article about some very talented and hard working kids!!!!
  18. What it's really all about...family!

    We thought our time had come and passed also..... But as life moves forward and the grand babies have come, it looks like we are only a few years from starting the long journey again.....