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Everything posted by WOC

  1. WOC

    Ever wonder who...

    Joe, If I'm not mistaken, Columbus East has had 3 Champs in the last 2 years. Both Rooks brothers and Nick South. The list shows Columbus East with 2 champs.
  2. WOC

    P4P king of ‘19

    Maybe Watts. What weight will Curtis be next year?
  3. I believe Cayden Rooks and Nick South class of 2019 have both verbally committed to IU as well.
  4. 125 - Cruz - 1 133 - Gross - 3 141 - Meredith - 6 149 - Retherford - 10 157 - Nolf - 5 165 - Martinez - 4 174 - Hall - 7 184 - Nickal - 8 197 - Moore - 2 285 - Snyder - 9 Team - PSU - 136.5
  5. WOC

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    125 - Lee 2 133 - Micic 8 141 - McKenna 7 149 - Retherford 10 157 - Noff 5 165 - Joseph 1 174 - Jordan 3 184 - Nickal 9 197 - Moore 4 285 - Snyder 6 Penn State 124
  6. WOC

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    The Team State doesn't need further validation as it is accepted by the Coaches Association..... However it would be more complete with all of the best teams accepting bids. And it would be much better if Cathedral could dump the city tournament to attend the Team State tournament, but understandably obligations are obligations. Hopefully, Cathedral will find a way to accept those bids in the not too distant future.
  7. WOC

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    I bet if Cathedral went to team state, then their strength of schedule would've been higher.....
  8. WOC

    Best Career

    I think this is too close to call at this point. If you look at only Indiana high school career, then you would give a slight advantage to Mason. If you consider all of the national tournaments included, then you would give a slight edge to Brayton. I personally think it's a tie at this point. We should revisit this after they continue their great careers in college and possibly international to know which has the better career.
  9. WOC

    B Lee class act

    As I was leaving “The Bank” tonight, which was during the 170 final, I saw Brayton in the hallway with about 5 younger kids talking with them and letting them hold his Medal and put around there necks.... I thought to myself how awesome that was only a few minutes after he had received his Medal.... I think with the example of this fine young man leading the way, the state of Indiana wrestling is in very good shape!!!
  10. WOC

    On this day 1985-Big Match

    We all used to wear our singlets over our sweats and plastic sweat suits every day at practice....
  11. WOC

    Sprinting to get seats

    OMG!!!! I just got this horrible vision of TripleB in a tutu ballet dancing!!!!
  12. WOC

    Brackets with Rankings

    You could easily print the track brackets and then go to the rankings and add a number for their rankings..... But maybe you would rather have crooked lines!!!
  13. Why the whining? it's the same for everyone. Only need to make weight 2 more times (only 1 time for half). All can put on as much weight as they want on Sunday.
  14. WOC

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    The definition of upset is very subjective. One person's upset my not be an upset by another's opinion. Every scenario is flawed without full wrestlebacks...... and even with full wrestlebacks there will be upsets.
  15. WOC

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    In that case the current system works fine. The IHSAA has no sympathy for upsets.
  16. WOC

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    Another problem I see that can happen in this plan..... If a regional champ loses to a regional #4 in the first round of SS. That may be the only loss he has had in the tournamet. How would that be fair to only have 1 loss in the tournament and be knocked out? Obviously, there is no perfect system but in my opinion if we were to have wrestlebacks, then everyone should be entitled a 2nd loss before they are eliminated from the tournament.
  17. Mike, you do a great job every year with the rankings and it will always be difficult to get all 16 because the talent is not usually balanced at all semi-states. I would venture to say however, that I bet most of the unranked guys that make it to state every year were on your radar.
  18. WOC

    Mappes vs South?

    Well as a fan, there is no doubt in my mind that every time a guy loses that I'm cheering for, it's definitely because the officiating was horrible!!!!!
  19. WOC

    Mappes vs South?

    Here is what I think...... This past weekend matches are over and they don't matter anymore...... Next weekend is a new season..... Everyone is 0-0 and the guys that go 4-0 this upcoming weekend will be state champs!!!!! Good luck to all wrestlers...... Have a good week of practice...... Leave everything on the mat!!!!!
  20. WOC

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    I have been an advocate for wrestlebacks and think the discussion needs to happen and keep pushing the coaches association to fight for wrestlebacks. However, I think the discussion should happen at a later time. Saying this guy should be at state and this guy shouldn’t because of the system in place is disrespectful to the guys that did what was necessary to advance.
  21. WOC

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    Every quarter bracket had a regional champ, regional 2nd, regional 3rd and a regional 4th... So all quarter brackets were equal.
  22. WOC

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    The guys that were good enough yesterday to win their matches advanced and the guys that weren’t good enough yesterday did not advance.
  23. WOC

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    There is no such thing as a shoo in at semi-state!!!! It’s simple.... the guys that beat the other guy that came in the mat against them advanced and the guys that weren’t quite good enough yesterday are done for the season. Everyone started yesterday in the same situation.
  24. WOC

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    The way it works though is you need to be better than the guy that walks out on the mat against you. The luckiest guys are the ones that make their own luck by beating whoever walks out on the mat against them. Everyone started the day in the same situation.... You win your little 4 man quarter bracket and you advance to next week. The luckiest guys were the ones that won those quarter brackets by being better today than the guy that walked out on the mat against them.
  25. WOC

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    But we do know that the guys who were the best today advanced.

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