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  1. Good Gear Company

    I used grapplemonster last year to get singlets for my middle school team. Pretty user friendly on the website, I designed the singlets myself & I am not a tech person. I believe I paid right at $45 per singlet or a little less, ordered 35 singlets. Good quality & they done an excellent job.
  2. State Brackets: State Finals

    I'm guessing they pulled them down to correct them & when they come back they will be as they had them originally on the ihsaa live broadcast
  3. Fort Wayne or New Haven SS?

    As long as I can remember it has been Fort Wayne Semi-state, & that is what you will search for on trackwrestling to find it. So I'm going with Fort Wayne.
  4. Upsets, surprises and great matches

    Hall vs Viduya was a rematch from last year, Viduya won 17 - 11. Hall does a great job of figuring his opponent out & then creating openings to score. Smiley did a great job of slowing him down & controlling the tie up. Maybe Hall figured something out in the 3rd period with that opening to a quick double leg . Smiley wrestles very tight & smart. I believe Smiley pinned Viduya in there 1st bout this year but Viduya figured him out & beat him closely the next two matches. Hats off to the two freshman that made it through in the deepest weight class in the state . If I remember correctly the Cathedral 126 Wilson is also a freshman.
  5. New Castle semistate preview

    Nicely done. Appreciate the time taken to do the research & write this up. Good luck to all tomorrow & safe travels.
  6. New Castle SS - 1st Round Upsets?

    Best & most true answer ever.
  7. Most Freshman / Underclass to SS??

    South Dearborn - 2 freshman & 2 UC
  8. Semi State alternate?

    At Richmond regional in the 126 finals Gabe Phillips was hurt , I hope he is doing well, but I can't see him coming back by next weekend, however he is listed on the semi state bracket. Does anyone know how he is & if he will be able to wrestle at semi state? He is from Centerville.
  9. Richmond Regional

    None of us are totally knowledgeable, I have been lucky enough to see a large percentage of these guys wrestle once or twice . But the only thing I am totally sure of is the fans will be the biggest winners , there will definitely be some great match ups & it will be very exciting to see some of these guys give it all they have to make it to the top of the podium. Good luck to every wrestler competing this Saturday. I look forward to seeing some great wrestling.
  10. Richmond Regional

    Looks pretty good, couple things I think will happen differently are at 106 - Otto, Vredeveld, Schneider, Condo. I think the only wrestler here that can beat Schneider is Otto. But since they're on the same side of bracket again, it will leave Schneider wrestling for 3rd. 126 - Hall , Rose , Phillips, Ragle. I see Rose winning his rematch with Phillips this time & Phillips beating Ragle for the 3rd time in a row. Hall is young but has a gas tank on him & is a physical wrestler. Stacked weight class. 132 - Between these 3 guys from EC, Centerville, & SD. You would have to have a crystal ball to pick that correctly. I think it will be some of the most exciting matches of the day. Another stacked weight classes. Be back with more opinions later. Have to get back to work.
  11. Nice work , appreciate the time it took to do that . Good stuff
  12. Franklin County sectionals

    Agree with you for most of your picks. But I believe there is no safe bet at 138 , 145 , & 195. Should be some real good finals matches in those 3 weight classes.
  13. Best and Worst Sectionals

    No worries my friend, I'm a nice guy, I'll let it slide this time. Good luck to everyone tomorrow at sectionals.
  14. Best and Worst Sectionals

    Ummmmm, this is a big no no.
  15. Sectional by Rankings -- Avon, Southport, Griffith

    Lol, I do it all the time. No disrespect,