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  1. This is probably more of a post-season topic when we don't have much wrestling to actually talk about, but as I just read post from SharkBit about qualified weigh-ins per the 1.5% rule it got me thinking. Has anyone actually seen a significant change in weight management practices (across the board) due to the new system? My gut feeling is NO. The same basic things are happening from a weight management standpoint. Coaches and wrestlers are just working around the system to get the "6 qualified weigh-ins" and to have their wrestler at the weight they want for the post-season. I am not blaming the rule, but frankly if cutting weight is a concern, the only way it will ever change significantly is a mat-side weigh-in. I am neither advocating this nor denouncing it. I just think it would be the only way we'd see any real changes.
  2. Qualified Weigh-ins

    Others feel free to refute this...but my experience has been as follows: For question 1: You were right IF you wanted both weigh-ins to be "QUALIFIED". If your kids had weighed in heavier at the MI meet that weigh-in would be qualified, but the next one would not. If you have extra weigh-ins in your schedule, a couple of non-qualified weigh-ins would not be a big deal (though I believe the intent of the rule would be to do what you did and have all qualified weigh-ins). For questions 2: It seems to me that this 'plan' would not really be in the spirit and intent of the 1.5% rule unless Little Johnny starts at 120 early in the season and makes his way down to 106. I also assume 106 is not below his minimum weight. However, your case of weighing in and then dropping 12.5 lbs in 2 weeks is a little different. All previous weigh-ins would be qualified. The one weigh in after the large cut would NOT be QUALIFIED and could not count as the scratch weigh-in. However, the system seems to re-set after every weigh-in. So after hitting 106 once, he could then keep weighing-in and the subsequent ones would be qualified. So it believe it is LEGAL by technical rule. Some other states have systems that give a minimum weight allowed each week from the alpha weigh-in. Then if you weigh in heavy, they re-adjust the minimum for each subsequent week. Unless there is a minimum weight for every week AND every weigh-in must be qualified, there will always be some wiggle room "legally". In the end it depends on the coach's and wrestler's philosophy.
  3. New Uniforms

    Yes, I seen this at a youth tournament that my son participated. I was puzzled why was there a need for both. I think Fearless Fly already answered this before it was asked: I'm guessing it has to do with his second comment...
  4. Culver Academy

    My understanding is that the teams will be: CMA, South Bend Riley, Gary West Side, Delphi, LaPorte, Mishawaka Marian, Southmont, Franklin Community, Penn, Hammond Baptisit. Historically this has been Penn2. It is an individual, not dual format. In the past they have seeded the wrestlers in a weight and then separated them into pools separating the 1&2 wrestler. After pool wrestling is done they cross pools w/ #1 in each pool facing off, #2v#2 etc....
  5. Indiana college Best lineup

    I think anyone can clearly see this has been caused by 3 errors made by IN. 1. We don't have a classed wrestling state tournament 2. We don't have wrestle-backs in regionals, SS and State 3. We've been counting FF toward winning percentage in sectional seeding Thankfully we have fixed the 3rd issue. I predict many more AA in the near future.
  6. Calculating

    This adds an interesting wrinkle. Based on history, Lemley beats Kasch. I think Washington comes in as a regional champ. This means a Kasch v. Washington match-up in the ticket round where they have split (Washington by SV and Kasch by decision (7 pts maybe??)). Wonder if this figures into Washington's decision on what weight to wrestle... 152 (as good as a lock to get to the bank, but then Lee waiting). 160 (harder to get to the bank, but if you do Mappes remains the man to beat). Obviously none of what happens @ Banker's Life (or before) is ever a true lock. I recall having a wrestler who was a 'lock' and got pneumonia having to pull out on Saturday and settle for 8th:(
  7. Calculating

    Good point. Just seemed to me like Washington was on a roll. I think Oszkar is really good too. Interesting trio because it has seemed that Lemley has Kasch's number based on past results, but watching Washington in the finals this weekend he was sharp. I think this is an interesting case where 'match-ups' and styles come into play. Could certainly depend on the day...
  8. Favorite Excuses

    Kid after taking 5th in sectionals: If only my FF's had counted in seeding I'd have made it to Regionals.
  9. Calculating

    While I do not think he can beat Lee, Washington has a shot at the top of the podium if he decides to go 160. I think he or Lemley are the best shot for the top of the podium @ 160 from ECSS.
  10. Calculating

    Maybe kids could also get something for a FF. In know some kids like to put pins on their jackets when they get a fall. Maybe a 'sparkle button' for FF????
  11. Seeding Meeting Change???

    The problem with any of the rules is there is always some exception where the rule doesn't seem to do what we "think" is right. So, we can certainly discuss it here (this is after all a discussion forum). But the simple fact of the matter is whether you count FF or don't there will be circumstances where the rule seems absurd. My son has been injured for much of the season and weighed in, then not wrestled. Not dodging anybody, just getting his 6 certified weigh-ins (required by rule). He's only wrestled in 2 tournaments (often bumped up a weight for 'team reasons') and has received at least 2 FF in his 12 matches. So, it might be tough luck for him come seeding time. But, so be it. He'll wrestle whoever steps out against him. Frankly, I'd love to see him hit #1 seed before the semi's. When he pins that kid it will help our team in the sectional championship race since we won't have to wait 'til the finals to beat him.
  12. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Yes. Just finished watching. Thanks so much for the broadcast. Great night of watching wrestling (without paying for FLO)
  13. Undefeated????

    Uhmmm... I think Manzona Bryant man-handled him this weekend.
  14. Week of 12/11-12/17

    Is this Warren Centrals #1 guys???
  15. Tom Cameron Duals

    Still interested in details of these duals, but have not seen them posted on the Dual Results... Specifically wondering about Merrillville v Harrison and Plymouth v Harrison