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  1. Wrestlebacks Poll

    So...they envy it because they know it is better. But they won't do it??? Because... all the other states are sissys?? Like PA, NJ, OH, IL, CA.... I don't think you can technically say we are 'leading' unless someone follows.
  2. FEB. 3RD!!

    In fact, this WILL BE THE DIFFERENCE in an OSU win. With Nolf I think PSU wins it (especially now that Lee has shored up 141)
  3. Year round wrestling hurting the sport?

    I think this basically summarizes it. The one other factor as 'year round' sports have become more and more popular is ACCESS to "off season" coaching. If you live within 30 minutes of some of the better wrestling academies it is significantly easier to make that year-round commitment. I know there are some who set such a high priority on their sport (whatever it is) that they invest vasts amounts of both time and money in travel costs. That is not realistic for everyone. Not saying this is "unfair", "wrong" etc.... But I do believe it is a fact that causes some differences in performance at the top level of competition. I know my son considers himself a 'wrestler' and he competes in the preseason, does RTC's in the post-season, competes in the post-season etc.... That said, once he starts his summer job (which he has to have) his schedule does not really allow us to make the travel times and commit the funding to attending a wrestling academy (probably 1-2 hour drive to the nearest ones). If he doesn't make it out of SS this year I definitely think that will be a contributing factor. BUT NOT AN UNFAIR ONE! IF A KID WHO DID MAKE THE COMMITMENT WINS- THAT KID DESERVES IT.
  4. Predictions for Penn regional ?

    Agreed this should be a good one. I guess I give Calhoun a significant edge in this one. That said, Walker is a stud. I just have not seen him in person much this year, but that was definitely an oversight! Again, one where these two guys make the finals easily. I think Banks is solid and he certainly took care of business at sectionals. I just think LaPlace is on another level. You are right that this could be a great match. I think LaPlace is easy in the finals, but I think the winner of Harper/Pack can give Banks a legit match.
  5. Predictions for Penn regional ?

    Some of the interesting match-ups: 126: Alexander v. DeMien (I think both make the finals fairly easily, but this should be a great match) 132: Brooks v. Bryant (again, both easily in the finals, but after watching Brook last week this will be a battle) 145: Pack v. Harper in the 1st round (I have Pack making it through, but I'm sure some folks will disagree. This one will come down to who keeps his head and executes) 170: Brown v. Trefren semifinal (another good match-up, Snyder had a heck of a finals last week to knock off Trefren (avenging an early season loss) and set up this semifinal bout) 182: Castro v. Chaffee (looking forward to this battle, Castro will be a handful in this semifinal bout) 220: LaFree v. Berta ( another close match here) 285: McWilliams v. Faulkner (2 beasts, but I've got the bus continuing to roll in this match-up. That said, Faulkner is dangerous either will be a tough draw for someone at SS)
  6. Predictions for Penn regional ?

    106: Alexander (WAWA), Sinkovics (MISH), Smith (PLYM), Boynton (PENN) 113:Light(PENN), Penrod(SBR), Mark (MISH), Shumpert (TRIT) 120: Schuller (WAWA), Sparrow (PENN), Hardy (SBW), Coleman (CMA) 126: Alexander (WAWA), DeMien (PENN), Devalt (PLYM), Zahl (SBA) 132: Brooks (WAWA), Bryant (CMA), Weeks (MISH), Hill (PENN) 138: Davis (CMA), Risner (PENN), Stuckman (WAWA), Felke(LAV) 145: LaPlace (MISH), Banks (PLYM), Pack (CMA), Faurote (WAWA) 152: Calhoun (PLYM), Walker (MISH), Brook (CMA), Williams (SBW) 160: Kensinger (MISH), Deadmond (BRE), Sheley (SBR), Harris (SBW) 170: Trefren (CMA), Snyder (TRIT), Brown (PENN), Ortiz (WAWA) 182: Boland (CMA), Castro (WAWA), Chaffee (PENN), Davis (PLYM) 195: Hurley (PENN), Rodriguez (WAWA), Walters (CULC), Sandefur (MISH) 220: LaFree (PLYM), Berta (PENN), Hatter (LAV), Conery (SBSJ) 285: McWilliams (SBW), Faulkner (MISH), Cartwright (LAV), Tipping (WAWA)
  7. Legal or Not??

    Back when Daniel Young won the state title for CMA we made a special singlet for him to wear. His brother had won from Bloomington South with a singlet that had an 'S' like superman. We modified the 'C-ulver' to fit inside a superman logo. It was in school colors and school issued. I think having a unique finals singlet is cool. However, I don't think kids should just wear whatever strikes their fancy. I'm pretty sure that's why the rule states: School issued. That way the school (who the kid is representing) has some say in what they think is appropriate.
  8. “Automatic” State Champs

    This is the key to becoming more dominant. We'd be amazing if there was NEVER a "lock" as long as that was because the depth was so strong. Look at the NCAA's. How many "locks" do you see there this year? How many weight classes have crazy depth where just to be an AA will be tough as can be?
  9. Here it is folks...The Dirty South!

    Shots fired... I'm surprised we haven't heard from Bobo Brazil. He's Fabio's biggest fan
  10. States Without Wrestlebacks

    Might want to check out Navy80's post on the Evansville SS. Maybe he's just another lone wolf coach looking for wrestle backs. But probably NOT. Navy80-"This semi state can be summed up with one sentence... IHSAA NEEDS TO ADD WRESTLE-BACKS AT SEMI STATE!! We could see a state champion lose to another state champion in the ticket round. Doesn't get any crazier than that! "
  11. States Without Wrestlebacks

    Frankly, I'm not sure what it comes down to. I guess I just think the system (whatever its objective) should be logically consistent. You want a system that picks a STATE CHAMP and doesn't truly rank the other wrestlers, fine. Win or go home all the way from sectionals to the state finals. You want a system that places the top 8, at least have wrestlebacks. This system is not perfect either, but it allows a kid who loses to someone who will place higher to still compete for a lower place. I'm just saying get rid of the 'death-draw' at SS and the one and done Friday night @ State. When I wrestled (a long time ago) in the MO State Tournament they had a system where you "followed" a kid who beat you. If he kept winning and you beat the other kids he beat, you kept moving. I frankly don't recall exactly how it worked because I did not end up being the state champ, or even the first loser (affectionately called 2nd or runner-up by some). I'm sure my interest in wrestlebacks is actually because I was such a loser that I want other loser to have a chance to wrestle.
  12. States Without Wrestlebacks

    I mean, can you imagine the massive crowds flooding into Bankers life to see those 4 SS champs battle it out in the two epic rounds of wrestling. It would be amazing!!!!
  13. States Without Wrestlebacks

    I agree that the system in IN puts the STATE CHAMP on top of the podium. In that sense wrestle-backs are pointless. However, without wrestle-backs it is absurd to actually 'place' and subsequently 'medal' the top 8 at the State Tournament. Based on our system the podium should have ONE spot-CHAMPION and that's it. At State if you lose you should be done in any round. In fact, only sectional champions should move on, only regional champs and only SS champs. Lose and go home...right?
  14. States Without Wrestlebacks

    I understand your point about some tough guys getting knocked out and unable to come back through. I don't know if "tougher" or "less tough" gets at the heart of the issue. The issue is placing has more to do with your draw (especially at SS and State) because of no wrestlebacks. At Regionals this is somewhat less dramatic, but still has an effect. When 2 guys who could both medal draw each other at SS in the ticket round, one goes home (hard for him to medal from there).
  15. Legal or Not??

    I agree it is totally illegal (even if there is a school with the those colors) to say the school "issued it" would be a stretch. I have no idea who wore it, but as far as I am concerned if you are going to wear something like that the you'd better be under the lights and you'd better dominate. While I understand your support of My House, not sure I'd like to see this one: https://www.myhousesportsgear.com/wrestling/men/men-singlets/myhouse-you-wanna-pizza-me-singlet.html