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  1. We would like to get a late November dual. The week after Thanksgiving can work. Jason Cook cookclass@hobart.k12.in.us
  2. Jcjcjc

    Hobart RTC Wed. 6-8

    6-8 Wednesdays
  3. Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm It was great getting my first workouts at Hobart in last week. All are welcome to our Wednesday night workout with a USA card. Jason Cook
  4. Jcjcjc

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights 6:45-8:15

    Welch can take Welch down.
  5. Jcjcjc


    Howe over B. Lee in finals.
  6. Jcjcjc

    Most losses

    Anthony Quiroz was a runner-up with 13 losses.
  7. Jcjcjc

    End of an Era

    How many state titles are coming back to wrestle? Asa, Pokorny (fargo champ), Rooks, etc...
  8. Jcjcjc

    End of an Era

    Why is it the end? I think Indiana wrestling is getting better and better. We graduate some guys, but the next “legends” are coming or possibly already here.
  9. Jcjcjc

    Most to Semi-State?

    Chesterton got 14 through. Week regional...funny
  10. Jcjcjc

    Genius Ratings 2018

    Ahhhh 19 Duals= 19 duals 32 team tournament= 9.3 Duals 8 team tournament: 2.1 Duals 7 team tournament=1.8 Duals My brain is catching up.
  11. Jcjcjc

    Genius Ratings 2018

    Do the 32 team tournaments factor in with the strength of 31 dual meets? We snagged 5 dual wins against teams above us. The individual tournaments seem to be a weight chained to our ankle. I love these rankings; I stare at them for hours. I appreciate the system and want to know more.
  12. Jcjcjc

    Return of J Tsirt

    I think they are relevant, but I understand your opinion. I’m not trying to catch you off your feet, I’m just trying to discuss the style and success of One if Indiana’s all time bests. If he were to beat Zain, would it be a high scoring match or a low scoring match? I’m just asking an honest question. When he beat Maple, it was a low scoring match. Does that connect to Zain or is it diffferent?
  13. Jcjcjc

    Return of J Tsirt

    If he shot a bunch against Maple in the 1/4s would he have won?
  14. Jcjcjc

    Return of J Tsirt

    Are you going to be more/less happy with his second NCAA title if it has a higher/lower attack rate?
  15. Jcjcjc

    Return of J Tsirt

    Jason wins the Reno tournament at 149. You gotta love that, Indiana.

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