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  1. Who is?

    Unfortunately, he's on too many of our teams
  2. Jason Cook jecook@hse.k12.in.us Fishers High School
  3. Darren Elkins this weekend

    The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the greatest things in the world due to his ability to show his passion and allow others to show their passion. A few months back he was talking about how he views MMA where he talks passionately about Elkins's last victory.
  4. I was once hit in a 360 double...................in a match I won.
  5. International folk style competition

    Any social studies teachers introduce any traditional folk style wrestling in their classrooms? I've taught Things Fall Apart and shown some wrestling clips to illustrate some aspects of the book and culture. Kazakhstan has some versions of wrestling on horseback that I used to introduce the role horses had in the empires of that area of the world. I'm hoping none of my students bring up the Mongolians protesting at the Olympics, but their folk style looks like a cross between judo and beach wrestling. GOFAFW Good ole fashioned American Folkstyle Wrestling
  6. West Lafayette High School is looking join an individual bracketed tournament on January 6, 2018. If you are hosting or know of anyone looking to add a team, we would appreciate it. Jason Cook
  7. State Records

    Some of these guys on this list aren't one the career win list, at this link: http://indianamat.com/index.php/page/career_wins.html despite their pin totals putting them in or close to the top 100 of wins compiled.
  8. People remember Strek's losses, so they act like he is not an all timer, yet all the other heavies in this convo. probably had four times the career losses.
  9. Ramos of Hobart beat Bradbury of Portage about 13 times in two seasons including the state finals.