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  1. Team State Vote-In Results

    Considering you only have 6 regional qualifiers it should make sense as to why you were not voted in. Only a little over half of your returning starters are even regionals qualifiers.
  2. Strategy Question - Hunt vs Slivka

    Sliv is a hammer on Top. That’s why
  3. Live Bracket Reaction Thread

    Don’t sleep on jonyvan Johnson. Took a tough loss to cressel but he was very sick this past weekend.
  4. POTENTIAL ticket round matches

    Exactly why I thought it should be included.
  5. POTENTIAL ticket round matches

    Wyro vs Levitz F.W. 170
  6. Did Brayton Lee set a IHSAA Sectional record?

    Chad Red spent 32 seconds on the mat his senior year at sectionals. With his longest match lasting being 12 seconds.
  7. Pick the Champs (Pre-sectional)

    106- moran 113- Curtis 120- Triana 126 - Garcia 132- Bryant 138- Melloh 145- Slivka 152- Lee 160- Kasch 170- Brewer 182- Jonyvan Johnson 195- Davison 220- Paris 285- McWilliams
  8. Big wins/upsets 1/20

    Kunkel (cn) major decision over Joe Leazier
  9. NECC Conference Tourney Talk/Predictions

    I think there will be a couple weights, where the champ will be very shocking to most people.
  10. Calculating

    Ozskar Kasch will win at the bank. On my money.
  11. Calculating

    You are just going to forget about Kacsh almost majoring Washington at the Portage vs CP dual. Don’t sleep on Oszkar Kasch
  12. Notable wins 1/13

    Kunkel (CN) over Eveler (NR) 13-4

    Brown (Westnoble,132) over Miller (Fairfield,126, FWSS #8) dec. 8-5