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  1. Dtaylor

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    And also if you have a very unsuccessful school do they in fact get to move down to try to build?
  2. Dtaylor

    “Automatic” State Champs

    Don't think Davison is as much a lock as any?
  3. Dtaylor

    Girls state

    Is there a stream anywhere for girls state tonight?
  4. Dtaylor


    I guess this last one confused me? When wrestling out of state tournaments in season that doesn't count towards your record? Just the weigh in counts?
  5. Its a typo....all wrestling is on Saturday the 21st

  6. Dtaylor

    Rumble in The Region II

    I have a question you have the dates listed as Saturday October 21st, 630-730 am and Saturday October 22nd 830-930 is that a typo or are high schoolers wrestling Sunday?
  7. Dtaylor

    Pre-season Mag...

    Well David Taylor from Michigan City's dad but yeah
  8. Dtaylor

    Pre-season Mag...

    How does one receive this magazine?