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  1. Happy birthday homie, live it up?? @dallanvibez

  2. RT @FloWrestling: Bo Nickal locks up the team title in dramatic fashion. https://t.co/TCA9KCUc0u

  3. RT @ncaawrestling: There’s a 58-pound difference between the two heavyweight finalists. ? https://t.co/zsgCRrIlFq

  4. RT @pennstateWREST: Nick Lee a 13-6 decision! Nick Lee is a freshman All-American! He has one more match tonight! #PSUwr

  5. RT @JayBilas: Pull up at the crib, welcome to the gangsta party. Nothin' in my driveway but Porsches, Benz's and Ferraris. I gotta go to wo…

  6. RT @pennstateWREST: Lee a 7-3 win! #PSUwr

  7. @josh_kastner12 Hands*

  8. RT @LordBalvin: *Drake revives Travis* "Bless me with the hands. 3. 2. 1. God's Plan. Let's get it." - Travis This is the most amazing sh…

  9. RT @ncaawrestling: ? Hello from Cleveland #NCAAWrestling https://t.co/HW1gHIGceY

  10. RT @lilyachty: Stop hating bitch https://t.co/Naaj7a1Oon

  11. RT @JayBilas: Talkin' reckless on my line, that's a technical foul. Don't know what you talkin' about, but I'm hangin' up right now. I gott…

  12. RT @JayBilas: I ain't an X-Box, so why you tryin' to play with me? I really beat the streets, so what you gotta' to say to me? I gotta go t…

  13. RT @JayBilas: I want a new Bentley and my auntie need a new kidney. And, if I let her pass, her children can't never forgive me, I gotta go…

  14. RT @FootbalICentral: OBJ’s leg ?? https://t.co/NHQHeF7b68