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  1. RT @ItsGuyThing: girl: “I’m looking for a guy who’s willing to take risks” me: https://t.co/BovrTkV2no

  2. @_PrettyBoyMar Shits nasty as ***duck duck goose***?

  3. RT @JayBilas: Psychopathic wordplay, schizophrenic flow. I guess it's safe to say I got schizophrenic dough. I gotta go to work.

  4. RT @SommerRay: Bed, I love you

  5. RT @silkyjoc: Retweet for Orange juice Like for Apple juice https://t.co/zb36oajSIl

  6. RT @JayBilas: Baby need shoes, partner need bail money. Bloodhound for the bread, I just smell money. I gotta go to work.

  7. RT @JayBilas: I never exaggerated one line, one dime. I never lied to the people, not one time. I gotta go to work.

  8. I can’t believe people are really dogging h&m over this. Like they aren’t racist and didn’t mean it like that stop… https://t.co/7tzukAdGaG

  9. RT @chemilyash: dang, honestly not too hype about the roo lineup...

  10. RT @brighttleigh: RETWEET!! This isn’t okay and he can’t get away with this!!! He’s a student at Plaquemine High School- 225-687-6367 RETW…

  11. @_beau98barrett_ @willegli120 @DSuperSleazy138 I already showed beau what was up a while ago

  12. @Zeb_Johnson @adam22 @KromKendama He’s hard??

  13. RT @hondadeal4vets: Bitches be fake woke

  14. This is an example of why wrestling is the greatest sport on the planet, don’t @ me https://t.co/XSNNh3EHGJ

  15. I can’t wait to be out of Evansville and away from 99% of the people here.