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  1. Culver Academies RTC - Mondays at 5:30 pm EST

    Is this RTC on for 4/17/17?
  2. Brownsburg - Thursdays 6pm-7:30pm

    There's an off season?
  3. Venues

    Worst nightmare...class wrestling in Ft. Wayne State Finals. No thanks.
  4. NCAA Division I updates!

  5. Scholastic Duals

    ......in before 100 posts of mostly complaints.
  6. ISWA State Question

    From ISWA Folkstyle State Flyer Weigh-ins On-site weigh-ins for all PeeWee, Bantam, Intermediate, Cadet, & Junior age divisions will be held from 6:30-9:00pm EST on Friday March 10th. On-site weigh-ins for all Novice, SB/SG, Univ, Senior, Veteran, & Women’s age divisions will be held from6:30-9:00pm EST on Saturday March 11th. Upon arrival, wrestlers will proceed directly to skin checks and weigh-ins. All wrestlers must weigh-in wearing a competition singlet. ISWA does not charge for adjusting weight classes after you register. You are free to adjust your weight class at any time, even at weigh-ins.
  7. Anyone know who's hosting RTC in NWI ?

    Why even wait for an official appointment by whoever? Why all the hoops to jump through anyways? Hobart is such a great location and has many respected coaches. Instead of an RTC it could be RTR (Regional Training Room) (If one day the stars and moon line up and someone returns your calls or emails about hosting an RTC, you can then change the RTR to RTC) Just post what day and time you are having an open mat session at your club on this site. I would request proof of current USA wrestling card to cover liability issues.
  8. Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    So much truth written in this post right here.
  9. Freestyle State Qualifiers

    I sure hope I can change the subject of that silly class wrestling. Bobby Plump would be furious. Oops wrong sport. Do we still need 2 Qualifiers?
  10. Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    Because Indiana is not really experiencing any population growth. (My scarasm font was off)
  11. Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    I'm ok with class wrestling once Indiana population hits 10 million people.
  12. College Style

    I do remember Mega pinning Nato at NCAA (semi finals?) after a stopped leg pass not long ago. Just this weekend, OK State Heil was pinned by PSU guy (but not called) after he was stopped halfway through a leg pass-funk-scramble. Since leg pass is learned right after baseline defense these days by kids young as elementary age, expect more kids to anticipate them and counter the counter. An NCAA champ explained to me that leg passes works only if offensive guy holds on to leg, he also said "Why hold on to a leg that is going to take you over?" much like "Letting go of a log before it pulls you over the waterfall" Not the biggest fan of ankle diving and leg passes, the toll on the kids knees will be paid later on in life.
  13. Best Neutral Wrestler

    B. Lee is very smooth on his feet and being that fluid as a lefty simply baffles high school kids. It appears he is simply drilling during live matches.
  14. Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    Sure divide our state by 3 and have each state champ have barely over 100 kids to start the state series. Why not destroy the strength of our state tournament as we now starting to get national attention and respect? This is a terrible idea. Please lock this thread oo
  15. Finalists by ss

    Alternative Semi States? OO