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  1. Mat Shark

    ISWA State Question

    From ISWA Folkstyle State Flyer Weigh-ins On-site weigh-ins for all PeeWee, Bantam, Intermediate, Cadet, & Junior age divisions will be held from 6:30-9:00pm EST on Friday March 10th. On-site weigh-ins for all Novice, SB/SG, Univ, Senior, Veteran, & Women’s age divisions will be held from6:30-9:00pm EST on Saturday March 11th. Upon arrival, wrestlers will proceed directly to skin checks and weigh-ins. All wrestlers must weigh-in wearing a competition singlet. ISWA does not charge for adjusting weight classes after you register. You are free to adjust your weight class at any time, even at weigh-ins.
  2. Mat Shark

    Official (Somewhat) Middle School State Team Scoes

    The Academies play a huge part of elevating the overall level of Indiana youth wrestling. Much respect to what they do for the kids. But it would be nice to promote the team (community) aspect of the Middle School State tournament. Maybe add a top 3 team trophies after Academy wrestlers are added to their respective school district.
  3. Mat Shark

    Middle School State Team Score

    I wonder what teams would be top 5 if Wrestling Academies were not allowed. Every club has studs that registered under the big three W.A. I am not against the scoring but would like to see the current trends of feeder schools that are building into future power house H.S teams. Everything is in cycles and just look into the past how a few dominant H.S teams have faded into obscurity.
  4. Mat Shark


    No to plastics for kids. Plastics have been contributed to the deaths of college wrestlers in the past. Kids are going to cut weight how they want without a responsible adult around. Time spent improving technique is better than time cutting weight. If you are between weight classes than it is not hard to get to next weight class down with a clean diet. The weights are so close together in middle school anyways. Wrestling right after a tough cut of mostly water is a bad idea. Lots of data out there about absorption rate of liquids, food etc. It is bad math to believe you can recover in one hour after weigh ins and be anywhere near full strength. What percent of muscle is water anyways...
  5. Middle School State weights could be used. High school is never certain but could use current district. Subject to transfer or Catholic League School.
  6. Top 25 Indiana M.S Leader Board would be great. You might be one of the few knowledgeable enough for that age group to put this together. It would be something for the young kids to shoot for as they come up through the ranks. That said, I am really proud of the overall rise of Indiana Wrestling. Thanks to everyone helping the cause.