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  1. Crown Point team of 2009 had 7 guys make it to state. 6 of them placed and three were State champs that year. 5 of them were college commits with three of them going D-1. They all did not graduate that year so really not same as what Brownsburg has accomplished......But was fun to watch that team!!! Kudos to the parents and coaching at Brownsburg. Have something really special there and all four of the kids are great wrestlers but even BETTER young MEN....CONGRATS
  2. looking for last min JV meet...

    I think Crown Point JV's are going to KV this Saturday. You can try to get in that one???
  3. Congrats OZ.....Great Young Man and Great Family! Best of Luck to you
  4. Magazine?

    Great Job on it......Thank's for all your guys hard work and time putting it together. Not an easy task
  5. East Chicago semi state rankings

    As always Great stuff. Appreciate all your hard work. Not an easy job. Julio Reyes from CP is going 113 not 106
  6. North Montgomery Holiday Classic

    What teams are coming so far??
  7. So Harrison is in. And Crown Point and Chesterton are out....Wasn't Chesterton the State Runner-up??? Anyway, Congrats to Harrison. Well Deserved
  8. Freshman/sophomore state

    106 = 9 SSQ 113 = 9 SSQ + 1 State Qualifier 120 = 9 SSQ 126 = 3 SSQ + 1 State Qualifier 132 = 10 SSQ 138 = 8 SSQ 145 = 8 SSQ 152 = 2 SSQ 160 = 5 SSQ + 1 State Qualifier 170 = 7 SSQ 182 = 5 SSQ 195 = 5 SSQ 220 = 2 SSQ + 1 State Qualifier 285 = 4 SSQ It was pretty evident in some of the quarters and Semi Finals that there was a lot of Quality Kids there wrestling. Some very good finals matches. If you made the finals my observation was that you probably have a chance in the future to make it down to the bank. Kudos to Southport Staff and Coaches and wrestlers for putting on a quality event that I hope takes off. Were there some Hiccups, Of Course, But not many.......
  9. Freshman/sophomore state

    Really Well run Tournament today with some good quality kids. Some great matches today. Hats off to Southport staff. Mat side weigh-ins were great, started on time and we wrestled up to Semi's and left the Gym by 3:30. Looking forward to tomorrow, should be some good Semi Matches.....I can see this tournament getting bigger every year, Pretty Cool Awards for placers also
  10. I know some of the Crown Point SSQ are planning on attending......
  11. EC countdown

    The Arc at Valparaiso University???
  12. Crown point regional

    Going to be a very tight team race....I think it is going to come down to head to head winners between Crown Point and Chesterton. Lowell will be right there though as they have a very solid team this year...... Potential 4 Finals matches between Crown Point and Chesterton.....Could be the difference???
  13. calumet sectional predictions

    106: Ty 113: Peele 120: Colin Poynter good match 126: Toss Up 132: Reitz 138: Black 145: McIntosh 152:Burns 160: Drake 170:Ismael 182:Torres 195: Fowler 220:Perez 285: Gio
  14. Top 3s

    Would not over look Poynter at 120 from Portage. Looks really solid this year
  15. This week 12/5-12/10

    What Teams are in the Traicoff this year??