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  1. Matt Burns of Hobart commits to

    Congrats to a kid with great character, and wrk ethic! Was always the first one to get the club kids to be themselves and enjoy there time in the room!
  2. Best singlets for state?

    Gotta hand it to B. Black, been rocking the old school Hobart singlets for couple years now. New age singlets are great but kinda sweet seeing the original styles in true form.
  3. Which semi state will rule ?

  4. Cummings /white death draw

    It's not my place and would be irresponsible for me to put anything on here without permission. After all we are talking about kids. With that said I have a tremendous amount of respect for this young man. Both on and off the mat. Looking forward to this weekend as I hope you all are.
  5. Cummings /white death draw

    I'm gonna have to agree with the "Lord of the Dance" Cosgrove on this one. Cummings has the pelts on the wall and knowledge from being there. Hard to bet against this kid after all he has overcome this season.
  6. My State Thoughts

    Had to reiterate that point on previous post.... You forgot to mention a certain somebody waiting for them all from the bottom half of 138!
  7. My State Thoughts

  8. Rumph?

    I can't attest for Rumphs performance today nor do I have any inside info. But I did witness Black eat an entire Nacho (extra cheese) from the concession stand prior to the match. Only conclusion I can come up with is those are some damn good nachos that the fine folks at E.C.C are whipping up!
  9. Article: 2017 East Chicago Semi-State Preview

    Well Cosgrove someone has to make the doughnuts! See you when you get there lunch on me. AK
  10. EC countdown

    Just a little wishful thinking and a jab for shuttering program is all. Looking forward to E.C. Central tomorrow but was interesting to speculate some too.
  11. EC countdown

    The Arc at VU would be a pretty great venue. Parking would be a piece of cake with a short walk from any lot. (Great campus set up). With its close proximity to downtown Valparaiso finding somewhere great to eat would be a breeze. Only request would be they would have to re-establish the wrestling program. I believe they shut it down in the mid nineties... Nothing against E.C. Central just expanding on "Dogs" great suggestion.
  12. here is the link to watch black vs rumph

    Black definitely rusty, first time pushed since Al Smith were he injury defaulted. Had a great puke during the match in second if I remember correctly. Rumph looked great on his feet but by end he looked more gassed than Brenden. This is gonna be a great next couple weeks for sure. We are all in for a great ride.
  13. Youth tournament at Wheeler High School 2/25/17

    You can step down from the soap box now, you're preaching to the choir. I was in no way disparaging the ISWA! I was just stating that it's a shame something couldn't have had been wrkd out. The situation wasn't handled appropriately by said club. I agree with all points you have made. I was simply stating that I was disappointed in the outcome. Not what transpired to get to the end resault. Rules are rules anyway you look at it. Definitely hard to argue when all other clubs follow them. I hope they raise some great funds to help there program and the kids.
  14. Youth tournament at Wheeler High School 2/25/17

    I know the ISWA try not to have tournaments to close in proximity to each other on same day. But that's still disturbing to me. Especially in this day and age with the funding for all sports is in decline. These tournaments are the main financial engine to keep our wrestling programs funded. We had a great experience last year for the inaugural tournament and will be back this year.
  15. Cancellations

    Only positive is the administration pulled the plug on the weekend before all the mats were down. We haven't had that luxury in the past.