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  1. Carroll(Fort Wayne) RTC Tuesdays 6pm

    Rumor is South Adams is having RTC's Tuesdays too.... better schedule a new day or you wont get any business.
  2. 1 pound allowance @ state **Confirmed**

    If the school cancelled practice then most likely
  3. State predictions?

    South Adams will sweep the gold
  4. Fort Wayne Semi-State gets a POUND

    I'm guessing a whole bunch of kids will come a pound over, while the Carroll kids miraculously come in at the weight before the allowance.
  5. Fort Wayne Semi-State gets a POUND

    Reason plz just curious(BUT EXTREMELY HAPPY)
  6. Semi-State Hangout 1 of 2 Tuesday 8:45pm ET

    Lets speed this up I got a bedtime, ya'know.
  7. andres moreno

    Some 113 pounder from Jay County regional looked pretty unstoppable. I say he'll take 113 this year but Moreno could give a good match
  8. Semi-State Hangout 1 of 2 Tuesday 8:45pm ET

    FWSS AKA the only semi state that matters
  9. FWSS Predictions

    Yes this is biased but
  10. FWSS Predictions

    IN ORDER 106- 113-Curtis, Zadylak, Shearer, Rupp 120-Watts, Heath, Standridge, Beasely 126-Mejia,Schoeff, Humphreys, Lawson 132-Gimson, Barr, Haught, Perry 138-Rutter, Moore, Fiechter, Barkes 145-Hunt, Ruble, Leazier, Kunkel 152-Stroud, Hiestand, Arney, Beeks 160-Reed, Bratcher, Winner, Woenker 170-Rader, Lone, Wyro, Chapman 182-Johnson, Graber, Cressell, Abbott 195-Savieo, Rasler, Lee, Davis 220-Hart, Leffers, Baumgartner, Shchumm 285-Ault, Watkins, Jones, Cueller
  11. Jay County Regional

  12. Goshen Regional

    Boots vs flores will be a good one
  13. Regional by the numbers - Top 20 Ranked

    3 senior 106s all in one semi state
  14. Jay County Regional

    Guess we will see Saturday