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  1. Indiana college Best lineup

    I was talking more in college right now. If your trying to make the best team for the NCAAs, who would they be? How would the team place?
  2. Two questions: If you made a college lineup out of all Indiana guys, who would it be? How good would they be?
  3. Super duals or invitationals for 2018

    Near Indy.
  4. Decatur middle school is looking for one or two new tourneys next year. Any openings?
  5. Anyone else think wrestling would be more popular if folk style was used internationally instead of freestyle and Greco? I wrestled folk style my whole life. Never did free style or Greco because I was in other sports. I have watched many of the biggest international matches on YouTube and it's hard for me to follow. Let alone someone who doesn't know wrestling.
  6. Pick'em Results are IN!

    Any info on who picked the most the most correct state champs? Anyone pick Eli stock?
  7. Class wrestling poll

    I don't know why we wanna class individual state, it makes zero sense to me. We already have a great system. Class wrestling is to get exposure to smaller schools, we already have that at team state. They should have it like it use to be where teams wrestled team regionals, semi state, then team state. That's the only inprovement that needs to happen. I don't care what arguement people through at me, nothing trumps the "true champion " arguement.
  8. Girlfriends

    Girl wants to spend all weekend watching wrestling she is a keeper. Let her come.
  9. Indiana's Most Dominant Big Man, EVER?

    I was a freshman at Merrillville Dexter Larimore senior year. I never saw him warmup . (Stand up or jog around trying to get loose. ). He would sit down and stretch his calfs and hamstrings. I've never seen someone as dominant in any weight class as he was that year. He never was tested during the year, had pinned everyone's using a tight waist tilt. You should never get pinned in a tilt.
  10. Moran brothers?

    You are right that was my freshman year. It would have been nice to see him wrestle against Belmont at state when Merrillville lost by a view points. They lost 152 as well.
  11. Middle School Redshirting

    I meant their parents would hold them back.
  12. Middle School Redshirting

    I know a lot of kids who "redshirted" because they were to small for 106 and wanted another year to grow and get closer to weight.
  13. We are already in s tourney that weekend.
  14. We could also host a team duel depending on the day if someone was interested. Between the 9th-13th
  15. I am the head coach of Decatur middle school and we are looking to add a duel meet or team tournament between the dates of January 7th-January 19th. It will be our first meet with most of my team being first year wrestlers. We are located on the southwest of Indy.