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  1. State predictions?

    @Y2CJ41 or @Wrestling Scholar........Or any other stat guru for that matter. Any idea on the State record for Team points? Any possibilities that it may be in jeopardy?
  2. Prayers Needed for Garrett Wrestling Family

    Prayers being sent with a heavy heart. This tragedy resonates deeply within us whose affiliated with Shenandoah Wrestling. We lost Levi Black to the same circumstances 2yrs ago. I've reached out to the Black Family and made them aware. Expect to hear from them with support and encouragement that the Combs family will be able to directly relate to.
  3. Positive thoughts and Prayers

    Genuine prayers being sent for their comfort and perseverance through this temporary adversity. If any sites or GoFundMe accounts are created to raise donations....please post on this thread.
  4. Worst draw

    Great point Jeremy. It aligns with Silas and I's philosophy to a "T". Being fairly new to the sport of wrestling compared to many on this site (7yrs). I would grow a little more perturbed every year as I would hear parents/coaches/wrestlers complaining about draws, or hoping they had an easy road through. I can tell you this......that was rarely an issue with the Doah coaches. Slivka, Gary Jr & Sr each had a "bring it on mentality". Being cut from that similar cloth, is a major factor of our growing so close off the mat as well. I'll only add that Coach Barbosa has carried on that same approach. It comes natural for him being from the south side of Muncie. ? Assistant Coach Walker is no different. The Allred outlook is simple......Those who worry about the draw are entertaining fear & self doubt. Hoping for an easy path is reserved for individuals whose bartering for podium spots. Not for those whose goal is its peak. Cressel & Walton are both very deserving of all the recognition and success they've worked so hard for. They're well coached and their college commitments speak for themselves. However.....these are matches we've wanted all season. But we'll focus on beating Moore Friday night first. Bottom line......We love the draw. Awesome opportunity to make a LOUD statement! And they'll be dealing with a hungry youngster whose well prepared, well studied, unafraid to lose.....and wrestling free with no pressure. The best 182lb'er in the State will stand on top of the podium this weekend regardless of their bracket pairings. And it could be any 1 of 16 young men in the bracket. We genuinely wish everyone competing a great week of practice, continued good health and to just enjoy the moment. Go to war, have fun and score points. Never lose sight of how much of a blessing it is to be there.
  5. If wrestling was a class sport........

    Speaking solely from a 1A selfish standpoint. If wrestling became classed......I'd likely transfer my son to a larger school. Because in my opinion.....without a "Tournament of Champions", most of the time kids from the larger schools would be perceived as better. Yes......I realize national accolades would separate a wrestlers worth to recruiters. However....I personally feel a 1 class system is one of the beauties of this sport here at home. In regards to a wrestler becoming more successful......they simply need to have the hunger & drive to accomplish those things. My personal feeling......is that there is no difference between a kid at a small school vs a kid at a larger school in regards to becoming "elite". You have the same opportunities at open rooms, club training, ISWA events, national events, etc. Ultimately it's a choice. How hard is a kid willing to work on & off the mat at ALL the attributes that define a great athlete.....and not just someone whose athletic. Now, becoming "good" is a different story. Having better practice partners in season, larger room (more partners), wrestling a tougher schedule, etc., will all play a factor in kids who primarily wrestle from Nov to Jan/Feb. in distancing themselves from peers at smaller programs. But that's a much different animal than truly pursuing future wrestling goals. Ill be the first to admit I don't have all the answers. And I'm sure it could possibly help grow the sport some on a lower level. But I'm fairly confident that "classing" things would create an influx of your better wrestlers (including youth) beginning to gravitate more towards larger programs. Again....this is just my perspective on one facet of "class wrestling". I understand that there are other angles that I've not spoken on. But ultimately.....this is an individual sport within a team concept. So weakening competition so more kids can be successful who aren't putting in the work.....seems counter-productive to everything this sport stands for. Of which....is a major reason an old baseball guy like me has fallen in love with it. No excuses....and nobody to blame but the man in the mirror.
  6. Toughest semi-state???

  7. Toughest semi-state???

    Nice catch on the extra at 145. EV should only have 1. All other numbers appear to be correct.
  8. Toughest semi-state???

    Broke down by weight........ Top 5's NC. EV. FW. EC. 106- 2. 1. 0. 2. 113- 2. 1. 1. 1. 120- 3. 0. 0. 2. 126- 2. 2. 0. 1. 132- 2. 1. 0. 2. 138- 1. 2. 1. 1. 145- 2. 2. 1. 1. 152- 1. 2. 0. 2. 160- 1. 2. 0. 2. 170- 1. 2. 1. 1. 182- 1. 2. 2. 0. 195- 1. 2. 1. 1. 220- 3. 1. 0. 1. 285- 0. 1. 1. 3.
  9. Toughest semi-state???

    Top 5's by Semi-State New Castle) 22 Evansville) 21 Ft Wayne) 8 East Chicago) 20
  10. “Automatic” State Champs

    Your support of Silas is extremely appreciated brother. Yeah.....most are unaware that this could legitimately be his freshman year and that he'll graduate at 17. I just couldn't justify keeping him back for athletic purposes in middle school because of how much he excels in the classroom. Just didn't feel right. He won't reach the age of his classroom peers until his potential freshman redshirt in college. With that said.....his work ethic has eliminated the age factor. Winning or losing is now just a matter of out working everyone, executing, and being better than someone that day/match. I strongly encourage you to follow the national scene closely as well. He has the potential to do some pretty special things at the Cadet level this year. And due to his youth, he'll actually have the opportunity at FILA Cadet to make the world team all the way up through the summer before he starts his senior year. Lots of other genuinely elite youngsters that'll be representing Indiana wrestling and continuing to raise our state's respect level on the mat as well. Thanks again man.....any and all support of my son is fully recognized and won't be forgotten.
  11. “Automatic” State Champs

    Very capable young man. In fact.....as capable of getting it done as anyone in the field. And yes.....that includes my son Silas. Apart from wrestling, Noah is a great young man who deserves all the good that life & the sport of wrestling brings his way. Ironically, Noah & Silas roomed together in Fargo and forged a friendship. My opinion....North Dakotah State got a serious steal in signing him. Noah flying under the recruiting radar until last summer really benefits that program in a big way. Excited to follow his development at the next level. I usually avoid the prediction conversations when they involve my son. But realize....I appreciate the luv, acknowledgement and confidence a great deal. Yes....I'm very bias and don't know many wrestling dads who aren't. So the only thing Ill share regarding Silas and State is this......He has plenty of great opponents to wrestle before even matching up with one of the other top ranked guys. And fact is.....while he's humble off the mat, they'll be no respect towards ANY opponent once they're in the circle. Because at this point in the season.....We don't care if you're ranked #1.....or if you're a first year guy whose forfeited your way to this stage. You'll be prepared for and taken very serious.
  12. 126..

    I'd use caution in overlooking Smiley from Beech Grove in the 126 conversation. The Viduya vs Smiley record this year is 2-1 in favor of A.V. And they both will likely wrestle each other at least twice more at Regional and Semi-State. I think Alec may have turned a psychological corner on him....but I expect 2 more great matches. Admittedly.....I'm partial to Viduya and Asa due to relationships built between parents & wrestlers through national competitions. But Smiley is a very capable young man as it pertains to podium predictions. And obviously his commitment to Purdue speaks for itself. Fully agree.....deepest weight class and worth the price of admission by itself at the Bank.
  13. Tri Sectional

    I'm Eric Allred....#3 at 182 Silas' dad. First off, really appreciate your support and confidence in my son @wchew20. He's undoubtedly turned a lot of corners and distanced himself from a lot of guys. The extra training, national competitions....and quite honestly just no longer being 14 has really allowed his strength to catch up to his athleticism and technique. In regards to Elijah Mahan cutting to 170lbs. There's a lot that went into that decision. I stay in periodic contact with Elijah and his family due to my line of work (Evangelism/mentoring/etc). Elijah was a little discouraged after losing to Walton 10-0 and then Silas 20-2. However.....those are his only 2 losses this year, and much more than just those tough matches went into his decision making. In fact.....no disrespect to the other 182's that will be in NC in a couple weeks.....but he likely would've punched a ticket had he stayed put. He's already won matches against a couple of really solid wrestlers in the rankings at 182. Fact is.....I have full confidence that he'll get the job done at 170 as well. Outside of #1 Warren.....I don't think Elijah has an unwinnable match there. Where he lacks the overall strength to compete with top tier 182's.....he'll actually have a strength advantage in a lot of cases at 170 in my opinion. He's an unbelievably great kid on and off the mat. Has a tremendous future in his first love (football).....and in full confidence I can assure you it's not a matter of him dodging anyone. He just wants to place himself in a position that he feels is best for "him". The Allred's are fans of Elijah's and a couple other of the Roncalli wrestlers whose been offseason teammates of Silas'. Great kids, great program, and great parents. We wish them all good health and the best of luck in their pursuit of their goals.
  14. Prayers needed for Great young man

    Genuine prayers sent.
  15. I think the IHSAA should just begin allowing wrestle offs at seeding meetings. I kid. Just trying to lighten the load gentlemen. Stressful, but very fun time of year. Enjoy the ride.