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  1. Perseverance

    Super 32

    Nice!!! I’ll be registering Silas soon. You thought about taking Asa to “Journeyman” in NY? Think it over and let me know. We can link up and split costs if your interested. Couple 2 or 3 weeks before Super 32.
  2. Congratulations to Indiana Outlaws Black for their dominating performance at “Battle of the Burgh” in Harmony, PA. Team wins include........ -Outlaws- 52 -OMP Black-12 -Outlaws- 43 -Mat Factory- 9 -Outlaws- 49 -Bobdawgs- 15 -Championship- -Outlaws- 40 -Gladiators- 25 Lineup & records....... 111-Brodie Fogarty 2-2 118-Zeke Seltzer 4-0 125-Brayden Littell 4-0 131-Logan Bailey 3-1 138-Drake Campbell 2-2 143-Andrew Wilson 1-3 150-Alex Mosconi 3-1 157-Elliott Rodgers 3-1 165-Jordan Slivka 4-0 175-Tyler Wagner 2-2 187-Jacob Huffman 2-2 200-Silas Allred 4-0 225-Kyle Cornwell 4-0 290-Marcus Stone 3-1 Outstanding effort by these young men and coaches.
  3. Perseverance

    Fargo List

    Agreed. Although I think they’re overlooking some studs. There’d be a little more to talk about if Silas was healthy enough to make the trip though. Unfortunately he’s still about 2 weeks away from full fledge banging live in competition format. The Carter kid from KS who they predicted to win it 195.....Silas has teched and pointed handily in 2 meetings. Only adds to the sting of having to sit this one out! I still think our current Cadets will give them plenty to talk about before the week concludes! I fully anticipate plenty of stop signs being brought back to the homefront by Team IN! Safe travels, have fun and represent!!!
  4. 100% agree regarding all 3 wrestlers you mentioned. A couple others that stuck out to me were Calhoun given his success at NHSCA.....and of course Brewer with the strong performance at Flo Nats. Viduya is probably 1 strong showing at Fargo away as well.
  5. Congratulations young men! I fully anticipate a few other Indiana studs who are undoubtedly on the cusp, if not arguably excluded from the list......to join these worthy gentlemen in due time.
  6. 3 Indiana hammers find themselves in the Flo Class of 2019 & 2020 “Big Board” National Rankings. These rankings consist of every wrestler within that specific graduation class at every weight. Eli Pokorney- 59th among all incoming seniors and currently 8th in class of 2019 heavyweights. Manzona Bryant- 37th among all incoming juniors and currently 2nd in the class of 2020 138lb’ers Silas Allred- 34th among all incoming juniors and currently 5th in the class of 2020 195lb’ers. Congratulations gentlemen! Time to climb!
  7. Perseverance

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Silas won back 2 back Trips and would have likely coasted through Cadet again this year (no disrespect to other Cadet 195’s). The gameplan was to wrestle Junior 195 for better matches and preparation for a heftier Triple Crown of the National variety. But even with the USAW National Folkstyle Stop Sign on the mantle.......I figured I’d break the bad news. Silas didn’t compete over the weekend due to a slight tear in his meniscus. Surgery is needed and he’ll be out 6-8 weeks post-op. That unfortunately is going to make the OTC Training Camp and Fargo not possible for him. Discouraging......yes, very. But.....thankfully just a bump in the road. Could’ve been much worse. Prayers for a quick recovery is genuinely appreciated. In the meantime......he’ll be getting healthy, hitting the iron pile hard on his upper body......and mentally beginning to set his sights on IHPO and Super 32. Congratulations to all the Champs this weekend. Keep the momentum rolling fellas and go pound some outta towners at Cadet/Junior Duals and especially Fargo!!! The Allred’s will be with you in Spirit!
  8. Perseverance


    Congratulations gentlemen! Way to represent! Safe travels coming home.
  9. Perseverance

    Scholastic Duals

    Indiana Gold finishes runner-up to a very talented Illinois Outsiders squad. Great effort by these young men and coaches. Undefeated wrestlers going 7-0 for Team IN Gold included...... 120-Watts 145-Slivka 182-Allred 285-Pokorney Multiple other 1 or 2 loss records on the Gold squad, with W’s against legit opponents. Blue Team and the Indiana Renegade Teams also had some outstanding individual performances as well. Great effort collectively by these Indiana student-athletes.
  10. Perseverance

    Scholastic Duals

    Event details and team lineups are posted on track. -Team Indiana Gold- 106 Cottey 113 Curtis 120 Watts 126 Rooks 132 Mosconi 138 Gimson 145 Slivka 152 Rodgers 160 South 170 Klettheimer 182 Allred 195 Hurley 220 Cornwell 285 Pokorney
  11. Perseverance

    Scholastic Duals

    I respect your opinion. But I think these young men at 170-220 are well prepared. Especially 182 & 220. 182-State 5th, 2018 USAW Folkstyle Cadet National Champ, 6-1 at this same tourney last year. 220-State 5th, 2018 USAW Folkstyle Nationals Junior 4th. 170 & 195 both very capable young men. Should be an enjoyable, very competitive weekend.
  12. Perseverance

    Scholastic Duals

    Indiana Gold is extremely solid from light to heavy. They potentially have the talent and horsepower to win it this year.
  13. Perseverance


    Silas Allred
  14. Perseverance

    USA Folkstyle Nationals-University of Northern Iowa

    Physical maturity was an overwhelming factor. Jesse also attempted an ill-advised throw early in the match that he seemed to never fully recover from psychologically. But I can guarantee you this......Knowing Hector and Jesse as I do, they are probably in the weight room today and counting down the days until Jess can get some redemption.
  15. Perseverance

    USA Folkstyle Nationals-University of Northern Iowa

    Yeah......Allred & Drousias won soundly. The Deters match was easily the best Cadet final. They did everything possible to make him earn it! Questionable stall call, didn’t award a borderline takedown......then he wins in UTB on a stall call! The kid kept legs locked as Deters easily got to his feet off bottom twice. Desperation. I was not only impressed with Deters skill set.....but his mental toughness and gas tank to grind out that W and become a National Champ was a privilege to watch.

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