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  1. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Thanks for the clarity brother.
  2. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    This response is collectively for the last 3 comments. While I realize it's quite a bit to read (apologies).....prior comments either answer your questions, or nullify your point altogether. As in my initial comment on this thread......the thought of not playing football altogether was in fact the crossroads I was at regarding whether or not to "encourage". However....my encouragement 100% of the time is for my son to work towards being the best version of himself possible. So if that means continuing to play (yes, even both sides of the ball)....Ill support him. In regards to the "full ride scholarship" Jason......not once has that been mentioned. It has less to do with "scholarships", and more to do with Silas accomplishing HIS goals. In in regards to the education comment by Mr. Ratliff. I would highly agree if it was fitting for my son. In fairness to you not being aware, and not thoroughly reading previous comments (again, I understand they're lengthy)....Silas has a 4.3 G.P.A. In fact, the schools that have expressed the most early interest (all within the parameters of NCAA guidelines) have been Ivy League programs and other high level academic institutions with solid programs. That leads me to my final point. This has nothing to do with MY wants for my son.....outside of him accomplishing his goals. In fact....to further my above comment, Silas is also a part of 21st Century Scholars. With that said....if he chooses to stay "in-state" to wrestle post high school.....most of tuition will be taken care of with out an athletic dept. having to utilize coveted scholarship money as it pertains to wrestling. His academic prowess along with athletic opportunity will certainly take care of much of the rest. What (if any) is left over.....student loans and grants will be very helpful. Although I feel this shouldn't need said....the previous comments warrant it......I want what's best for my son. And anyone who knows Silas, will attest that he is a very happy, jovial, driven, promising young man. Knowing him as I do......that also means helping along the way to remain that way, and again, "assist" him in accomplishing HIS goals. If this were about my wants, desires, etc.,....he'd have never stopped playing baseball. That's my background and he had enough talent in 8/9th grade to warrant a spot on many small college teams. But that wasn't HIS desire! His goals are to not just be State Chamion.....but also National Champion. To be recruited by top 5 programs, compete internationally, etc. So it should be readily apparent that with those type of goals.....you better be willing to make some tough choices, commit yourself in a way that borderlines obsession....and buckle up for a ride of extreme highs, and humbling lessons. And mind you.....we're talking about a young man who has the athletic upside to accomplish those goals barring "injury", or simply falling short even after giving his best effort. So with that said.....I encourage you to recognize those realities. And no.....I don't want my son carrying the football 25 times a game and never leaving field on defense. Especially after wrestling 9 months and considering he has no interest of playing it past high school. When can he rest? So moving forward.....I respectfully, and dig down deep to HUMBLY ask, that you please express your opinions with a certain level of respect and tact. Not assuming, slick talking for likes, or referencing things your uninformed of. Not only are those things flirting with being offensive. I also am seasoned enough to recognize motive behind certain statements that are cloaked with the appearance of wanting more info.....or full fledge "if an adult.....". I will not say again....Its HIS choice. And I support my son regardless. I prefer no longer speaking on the matter due to the direction it has begun going. He has 9 months left of wrestling season before he needs to decide to just play defense, not play at all, or continue doing both. And I'll remain his strongest supporter no matter what. Take care gentlemen. Thx again for all the feedback. Have a safe, and successful season.....and I look forward to seeing many of you mat side soon.
  3. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    I'm in agreement with you for the most part. And again.....it's his decision alone. However....to say that other opinions outside of his don't matter, I can't embrace. As parents/coaches we have the unique opportunity to also be mentors to many young men & women. This entails teaching them aspects of life that often go beyond athletics. Being in these positions, we have the responsibility to assist these young athletes with certain decisions. "Assist" mind you.....not "lead" or "influence" based on what WE may feel the best choice may be. So with that said......it's imperative student-athletes have a panoramic, well rounded view of certain choices they make. Especially when factoring in ones future. In my opinion, too many young athletes are left to fend for themselves in adult choices. In turn, they're often swayed by peers. This has led to many poor choices. So it's VERY important young men/women listen carefully to all those whose been in their position. Then make the best decision they personally feel will benefit their own happiness, without being a detriment to their future goals.
  4. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Oh yeah......specifically keeping his room clean and making sure firewood is split and stacked!!! But in all seriousness.....there's still plenty of imperfections and things he's "not good at". Even as it pertains to wrestling. Reality is, even our top wrestlers in Indiana like Paris, B-Lee & J-Lee have tons of things they still have to get better at before they'll be able to even be extremely competitive at the next level. That reality in itself, is partly what drives my zeal towards the importance of certain decisions.
  5. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Really appreciate your perspective and insight. You make great points towards the importance of it being imperative for coaches to try to work together for the good of their perspective programs.....but even more so for the good of the student athlete. Fortunately, I have open dialogue with our football coach, he's aware of Silas' future on the mat, and listens to the concerns of the parents and other coaches closely. He's a real good dude, simply stated. He won't want to lose Silas, and I'm sure would be agreeable to him just playing defense.....as well as potentially sitting out certain games when not necessarily needed. The biggest challenge I see is the allotment of time away for certain tournaments. Most notably Super 32, and to support our own wrestling family at IHPO. Im all for multi-sport athletes. It trains them into well rounded young men/women athletically......and most importantly in my opinion, helps them deal with different types of athletic adversity. However.....I also take the stance that there comes a certain time when your future in athletics unfolds. And if a young athlete is fortunate enough for that to happen. They need to make some tough choices. This is also part of the mental adversity they'll face in life regarding decision making. So in my opinion, regardless of the sport.......if an athlete has been given indication by their performance, high school/college coaches and or scouts/recruiters, that they have a forseeable future in a perspective sport.....it's likely time to begin putting added emphasis on that direction of your life if it's something they're passionate about and align with their personal goals. Especially when factoring in being only 2 yrs away from an "official" college choice. I find it almost contradictory, that so often we as parents and coaches are wanting/telling our kids to grow up and make more adult choices.......then when they are face to face with decisions that can directly affect their lives as adults, we resort back to "just be a kid and play". Let's face it.....as it pertains to early recruiting, the sophomore year is a valuable one. Junior year.....imperative. No athlete whose serious about taking their craft to the next level wants to go into their senior season without a definitive gameplan, and pretty good idea about the narrowed down list of schools he/she is going to sign with. Again......I must stress, everything I've voiced is just my opinion. I don't have all the answers, and I've found many of everyone's input very helpful in gaining added perspective to both sides of Silas' decision making. As well as my own. I was reluctant to share this final bit of info....but I feel it's pertinent and may help give us all more clarity. Silas was blessed to be able to hear from Olympic Champ and defending NCAA Nat Champ Kyle Snider yesterday about this very topic. Incredibly humble young man to say the least. Ironically, he was faced with the same decision Silas' is now entertaining at the exact same time in his life. He chose to just wrestle because it outweighed the thoughts of memories on the football field, even though it was a sport he had played his whole life. Ultimately.....he chose his "future". This obviously was the right decision FOR HIM. He voiced much of what all of us have, and much of what others who care for and train Silas has echoed......It's his choice. No decision is the wrong one. But to continue to realize that with wrestling as his future......proper rest for his body, smart choices to stay healthy and continued development on the mat is absolutely necessary. At this point.....I'm having Silas put any and all thoughts of making a choice FAR behind him. Right now....he just needs to focus on getting healthy to return to the mat, and chasing his personal goals this year in-state, as well as nationally. He has plenty of time to process all the info and advice that's been given him, reflect, internalize, pray on things......then do what he feels is best for him. Thanks to everyone again for all the great feedback. Rest assured, I'll support my sons decision regardless. But as for now......it's wrestling season!!! .
  6. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Awesome points brother. And to answer your question......for me personally, yes. I would encourage....not tell him, to consider the risks involved in other sports. As well as how that pertains to his future in what he loves most. In fact, Silas and I already crossed this bridge with baseball. Which ironically is my background. I squandered 2 big league contracts due to my former lifestyle. Silas was a much more promising baseball player than football. He touted an 80mph fastball as a 14yr old freshman with a very sharp, late breaking 12/6 curve ball. However......because his goals in wrestling came into conflict with baseball season.......he made a choice to focus more on wrestling Nationally. And obviously, strength training for wrestling (especially upper body) is very counter-productive to being a pitcher. Your points about Paris and Robinson are EXACTLY why my initial post on this thread voiced the "crossroads" I'm at in my decision making. Mind you.....he will make his own decision, and I will stand behind him. But he also listens to me very closely. With that said.....yes, Silas could likely develop into a D1 caliber linebacker. Mind you....."likely". However, the amount of work it would take to make that possible at fullback would in turn take away from wrestling. It should also be remembered the point I previously stated about Shenandoah's strength of schedule and how that would affect recruiting. Great example of that is a kid from Doah named Cody Rudy who graduated 2yrs ago. Was 6'2 250.....a top tier defensive tackle in the state statistically, ran a 4.6 40, single handedly held Ennis to around 50yds rushing when we beat Winchester in Sectional play.....AND still holds most of the records in the weight room at school. He went unrecruited by any D1 programs. Only small schools were interested. He opted to walk-on at Ball St where he's currently playing. Finally......it's important to remember that Silas literally plays football for "fun"....not "future". He just happens to be pretty good at it. His first love, college goals and plans for his athletic future all revolve around wrestling. Of which.....many of those goals are quite lofty! So realize.....I feel what your saying and those thoughts aren't far from me. But I can't get myself past my son risking a promising future on the mat.....in exchange for having fun in a high risk sport that he has no plans on embracing past high school. That's the dilemma brother. Just seems like an unnecessary risk. Especially factoring in the amount of work, and especially rest his body will need to make his goals reality. Silas is a smart kid and great student. I'm confident he'll make the best decision for himself and his own personal satisfaction. And as "dad".....if it does entail continuing to play football, my hope is that it's strictly defense. Thanks again.
  7. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    As always.......I appreciate your real life insight Coach P.
  8. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Very well said.......and very appreciated. Showing this thread to Silas with emphasis on your comment. Thanks again.
  9. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Agreed. That would parallel with a football coach not taking into account a players future on the mat, or a Team competing for a State Championship. I'm thankful neither of those are major issues that Im aware of at Shenandoah. It's ultimately a student-athletes choice. Although I'm sure there's at least at little of that going on inside each perspective Coach if I'm honest. They're human, in most cases care about their kids and want to win as much as their players do.
  10. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    100% agree. And mind you.....I'm a guy whose had to learn to live with tons of regrets athletically and otherwise. Admittedly......knowing the goals Silas has on the mat, and realizing what it's going to take to make those goals reality......my hope (and prayers) are that he and others facing the same tough choices make a decision that results in them being able to take an honest look in the mirror, and say "I did everything I could to be the best version of myself possible".
  11. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Thank you. Hated hearing of the wrestler you referenced. Great points. And yes......the decision is fully his. It's just imperative I keep him accountable in his decision making. To be a little more specific......at the end of the day, I'd be perfectly pacified if he decides to just play defense. That would allow him to not be so beat up on the weekends, which in turn would allot for additional time on the mat during football. Being 15 yrs old, running upright at fullback with 4.9 speed and finding enjoyment in contact......spells disaster on the offensive side of things. Just want him (and others) to be cognitive of the risks & realities associated with a sport they play for fun, in contrast to the sport that most likely will help pay for their education.
  12. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Appreciate the perspective Matt. I look forward to seeing Carson continue the success he's had this summer nationally as he grinds towards his goals.
  13. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    I appreciate the feedback gentlemen. And in regards to Trajan, I'm continuing to pray for him brother. Very good to hear of his positive perspective while facing some very tough adversity.
  14. In the ever evolving world of parenting & coaching athletes, we frequently come to a personal crossroads of varying choices. And in this case.....regardless of whether your a parent, coach, or both......your feedback and opinions are welcomed. I've been a major proponent of football players adding wrestling to their winter resumes. But what about wrestlers on the gridiron? I'm confident that I'm not the first to cross this topic, and probably not the only one dealing with this right now. However, the question of football being beneficial for a wrestler is now heavy on my heart. For clarity.....please understand that my zeal and opinions are specifically geared towards athletes whose goal is to compete in a particular sport beyond high school. With that said, there are some HUGE variables with football that create a major contrast with wrestling, baseball and even basketball as it pertains to recruiting. In baseball for instance, if a guy throws 90mph and has an above average secondary pitch......it doesn't matter if the only team his squad plays all year is Indiana School of the Blind! A recruiter or scout is going to recognize those tools at breeding success at the next level. With wrestling, it doesn't matter where you're from or how small your school is. You have the opportunity to work your tail off, prove yourself as elite within your state. Then in turn validate your collegiate worth by competing in a number of National Tourneys to validate your level of "elite" against the nations best. Obviously.....basketball has so many travel teams (as does baseball) that year round play and exposure for deserving athletes is not that hard to attain regardless of classed sports. BUT.....football is a different monster. Yes.....there are camps and outlets an athlete can utilize to create exposure for his football skill set. But what is most pertinent to my point, is the the obvious distinction of competition level when comparing a solid 4A program versus even a top 10 smaller program. I understand that recruiters are bonafide experts at evaluating talent. So speed, strength explosiveness, attitude (and always academics) can transcend strength of schedule. However.....for example, an individual would be foolish to assume that 2 linebackers of the same skill-set but from contrasting school sizes will get the same opportunities. In fact, I've found that often times an athlete can have worse stats, but play tougher competition......and get the nod from recruiters over a kid of equal talent from a smaller, less prominent program. The best example I can use to validate my point is Kiante Ennis of Winchester. Let's look past his foolish choices and legal problems, and just focus on athleticism for a moment. This is a kid who led the nation in rushing. Broke Indiana records. Had 4.3 40 speed. Where did he end up? IU. Now....many will say, "That's a great school. How does that prove your point?". My response to those people is that we are talking about a freak athlete from a very small school. Yes there was interest from more prominent programs as well.....BUT, it wasn't because he broke records or was the best running back in the nation! It was because he had something that can't be taught......NFL caliber speed to compliment a solid frame. So with that said......how many schools period (let alone 1A & 2A programs) have the opportunity to have this type of athlete. Rarely if ever is my point. And mind you.....Ennis was a football player. Not a wrestler who played football. To help you better understand my reasoning behind this novel......is the fact that the Shenandoah football program (ranked 6th in 2A) had 5 major injuries this season. All 5 were wrestlers. Including my son Silas. Justin Hummel/freshman (7th MS State)- knee....surgery-should be in lineup by Dec. Elijah Weistefield/freshman-broke arm....out indefinitely. Hayden Lohrey/junior (SQ and ranked at 138)-concussion, but should be available to start season. Dallas Pugsley/junior (7th at State and ranked at 132)-Concussion & enlarged liver....out for an undetermined amount of time. Silas Allred/sophomore (Fargo AA and ranked at 182)-Stage 3 thigh contusion.....out for at least 3-4 weeks. These young men are wrestlers who play football. Not the other way around. It should also be realized, that in most cases wrestlers are some of the best (if not the best) athletes in the school. In my personal experience at Shenandoah, although I'm sure the same happens elsewhere.....this results in serious overuse to win games. Let me make this crystal clear.....I DO NOT blame the football coaches. Athletes choose to compete in a sport and the coach puts his best lineup forward. In fact....as avid of competitors as wrestlers are, a coach will have a tough time convincing them not to play even if not at 100 percent. So ultimately....this is a choice for the young men. As well as us as parents and coaches. In closing and speaking as a dad. My son Silas is a very good all around athlete. However, his athletic goals are wrestling related. And thankfully, he's worked hard to earn some early collegiate interest at only a sophomore. The risk/reward factor for my son AND ANY other wrestler who has goals on the mat, but plays football....MUST be taken more seriously. In Silas' case, a helmet to the thigh and only having to miss the first couple weeks of the season is obviously still discouraging......but also an eye opener and a tremendous blessing! Blessing you ask? Yes......because 12 inches lower with that helmet and we would be having a much different conversation pertaining to a year long knee injury. So I remain grateful of God's protection. However.......to return to the question at hand. Is wrestling good for football players? I still answer yes. But in contrast......Is football good for wrestlers? In my humble opinion absolutely not. At least not the wrestlers who have the legit reality of wrestling at the next level, but are depended on for football on both sides of the ball. Standing in my shoes, the risk far outweighs the reward. Thanks for your patience regarding the lengthy nature of my obvious needing to vent. Again.....thoughts, feedback and opinions are welcomed. Even if they're not in agreement with my stance. I keep my son accountable and fully aware of the opportunities he's created for himself. So the "crossroads" I'm now at as a parent/coach consists of encouraging him to eliminate football altogether. Thanks again.
  15. ISWA meeting/Trip Crown/Election this Sunday

    I appreciate the feedback. Again......I don't have the answers. Just simply making individuals who may not be aware, conscious of what's taking place and its significance. With everything I've heard about changes needing made.....this seems like the opportunity for those that deem it that important to try to establish said changes. However......I would like to pick your brain about cost effiency and potential programs that may be implemented for Team IN trips. Especially for families who legitimately need it, with wrestlers who are very worthy of the opportunity. Maybe we can briefly discuss Sun? Silas & I will be there.