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  1. Perseverance

    Best looking coaching staff in the state

    Your opinions are weightless, and completely offensive. Unless this conversation can be “classed”, it’s completely unfair and biased towards larger schools coaching staffs. 😜
  2. Perseverance

    Jacob Moran of Portage commits to

  3. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    Final Results Seltzer 6th Viduya 6th Noehre 5th Calhoun 9th Allred 2nd (Lost 8-2) Plenty to be proud of for these studs. But more importantly......plenty to work on before getting redemption at S32 in a few weeks! We don’t lose......we learn.
  4. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    Viduya 3-1 wrestling for 5th Seltzer 3-1 wrestlingfor 5th Noehre 3-1 wrestling for 5th Calhoun ? wrestling for 8/9th Allred 4-0 and into the final. #9 Allred vs #2 Cardenas via Flo rankings All these young men have beaten some VERY legit opponents!
  5. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    -Update- Noehre 1-1 in pool has 1 more in pool Zeke 2-1 in pool (still alive for placement) Viduya 2-1 (1 bye) (still alive for placement) Calhoun ? Still trying to track down results Silas 3-0 (1 bye) (in semi-final)
  6. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    Coop wins! Earns birth into tomorrow.
  7. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    Cooper Noehre into the finals of today’s “wrestle in” version of the tournament. 1 win away from a birth into the Main Event!!!
  8. Perseverance

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    Good luck and safe travels to those making the trip to NY for this meat grinder of a tourney. IN athletes competing include...... 113-Zeke Seltzer 140-Alec Viduya 152-Cooper Noehre 160-Graham Calhoun 195-Silas Allred This Tournament is being covered by Flo and features monstrous match-ups for each of these young men. Go make a statement gentlemen!
  9. Perseverance

    IHPO Results

    Extremely well done man. Very thorough. That had to get tedious. Really appreciate you taking the time to do that, as I’m sure countless others do as well.
  10. Perseverance

    IHPO Results

    Very appreciated brother.
  11. Perseverance

    IHPO Results

    -198- Silas (#9 Flo #11 Adidas) over Stephen Buchanan (#14 Adidas) Wisconsin State Champ 12-4. All 4 pts were cuts.
  12. Perseverance

    IHPO Results

    Indiana Champs, Runner-ups and placewinners. Very dominate showing overall by our Hoosier Hammers. 109lbs 1st-Nelson 2nd-Diaz 4th-Watson 116lbs 1st-Moran 2nd-Seltzer 123lbs 1st-Mendez 2nd-Littell 4th-Wagner 129lbs 2nd-Rioux 4th-Wilkerson 135lbs 2nd-Campbell 141lbs 2nd-Gimson 3rd-Mosconni 4th-Viduya 148lbs 2nd-Mutschler 3rd-Graves 4th-Coleman 155lbs 1st-Rodgers 4th-Hicks 163lbs 1st-Washington 2nd-Calhoun 3rd-Laplace 4th-Slivka 173lbs 1st-Blubaugh 3rd-Walker 4th-Saez 185lbs 1st-Brewer 2nd-Morgan 198lbs 1st-Allred 223lbs 1st-Cornwell 288lbs 1st-Deloof 3rd-Rosales Apologies if I missed anyone.
  13. Perseverance

    IHPO Results

    Agreed. Very efficiently ran all the way back to weigh ins. And.......we darn near got that Indiana weight class sweep!
  14. Perseverance

    IHPO Predictions

    Would be pretty special if we have an “All Indiana” weight class sweep! Fact is......our Hoosier Hammers need to start gearing up for ruining some high hopes, and creating long car rides home for some outta towners. Gotta take pride in defending the territory
  15. Perseverance

    Super 32

    Nice!!! I’ll be registering Silas soon. You thought about taking Asa to “Journeyman” in NY? Think it over and let me know. We can link up and split costs if your interested. Couple 2 or 3 weeks before Super 32.

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