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  1. Team Scores 1. Tell City 310.5 2. Southridge 308 3. Gibson Southern 203 4. Pike Central 131 5. North Posey 127.5 6. Heritage Hills 119 7. Tecumseh 112.5 8. Forest Park 102 9. South Spencer 101 Tell City Results Champions Coy Hammack Kelby Glenn Brayden Lain Cole Gentry Shane Braunecker Corey Braunecker Will Kirtley Chance Bolin 2nd Place Gage Meunier Tyce Dupont 3rd Place Nigel Kaiser Alec Stahly 5th Place Trent Cail Zach Goffinet Deacon Wilson 6th Place Ross Wilgus
  2. Tell City vs Jasper

    Tell City 69 Jasper 30 Tell City finishes regular season 20-1
  3. Tell City Results

    Tell City 94 South Spencer 6 Tell City 93 Heritage Hills 0 Tell City 84 Reitz 4 Tell City 81 Princeton 15 Tell City 59 Memorial 19 Tell City 39 Castle South 47 Tell City 61 Mt Vernon 36 Tell City 58 Castle North 25
  4. Tell City Results

    Tell City 81 North Knox 18 Tell City 68 Gibson So 23 Tell City 74 Tecumseh 14 Tell City 75 Memorial 15 Tell City 81 Forest Park 7
  5. Tell City vs Southridge

    Tell City 57 Southridge 39
  6. Tell City results

    Tell City 76 Pike Central 9 Tell City 85 Tecumseh 6 Tell City 68 Boonville 27
  7. Over 100 signed up for Evansville Qualifier
  8. Frosh/Soph State (2nd chance state)

    I'll ask the tournament director, I'm assuming the 106 class so wrestler would have to make 110.
  9. Frosh/Soph State (2nd chance state)

    Because this tournament is outside the IHSAA season, insurance requirements will be satisfied with USA Memberships.
  10. Frosh/Soph State (2nd chance state)

    Coach, This comes from the tournament flyer directly: (This tournament is for all IHSAA Freshman and Sophomores who DID NOT PLACE in the IHSAA State Championships. This includes wrestlers who competed at Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman levels during the high school season.) Doesn't sound like it would work.
  11. Frosh/Soph State (2nd chance state)

    No I'm not sure, just passing tournament info along to help out. The only thing I can see is maybe this is how it's being done in Illinois and it's being mimicked off of how other states are running their frosh/soph tournaments? With this being a brand new tournament, there will be a lot to learn and improve on for the future!
  12. Frosh/Soph State (2nd chance state)

    For the State meet, weigh in requirements are the same. 4 pound allowance (with shoes and singlet) but they are required to make weigh out weight with an additional 2 lb allowance. If they don't make weigh out weight on Saturday they can make the same 6 pound allowance on Sunday.
  13. Frosh/Soph State (2nd chance state)

    If you have youth wrestlers looking for a place to wrestle this weekend, the Tell City Folkstyle Open will be at The Ford Center also. Should be a great experience for young wrestlers to compete on the big stage! There's information in the Tornament section or I'll answer questions the best I can through here.
  14. Frosh/Soph State (2nd chance state)

    Thank you for the clarification!