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  1. Who is Daniel Below?

    If you don't know now you know!! In all seriousness he is hard working good kid who has waited and got better and better. Now it is his turn. Oddly enough Perry had three 182lbers in the finals today.
  2. 2018 Dream Team Classic hosted by Indiana!

    Great job Indiana Mat this will be a outstanding event!! Looks like you get your Gorilla team after all !! The only thing that would be better is if we can get a Falcon or Two on that team.
  3. Fargo

    I was wondering if a Coach isn't allowed at ISWA how do they then qualify for Fargo? (Is there a regional qualifier for coaches) Things that make you go hmmm.

    New Maysville to the Burg got to love it.

    Isn't Montgomery going to North Putnam to try to become their first State Qualifier?
  6. Avon Head-Coach Resigns

    I stand corrected the streets on the Southside must be misinformed.
  7. Avon Head-Coach Resigns

    The word on the street is some guy named Gable has a shot. Never heard of him.
  8. Caught red handed

    Come on guys Howie just asked to leave them out of this and I am sure the Fair's and Lowerey's would rather not be mentioned. What ever the offenses were these families shouldn't be being mentioned. Keep it classy San Diego !
  9. Caught red handed

    I am quite certain we were all informed at State that the "South Side Rebellion was Real"
  10. Are parents ruining wrestling?

    Yes they are parents can't get out of their own way. Most parents don't know that they don't know!!!
  11. Brayden Lowery

    Those wrestle offs get you every time aparantely. Sucks to hear that Great Wrestler even better young man.
  12. Iswa State and Jim's wrestling supply

    I believe he was asked not to attend due to recruiting "Gold and Blue" team wrestlers.
  13. Scholastic Duals

    It looks like there is limit of Five teams this year from any One State. So how do they chose who to kick out? "Premier National Folkstyle Duals Championship grades 9,10,11 (Competition limited to 24 teams,Maximum 5 per state) (Guaranteed seven matches minimum)"
  14. Class Wrestling - Participation

    I have a question, what actually determines a small school. I know it is enrollment in other sports. Yet Mater Dei wrestles in the 3A duals grouping. They are obviously really good and have a great program and have had for years and years. Yorktown also has a rich history and as we saw this weekend a great program. How would they be classed?