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  1. Most losses

    I think Oliver from Cathedral had 19 loses last year.
  2. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    I was not expecting to see a "Donnie Baseball" reference but that is awesome.
  3. Seeding

    When you watch Karate Kid I bet you are yelling Sweep the Leg!!!
  4. Live Bracket Reaction Thread

    152, 160, 170,182 is different also
  5. How about those wrestlebacks?

    Your ideas of what is Fun and Beautiful could not be more different than mine. Just because that is how it is doesn't mean that is how it should be.
  6. How about those wrestlebacks?

    In one six minute match he stopped being top 5 material?
  7. How about those wrestlebacks?

    When Brayton Lee was a Freshman and undefeated was he one of the top 16 in the State at his weight?
  8. Wrestling Academies

    Living on the South side of Indy especially the 46217 & 46227 zip codes automatically make you a great coach. If you are already a Great coach and you move in to those zip codes it makes you even greater. As long as you wear Blue!!!!
  9. 2018 Sectional Forfeit Data

    We want a 245 and Unlimited added to the 220 and 285 !!!!!
  10. If wrestling was a class sport........

    Curious if it was Jeter that made him leave???
  11. If wrestling was a class sport........

    When it comes to Class wrestling there is no right or wrong. But if there is a way for more children to get into the Sport of Wrestling I am all for it. If it takes handing out ribbons and medals to every one then so be it. The Class idea isn't simply to help the "Small" schools be competitive in a watered down version of State. It also may help the larger inner City Schools attract one more guy. At the Perry regional this weekend there were several Schools barely represented that would not be in the same "Class" size wise as Perry, Roncali, Warren Central etc. Wrestling has absolutely made a huge impact on my life personally. I would not be where I am today without it. I can assure you it wasn't easy to get my ass handed to me over and over. I wanted to kill my buddy for talking me into it. Turns out I am thrilled that he did. If there is a way to get more people into the Sport then I say please do. If there is another way then do that also.
  12. If wrestling was a class sport........

    Just curious if you consider Chris Lytle a soft ass? He didn't win a state title or a Title in the UFC but he did get awards multiple times and Bonus checks! Soft ass really? Here is a observation or question for you I am curious why the "World is getting so dangerous now a days" is always stated at the same time "Soft ass adults are making soft ass kids"
  13. There was some really high level wrestling that took place in case you missed it. I know most people are focused on Semi-State as well they should be I wanted to take a minute and mention a few observations. Probably one of the better semi finals I have seen in recent memory. Mahan and Lowe went back and forth with big moves and plenty of strength (side note is Warren was waiting for the winner) I would say Lowe was slicker and his gas tank was the difference. In the finals Noah Warren showed why is ranked number One. In the last two weeks he has pinned really high level competition in the first period. Noah pinned Lowe with a cradle that me and another Coach were looking at each other saying what was that exactly. I have a feeling two maybe all three of these guys get out next week at Semi State
  14. Notable results and upsets regional edition

    In all fairness to the guys doing the rankings, he was ranked second in his own family.
  15. https://t.co/VsuPQPqMel How about the Penn State / Ohio State dual comes down to the big guys. Snyder wins but Penn State wins the dual 19-18