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  1. We are looking for 163 now as we had an injury HWT This team is going to be very competitive with 8 state Qualifiers committed and 4 SSQ Cost will be down to $500 as we are getting a donation. Please contact me yusefmohmed@hotmail.com 219.916.2220 text.
  2. Gonna make that trip next week -
  3. Skin check debate

    I have seen kids wrestle one division for a couple weeks then up in age the next week - take some L’s and then back down. The parents scrub their kids track profile and have two of them. I figure if it’s that important to the parent to teach their kids to be dishonest - that’s on them. This is all just practice for Life anyway and I’m going to teach my kids work hard , respect and honesty - It does irk me though when I see it.
  4. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Buying now ! ?
  5. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    should we buy the tickets now ? Will they sell out ? Or can I procrastinate? Lol
  6. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    152 and up ? Losing a lot of talent in those weights.
  7. Still looking for HWT looks like 132 & 138 will be filled. Just waiting on confirmations. Cost is $550 incudes Gear package , transportation , hotel , snacks & drinks during Duals -
  8. The Indiana Flash will be taking a team to VB Duals again this year. 5/24 - 5/29 We are looking for some weights - 132 , 138 , HWT This is a very competitive team with state placers & qualifiers. There will be 3 or 4 Semi State qualifiers as well. We will be taking a passenger van down on 5/24 after school and returning 5/29. Please contact me with any questions Yusef Mohmed yusefmohmed@hotmail.com

    I’ll wear my singlet and wrestle my son we have a bet !
  10. Good Gear Company

    Awesome ! Thanks for the feedback !
  11. Good Gear Company

    Looking for options on gear orders- I have used Addix (they are great for me) I have reached out to 3X Gear as well- Any good companies you suggest ? Thanks

    Right around the corner !
  13. East Chicago weather report

    If we cancel , we are not allowed to practice as they close the facility. No word from administration yet -
  14. East Chicago weather report

    We should be good - storm should clear out by Friday at 7 pm. But I bet there’s no school Friday if it hits like predicted - start 11pm Thursday snow for 16 hours straight and up to 10” - does the 1lb allowance apply for semi state if there’s no school ?
  15. Good stuff ! Thanks for the shout out ! Gonna be a good weekend !