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  1. Seeding Meeting Change???

    As a small New program we are actively seeking tougher competition - we had 1 to 4 FF this season. Depending on the health of our team. We do not have the luxury of backups at all of our weights. I will be seeking tougher dual meets next season and if we don’t fill a team this could really effect us. Why would a perennial tough team with 2 varsity lineups , JV and freshmen team want to wrestle us if we bring 3 FF ? We typically bring some tough kids too and I hope that will outweigh the FF situation as wins or loses over those tough guys could effect sectionals.
  2. Stealing from rage on the stage

    Great turn out !
  3. Jose Diaz of Wheeler commits to

    Great Kid ! Great Family ! Well deserved !
  4. 01/07/2018

    Caleb Thomas
  5. 01/07/2018

    Ahzsur Ursery
  6. 01/07/2018

    Ahzsur Ursery
  7. 01/07/2018

    James Lewis
  8. Lake county tournament

    We are missing 1 weight class this season , but an additional 2 kids are on vacation for this. Yes 2/3/4 was the main conversation
  9. Lake county tournament

    There are some good mathcups for sure. 220 was a long topic for seeding.
  10. Region sport: Portage vs Crown point

    You guys aren’t doing the Lake County ?
  11. Best brother combo ‘17-18

    Don’t Forget the Diaz brothers.
  12. 12/30/2017

    Isaiah Mohmed
  13. 12/23/2017

    Zack Fattore
  14. 12/23/2017

    Giovanni Diaz
  15. 12/23/2017

    Jose Diaz