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  1. doctorWrestling

    Ice Skating on Beat The Streets

    It didn't seem like it was raining there. I couldn't figure out how they were so slippery. I only caught the end and I know J'den Cox wrestled there but they couldn't have just made the mats that way right? Had to be moisture in the air or something?
  2. doctorWrestling

    Las Vegas- Seniors. Juniors, Veterans, etc

    It may actually be a money maker for the Michigan RTC. According to the Real Sports episode they did about the OTC in Colorado, more foreign athletes train there than American athletes and they charge the other countries to train there. Maybe Michigan RTC gets money from Serbia for having him in their program. Doesn't matter to me who he competes for, I love watching him wrestle and will be pulling for him. One of my absolute favorites to watch.
  3. doctorWrestling

    Las Vegas- Seniors. Juniors, Veterans, etc

    It appears Micic isn't entered. I think I have seen where he can wrestle for another another country. Anyone know if that is what he intends to do this year?
  4. doctorWrestling

    FLO v. Track

    Indiana has excellent coverage of their events on trackwrestling I have been told. From a person who is outside of Indiana, I think they both serve a purpose. Grandma wants to watch her grandson wrestle in a tournament - trackwrestling is made for that. Low cost equipment, camera may or may not work, and if camera does work you aren't going be able to see most of the mat anyway ( again outside Indiana ). You don't have to travel to see someone you know wrestle. There's also a pretty good chance you will get your money back because you can prove you didn't get to see half the matches ( outside Indiana ). College level and beyond event with great production quality is Flo all day. If you are really a fan of watching that level, you would cancel Netflix, premium cable channels, or any other service to afford it. I know I would.
  5. doctorWrestling

    Short Time Podcast with yours truly

    How long until IndianaMat has their own podcast?
  6. doctorWrestling

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    Reason #7. The Michigan coverage is lacking. Very biased toward Indiana.
  7. doctorWrestling

    Goldman had enough time?

    Not disagreeing with you Fabio, but who needs to care and in what ways? Are you just saying the AD needs to care enough to get a better coaching staff? They already wrestle in the best conference and don't seem to be at any disadvantage with scholarships or travel budget. I am unclear if the new facility is for practicing or just competitions, but to me the missing piece is a better coach.
  8. doctorWrestling

    Goldman had enough time?

    The Lock Haven coach is someone who came to my mind. Young guy. Big improvement and results at a smaller school. You would think IU would be seen as a step up for him. I don't agree its just on the kids or the conference. I am not saying they should win Big 10s. I do think they could do a lot better though and I think it has gone on too long with results I think of as under performing.
  9. doctorWrestling

    Goldman had enough time?

    I think this has come up in previous years, but don't you think its time for IU to make a change? Other Big Ten schools have made changes recently, even Michigan State finally got a new coach last year. Purdue is noticeably better after their change. Goldman has been there 25 years. It doesn't seem like they are in better shape or even headed in a better direction. Surely there would be a young coach out there ready to take on the challenge to make them competitive in the conference. I think top half of the conference would be a big improvement. Humphrey and McFarland had success before him. I think the right coach could get it done.
  10. doctorWrestling

    Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    With today's technology and how travel teams are built, its too bad that you couldn't have a pool of JV kids available to borrow from other teams that border your school to fill holes in your line-up. Even if you didn't get to count the points for your team's dual score, you help JV kids get matches and help the other team not get forfeits. The kids might even make some friends nearby they could continue to train with in the off season. Would probably open up issues with teams recruiting but just an idea that may be worth exploring some day.
  11. doctorWrestling

    Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    Seems like scheduling all duals so that there are 4 teams ( so 2 duals for each team ) would take care of most of the problems. If a kid is making weight, they want to wrestle. That would double their chances of getting at least one match. I think the proposals to condense weights are asking for more problems in the future.
  12. doctorWrestling

    Which state does it best?

    Yes, each of the 4 divisions had 5 mats. Not sure why they chose that number. There was room for more if they wanted. Made it hard to watch other divisions, especially before the finals when they brought 4 mats together and ran all divisions at the same time. Even then, a human can really only watch and pay attention to 1 match at a time.
  13. doctorWrestling

    Which state does it best?

    I know you were all dying for an update. I thought it went pretty well with the 20 mats on Ford Field for the Michigan state finals. Started wrestling at noon on Friday and started the finals at 3 on Saturday. It is impossible to match Indiana's pageantry which is what this thread asked, but to finish up the tournament WITH WRESTLE BACKS that fast was still a lot of fun. Any state with multiple classes in one location is going to make you really feel like you are missing something that is going on. I would be super bummed if I had a kid lose 1 match on Friday night and be out though.
  14. doctorWrestling

    Good Gear Company

    I have used Addix and Compound. I prefer Compound. I think it is better quality and personally think better designers. The shorts I ordered from them this year are shorter than the Addix I ordered a couple years ago, but that may have been to meet the uniform requirements for competition. They are good for matches and the kids wear them around for warming up so I don't think they are too short.
  15. doctorWrestling

    Which state does it best?

    Watch what you say on here about trackwrestling. Indiana has great trackwrestling experiences. It is probably because you were in Arizona. Michigan's is not very good either.