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  1. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Flo is a no brainer for me. You get the live events, but more importantly you can watch archived matches ( all rounds usually ) from any tournament in floarena. I guess I am comparing them to trackwrestling who wants to ding you ( $10 or $20 idk ) for every tournament - that ticks me off. If you subscribe to Flo, you never get charged for stuff in floarena. I guess I don't even notice the ads you can usually skip after 10 seconds. I can't imagine giving Flo up because they throw ads on the stuff they offer to people who aren't subscribed. While I am ranting about trackwrestling, it seems like they don't show you the mats you want to see more than half the time because their cameras are broken. And their archives get messed up so if you wait a couple months, the stuff you paid for no longer exists. How are they even still in business? I tell people all the time about how there used to be 2 hours of wrestling on TV for the whole year. That was an edited version of the NCAA championships and you better know someone who had cable. I will pay for Flo.
  2. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    I thought for sure someone would have a thread on this by now. It appeared the escalation was probably not warranted to me. Maybe there were some heavy hands, but nothing you don't see in a normal college wrestling match. I thought I saw Red throw a punch after he appeared to start the whole thing. I wonder if he gets a seat to watch the next dual or maybe its no big deal. Hopefully it was a one time thing.
  3. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    It feels like saying "you can get hurt walking across the street" or "you can get hurt in any sport" doesn't quite live up to what is really happening in football. I feel like with wrestling being 1 on 1 and having a referee only watching 2 kids at a time, it is astronomically safer than football. I feel a kid can defend himself against 1 other person and the ref can actually stop things before they get out of hand. I believe football is 4 to 22 for refs to kids with no chance of stopping a potentially dangerous situation. Whether its a running back who is getting hit high and low by multiple tacklers or a lineman who is engaged while his teammate gets knocked over on their leg, there is a lot that goes on that a kid cannot possibly protect themselves against. Not to mention how many tackles include someone grabbing a leg and rolling.
  4. Mike & Mike Today Oct 24

    Does he not usually wear a shirt?
  5. New wrestling facilities at IU

    I saw they are adding a new building for wrestling and volleyball. Does anyone know more about it? Hopefully it helps with recruiting. It seems like there are a bunch of schools adding new facilities this year to include Ohio State, Campbell, Maryland. https://www.wthr.com/article/indiana-university-plans-new-arena-for-volleyball-wrestling
  6. Are parents ruining wrestling?

    From a youth perspective, I didn't use to like the idea of banning parents from watching practice, but have to say it really makes things better for the kids. I think parents in the room are a problem 95% of the time and kids do better without their parents watching and coach's have less problems to deal with. Parents don't like it, especially at first, but I think if you are trying to do what's best for the kids this is the way to go. On a side note, without parents I think the sport would die out in a generation.
  7. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    All I can say is that I want the best teams I can get to wrestle on our schedule. If the JV/2nd team from a really good school is available and they are as good or better than other teams I can compete against, I would take them over a lesser varsity team any day. Most small schools have no shot of ever getting in the Al Smith tournament, team state, or getting on the schedule of the top teams in the state and the kids don't see enough good competition. Some still have some outstanding individuals who need challenges. Giving them a chance to compete with some really good kids will help them in my opinion. I say if there are tournaments who let you compete, please compete. If your second team is not good enough to compete, that would be when I would complain.
  8. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    I am still unsure what we are even talking about. Are you considering Penn's 2nd varsity team ( that wins a lot of varsity tournaments ) a JV team? Would you tell them they couldn't be in your tournament because that gives Penn's program an advantage even if they are better than the other teams you have coming? I guess if they are not considered good enough for some tournaments, they would still be welcome elsewhere. Just wanted to make sure I understand what JV means. Penn seems to be doing something right. They have a ton of kids on their team, field 2 or 3 good teams that compete at the varsity level, and somehow keep kids who have a slim chance of ever wrestling varsity in the sport. I would consider them a model to follow in that respect. Others may want a team of 14 kids who just go all out. To each their own, just a different approach.
  9. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    Maybe I came on a bit strong using the word condescending in a previous post. Just think of it this way. If your team had a chance to wrestle Blair Academy's second team or St. Ed's second team, wouldn't you jump at that opportunity? Would your kids feel bad if they lost to their second team or would they just think they got beat and could learn a lot from it? My opinion is that you are doing everyone a service by providing good kids for teams to wrestle and learn from and that your kids, their parents, and the whole program should enjoy the opportunity to wrestle more than a few matches a year. Keep up the good work and keep growing the sport in any way you can.
  10. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    I think some people project their concern on smaller schools and its somewhat condescending. I am not even sure what you are considering JV - if Penn has 3 varsity teams, are the 2nd and 3rd teams JV, or is the fourth string JV? Is it just semantics? If the 2nd and 3rd team are competing at a varsity level, why are they not varsity? If we are trying to grow the sport so that someday there are more coaches, referees, and families that want their kids to wrestle - wouldn't having 3 teams of kids from 1 school competing and having fun make the most sense? That should spread outside school boundaries as kids graduate and move on in life and benefit more than just large schools. A loss will not feel good no matter who beats you. To me, we should stop trying to protect kids from losses and start teaching them that losses are big opportunities to learn and grow. Losing to a 2nd or 3rd team kid could be more helpful than getting pinned in 30 seconds by the 1st team kid because they have a chance to compete with that kid at least. Removing good kids from competition hurts both the 2nd team kids and the kids who would have lost to them because the kids who would have lost do not learn anything from winning a weaker tournament. Coming from a small school just means kids have different goals sometimes. Making it to state or winning regional means just as much to a kid from a small school as winning state does to other kids. Its about reaching your potential and doing the best you can, not just where you place. If you want to improve the competition in the state, don't take opportunities to compete away from either side.
  11. Kids who quit and what to say to them

    I don't think it is a cop out to say wrestling prepares kids for life in ways other sports do not. It doesn't mean kids can't be successful if they don't wrestle. But I do really believe kids who wrestle and can learn to solve problems and not stop when they hit an obstacle in life can do anything. Why not have them learn in it wrestling instead of later on in life when bigger consequences are at stake so they are ready to buckle down and figure it out.
  12. Kids who quit and what to say to them

    Thanks for the feedback. Have had some great coach's weigh in on the topic. I have used a lot of these same tactics but am looking for any little advantage I can find to keep kids in the sport. I really feel society and especially this generation needs wrestling. Football is fine, but it is not close to wrestling when it comes to teaching life's lessons like turning losses into learning opportunities and making changes in your life to get different results. I truly appreciate the feedback. Hopefully other coaches can use something from this thread and the sport and more kids grow from it.
  13. I have a few kids I really thought would be back on the team after a successful middle school season last year that decided not to come back. I am talking about kids who could have a really good high school career if they work at it. I have a hard time deciding how much to chase a kid who says they just don't want to do it. There are a lot of great stories about coaches who simply tell the kid "shut up, you aren't quitting" like Daniel Dennis's coach told him. At the same time, at some point they have to make their own mistakes. I have really pursued a few kids in the past and tried to give them extra help so they could be successful and it seemed to work out. I know the sport is great for preparing kids for life and hate to see anyone leave. Just wondered how other coaches feel about this and when you pull the plug on a kid who says they don't want to.
  14. Middle School Redshirting

    Just wanted to add that there are clearly times it makes sense to do it. I also disagree with trying to start kids early in school so they are younger than everyone else in their grade. Sometimes its a tough call when they are on the border of the age for starting. I just think telling or letting a kid repeat a grade just so they can be better at sports is bad idea. If they started too young and need to be held back to mature, that actually makes sense to me.
  15. Middle School Redshirting

    The Moran brother topic made me wonder what people think of the tactic of redshirting their kid for the purpose of sports. I personally think it is bad but know kids in MI do it and have heard of an IN kid doing it. Seems like a really bad message to send to the kid and the chances of it somehow paying off seem incredibly small. Anyone think this is a good idea and I am missing something?