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  1. NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    Now that makes sense in a lot of ways really. I believe it would also discourage weight cutting. I wish there were more concern about discouraging weight cutting on this national survey. Michigan goes all season with day before weigh-ins for example. Kids don't make a weight on the day they wrestle until conference or districts. To me, this is just begging kids to cut more weight and eat all they want the night before.
  2. NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    This is directed at the questions, not the explanation of the questions. I can't believe this is what they came up with.
  3. NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    Is it just me, or do some of those questions make absolutely no sense. Why in the world would any want different weights for sub-varsity wrestling or want different weights for duals than individual tournaments?
  4. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I was wondering how this actually turned out for Y2CJ41. I honestly don't know so not trying to be a smart aleck. Just wondered if it actually happened like you were worried it would or if it was not an issue.
  5. Year round wrestling hurting the sport?

    Young kids (elementary) should definitely be playing 2,3, even 4 sports if they want to. Play for the season and then move on to another if they want to try another, or extend one if they are only interested in 2 sports maybe just to keep them active. There are some sports that are better than others to pair up with wrestling. Football is usually not going to have much going on when it is not in season. It is a great mental break and physically different so you don't get injured from repetition when you turn off wrestling and turn on football for a few months. Travel baseball is a nightmare in my opinion. They start practicing in December or January and play through August. There are high costs so the parents feel they must do it all. Plus the kid's whole summer is spent competing instead of playing and being a kid. I think you can still strike a balance if the kid ends up in football and wrestling. Wrestle and compete during the season. Take some time off after the season. Find a club or an RTC to go to maybe 2 or 3 days a week in the summer. Maybe wrestle one or two summer touranments. Play little league or Cal Ripken even for fun if you want, just not full blown travel ball. When football starts, be 100% football and take a mental break. I think a kid who does that has a chance to compete for a state championship if they have some talent, work hard, have a good coach and partners. Anyone who wants a state championship are going to need those things. Put yourself in a position to have a good chance and then show up, do your best, and see what happens. From what I have seen, kids who start wrestling at 6 or 7 years old do have an advantage heading into middle school. But 3 years in middle school with a good coach and maybe some summer wrestling for a kid with physical talents makes it very possible to make up that gap on the more experienced kids. I really don't care anymore if a kid has any experience before middle school, I just see it as a challenge to prepare them for high school and I enjoy seeing the huge improvements. Plus they don't have bad habits to break or believe they can headlock or bulldog to win every match - its hard to convince kids those things aren't going to work when they win with it for years. I think kids expect too much as a freshman and make bad choices for a career based on what they do when they are at a physical disadvantage against more mature kids. I am trying to stress that their success will most like come as a junior or senior and you have to pay your dues to get there - take the lumps and it will pay off.

    How about considering what gets the most kids to participate in the sport? I would think eliminating weight classes would ultimately result in less participation - like a 95 lb freshman not seeing a good path to getting to compete if the first class is 113. If we want the sport to become more than it is today, we need more people to at least try the sport. This gets more family and friends actually seeing a high school or middle school match and increases your chance of recruiting / getting more kids to try it. It may not even be this generation that pays off. I am taking a long term approach. I figure if I get some kid to even wrestle a year or two in middle school, their kids will be much more likely to try it. Every father or uncle who wrestled in middle school was a state champion according to their kids.
  7. New Uniforms

    I think the data should include how many state champions, regional champions, and sectional champions wore shorts vs singlets. If there are more that wore singlets, clearly they are the tougher kids and the others should be ran off - you are wasting your time with kids who aren't champions. Winning is all that matters. We have way too many of these kids in our sport who are more comfortable wearing shorts and shirts than a bathing suit from the 1890s. We try to end the season with only the necessary kids so we have 1 in each weight class.
  8. New Uniforms

    Look at this idiot. Wore shorts over a singlet and tights? I wish his coach had called him a whimp for not just wearing a singlet and ran him out of the sport.
  9. New Uniforms

    Compound's fight shorts are a little shorter and fit better (stretch material incorporated) than the other fight shorts I have seen. I still think singlets will eventually be a thing of the past and I think it will be for the better. Nobody would wear a singlet for any reason other than wrestling. Eventually I think kids will ask "why would I do that when I can wear shorts and shirt"? Most of our bigger kids wear the shorts and shirts because it hides everything better.
  10. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I totally understand your point and it is messed up, but wouldn't you consider this weight at your sectional a rare circumstance? If a 21-4 kid isn't getting a seed at sectional, someone worthy is definitely not making it to regional. How do you prevent a coach in that scenario from not just bumping kids up during duals to avoid losses? There are other games to play that have the same result as forfeiting. I still think the problem is controlling where the pigtails are wrestled but I may be missing something.
  11. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I agree. Just curious if we are talking about buscowrestling where it sounds like if he hadn't volunteered would have left a position empty. Putting a guy on the spot to make that decision or even a group to make that decision may not have been able to come up with the specific scenarios that cause the problem. It appears they would have to assume some coach would be out to screw kids by forfeiting when they had a kid who could wrestle to make the decision everyone wanted them to make. I think they made an honest mistake when pressured for a decision. They should work to correct it, but to beat them up for making an honest mistake doesn't seem right. It still sounds like the only real solution to this is getting the unseeded pigtails away from the #1 and #2 seeded kids. I don't know anything about the iswa stuff. Volunteers in general don't do it to mess it up or screw people over. Maybe they hold on to old ways too long and get in the way of advancement or better ways. If these are leaders and holding things back intentionally, hold them to whatever standard you want.
  12. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I have to say this has made buscowrestling come out smelling like roses. I don't know why we always want to assume the worst of someone and the big school guy has to act like Busco's not worthy to make a decision because clearly the big schools should decide everything. All the guy did was volunteer, donate his time, and try to help. Then he is accused of shenanigans and demeaned. I would really hope coaches have more ethics than they are given credit for and there is a good reason why some stuff happens even if it appears bad to those without information on the scenario. I don't know anyone in this drama, but would say thanks to the guy who volunteered. I am sure none of them intended to screw kids over. Hopefully they do listen and make improvements and everyone learns from mistakes made. As a whole (with few exceptions), everyone in the sport ( I will make an exception for the IHSAA who I do believe doesn't care or know about the sport ) is more like your brother than your enemy.
  13. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I couldn't disagree more. There are tons of kids who don't want to lose every match as freshmen that can be very good wrestlers as juniors or seniors. I want that kid around to find out what they can become and to give them a chance to be a part of the team. A big freshman can't be treated like a senior - they are two completely different animals.
  14. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I guess that makes sense, but couldn't there be an exception made for this case? I can't see how it is fair to eliminate a kid based on a pigtail match. Sorry to have to ask this on this thread, but are there many sectionals like this and are there other sectionals with less than 8 that could be rearranged to eliminate the issue?
  15. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Man, I have been out of Indiana wrestling for a while but after finally getting to page six I think I understand why all the fuss. So the loser of a sectional pig tail match is out of the tournament? Isn't this the real problem here? I can't believe there isn't more outrage over that huge flaw in the system if I am understanding this correctly. To address JMILL and the others who say you should always throw a kid out there to take a beating instead of forfeiting, can you please understand that you don't have the same problems as others do and that maybe a coach has a reason for protecting a kid. For example, we have a freshman 215lb kid who will eventually be a very good wrestler but weighs around 195 and has 1 year of experience and is clearly not ready to wrestle a returning state qualifier level senior at 215. He has 1 varsity win and usually does not make it through the first period but fights his butt off and takes his lumps because he is the only option for the team. I want that kid to continue in the sport. If I decide to forfeit a match to protect that kid and keep him from getting hurt or completely demoralized and drive him to quit, I think that is more important than your 1 in 8 chance of drawing into a pig tail bracket at sectional or allowing your kid to get 15 takedowns. The kid is not a snowflake, he is the best lineman on our freshman team. I feel it is my duty to decide what is best for that kid and his retention in the sport. You can't expect a kid with 1 year in the sport to think that getting pinned in the first period repeatedly is fun. He should really be JV but there are matches that kid can compete in at a varsity level, but they probably aren't against a team like Brownsburg. If that means you get a forfeit, that does stink but it is not the end of the world and it will not cause your kid to quit. I can't build a program if I can't keep kids like that, but more importantly we shouldn't run kids out of the sport just because we have a hole in our roster.