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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my goofy, outdoor-loving, solitude-seeking, up for anything, ultimate Sooner fan and partner in a… https://t.co/JV0hZYgC7g

  2. On a day with 765218 different things going on/need to be done, is there a higher meaning to Hakuna Matata being on… https://t.co/YgJubsG6H2

  3. @Tyrel_Todd talking about @BreatheMytweeT on the Facebook show today: “Ben is in great shape...he runs like a deer.”

  4. There’s no feeling like waking up to an email that says, “I’m coming to see you,” with flight info.

  5. RT @PurdueWrestling: Many more to come for @BreatheMytweeT. #AlwaysAggressive #BoilerUp #NCAAwrestling https://t.co/9D0esXFxOm

  6. RT @PurdueWrestling: “It was a good win to keep building confidence heading into the later part of the season. It’s nice to see all of the…

  7. This guy! He owned this match! Huge win! https://t.co/IPBLgoxumv

  8. Love to explore on Friday aftrns when we’re on the road during dual season. https://t.co/nA2wusx5mY

  9. RT @samsanders: Twitter is very nice some days https://t.co/DqFFnRN7Zj

  10. Little surprises ? https://t.co/zD3n1w6dXz

  11. On the plus side of sitting on the plane at the gate for over an hour, my @PurdueWrestling preview has been written… https://t.co/m2h227t2Su

  12. Try it, you might like it // From @tinybuddha’s “30 Simple Mindfulness Practices to Help You Focus and Be Present”… https://t.co/DJgYD3mqwy

  13. ? https://t.co/0ejHSlJKHo

  14. When wrestlers don’t want to check weight... https://t.co/qsuhfluQrR

  15. Upset on paper, but not in the mind of @THE_welch_125 ?? https://t.co/oiBSP9CBs6