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  1. Congrats @Jon_Reader, you’ve got yourself a nat champ!

  2. RT @PurdueWrestling: Simply said, thank you for five great years @morriss4 and @THE_welch_125. https://t.co/Sfu84qDC8A

  3. Yes, yes they are. https://t.co/uzzwXPDyZW

  4. Worst, most annoying media row snack: popcorn, potato chips

  5. It’s a great day to get some All-Americans.

  6. @TimCary Running into internet issues--the struggle is real

  7. @palmcory, you give me the chills! You killed this! ?? https://t.co/xJdkQ68pEC

  8. On this night a year ago in STL, in our first real encounter, I called this guy an idiot after hearing a death, sno… https://t.co/2Ie0DJ8CDw

  9. The new roomie has arrived! https://t.co/Ry4dolcf5F

  10. RT @tinybuddha: "Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationship, not with your job, not with your money, but with you." ~Mandy Hale…

  11. Today marks the last day of living solo. A new chapter in life starts tmrw and I couldn’t be happier or more hopeful.

  12. @PurdueWrestling’s @ncaawrestling tickets from start to finish. Beyond thankful for our incredible mgrs @lilyb346 +… https://t.co/OAWfpWJR16

  13. You’re welcome. https://t.co/X0Ol8ZIgAN

  14. Literally jumped for joy + scared the crap out of my student mgr with a huge hug when he showed me everything is pr… https://t.co/vKxXrQinrk

  15. RT @PurdueWrestling: Getting ready to go LIVE on the @purduesports Facebook page to recap all that was Big Tens and looking ahead to @NCAAw…