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  1. Numbers up? How are those numbers now?

    Started with 28 and still have 26. I am pretty happy with that retention. Great group of young men.
  2. New Uniform issues

    The team wearing the new 2 piece uniform did not fit that tightly at all. Shorts were very loose, almost baggy, and the shirt did not "hug" the upper body like that at all. Guess I need to reserve my judgement until we wrestle someone that wears the 2 piece that actually fits.
  3. Toughest SS ?

    Chase Wilson wrestled 160 at Central Saturday against us.
  4. New Uniform issues

    OK I hate the new uniforms. We were called for numerous technical violations for "grabbing the uniform" where the shirt sleeve is and where the bottom of the shorts are. These uniforms were supposed to be "tight fitting" but they are very loose fabric and kids are getting their fingers and hands stuck in them. I hope they rescind this rule quickly or stop calling the violations due to loose fitting uniforms. Any one else having this issue?
  5. Results-We can do better

    I keep all my results in trackwrestling are you wanting them here too?
  6. 11/25/2017
  7. 11/25/2017
  8. 11/25/2017
  9. 11/25/2017
  10. 11/25/2017
  11. What is the most embarrassing move to be done to you?

    I got "pants'd" in front of the co-ed gym class as a freshman. Buddies thought it was great. I was forever scarred.
  12. Team State returns

    Team dual regionals were always on Wednesday I think.
  13. Best 1xer

    Wasn't DJ Radnovich at 1x'er at 215? Don't know what he did outside Indiana HS season but his senior year he was a STUD!
  14. Frosh-Soph State Championships

    I understand this is not an IHSAA sanctioned event but would this be classified as an AAU-style tournament? My AD is asking about the classification of this event and I don't really know where this falls.
  15. Academic All-State Form

    Thanks guys!