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  1. pritchem

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Coach Cook is phenomenal - Hobart got one of the good ones.
  2. pritchem

    FW Semi-State Rankings Pt. 1 (106-145)

    The results on Track from the 2017 Middle School State meet is a good place to look but it is not perfect. The 'hometown' of the kids is usually listed as the local club not the middle school, so it becomes challenging to figure out which club will likely feed into a particular high school for those top finishers. Also, although I presume the most are 8th graders, some will be 6th or 7th and I don't see a way to differentiate from Track's results page.
  3. What a talented group of guys. Too bad Mendez is the only name on that list currently signed up for the Preseason Opener! Signup ends after 650 wrestlers sign up and all weight classes are filling up fast! Come on gentlemen -- lets do this!
  4. pritchem

    ISWA State

    Ben Dalton dominated the Cadet #94 group, just like he did the Middle School State in its comparable weight class. I'm calling it now, if he can put on a few more pounds to get closer to 106, he will be wrestling in the High School State Finals next year, and is my early pick for the 106 champion. Congratulations Ben.

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