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  1. Coach Moore

    Preseason Mag?

    We've got room. Co-Head Coach!!!
  2. Coach Moore

    Preseason Mag?

    Solid Logic, can not argue with that!!!
  3. Coach Moore

    Preseason Mag?

    All three titles belonging to Ayersman? 😂
  4. Coach Moore

    Morning Practices?

    I dont do them very often. I find that the practices I get out of high school kids in the A.M. aren't very good.
  5. Coach Moore

    Weight Classes, just for discussion

    Good point with only having one class above 200 in college. Maybe adding a weight class somewhere else or possibly adjusting a couple of lower classes would be beneficial. But until they add another wieght to college 14 is perfect. Imagine how different Kyle Snyder would be if there was a weight class for him in the lower 200s.
  6. Coach Moore

    Looking for coaching position

    Franklin Central is always looking for help. We are in the rebuilding phase and are putting in tons of work. Shoot me a text if you'd like. Coach Kevin Moore... 317 601 1191
  7. Coach Moore

    Major Off Season Events Left

    FC BOOM SQUAD going to Disney!!
  8. Coach Moore

    Looking for a Tournament 12/1

    Franklin Central is looking for a wrestling tournament for December 1st 2018. Preferably something within reasonable distance.
  9. Coach Moore

    Multi sport vs wrestling only

    What about the golf manager?
  10. Coach Moore

    Genius Ratings 2018

    I guess I wonder why team A is bellow team B when team A beat team B's starting varsity line up.
  11. Coach Moore

    Pick the Champs (Pre-sectional)

    106 Moran 113 Lowery 120 Fair 126 Garcia 132 Bryant 138 Mulkey 145 McIntosh 152 Lee 160 Mappes 170 Fattore 182 Walton 195 Davison 220 Parris 285 Petterson
  12. Coach Moore

    Cathedral vs Perry

    Great dual!! Awful officiating……
  13. Coach Moore


    Franklin Central
  14. Coach Moore


    Franklin Central
  15. Coach Moore


    Franklin Central

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