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  1. Danville HS is hosting a JV individual tourney on December 30, 2017. Wrestling will be organized in pools with a cross-over match, aiming for 3-4 matches for the day. Teams bringing fewer wrestlers can be afforded a break on the entry fee. Contact Jon Regashus, athletic director for a entry contract.
  2. Skin health form expiration

    At the regional last year we presented a skin-health form for an old infection. We had procured the doctor's OK a month previously. The official at the weigh-in told me the form was "out of date." Does a skin-health form which indicates a return-to-competition date expire? Do we need to return to the doctor each week for a new form to confirm that the old infection is still non-communicable, or does one date then cover the entire future (assuming no further infections)?
  3. JV tourney(s) sought

    Tri-West wrestling (Hendricks county) is looking to add to it's JV schedule - lots of availability.