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  1. Evansville North Regional

    Isn't semi-state being moved away from the Ford Center ?
  2. New Uniforms

    I've seen on multiple occasions at various levels where a wrestler is wearing a single and a compression shirt over top, which I am by no means in favor of since you can't tuck the shirt into anything.
  3. SIAC

    EMD could possibly go the front 9 if they show up to pound.
  4. Most Wide Open Weight Class

    I know Asa is the front runner but the fact Ty Mills is ranked 7th at 126 screams that weight class could be wide open for anyone.
  5. Evansville Semi State Rankings

    EMD's Clay Egli at 126 & McCartney Parkinson at 152 should probably end up in those rankings somewhere whenever you're done dying.
  6. Holiday Classic

    Just looking at the numbers that's all. If you don't want to suit your full lineup cool, but that's on you. Also, I know multiple occasions when Mater Dei did not suit their full lineup and still pounded. 2016 is a big one, the year Avon took 2nd, EMD was missing K. Egli @ 106 and backup Kaleb Hinderliter placed 5th. at 132 that year EMD Nick Lee was missing and he would have probably scored a team point or 2 if i'm guessing. If you have a full lineup, but refuse to suit it, then it is no ones fault but your own.
  7. Holiday Classic

    I'm cool with Avon seeking better competition, everyone should seek better competition but I still think Avon gets 2nd in this tournament. Reasoning... lots of good matches and a lot of Mater Dei kids step up big on this stage. I've noticed throughout the years that beating a Mater Dei kid in their own gym is a whole other animal. It's sad that Avon has left the Holiday but anyone who can blame them after seeing the lineup for that tournament they left for is crazy. Complete meatgrinder.
  8. Holiday Classic

    Here is a list of some match ups at each weight class, I know it is missing a ton of people just trying to get a start on what some of the guys are at each weight. The numbers behind their name represent what they placed at the classic last year. 106 Cole Ross – Mater Dei Gavin Alstolt – Floyd Central Jayssen Hanson – St. X Matthew Moore – Union County 113 Blake Boarman – Mater Dei Nathan Ohlmann – St. X (6th) 120 Kane Egli – Mater Dei (3rd) Kameron Kendall – North Posey (4th) Gave Adams – Union County 126 Clay Egli – Mater Dei Sam Bacon – Union County (3rd) Landon Lenhart – Trinity (5th) 132 Eli Dickens – Mater Dei (1st) Nate Wheeler – St. X (2nd) Payne Carr – Union County (3rd) Nate Morgan – Mt. Vernon (6th) 138 Matt Lee – Mater Dei (4th) Saul Ervin – Union County (2nd) Kaden Darbro – St. X (5th) Jaelyn Hamilton – Trinity Mitch Millsap – Belleville W Nathan Willman – North Posey (2nd) 145 Scott Fitts – Mater Dei Tristan Sellmar – Floyd Central (3rd) Clay Fitzhugh – St. X Trevor Pogue – Union County Garret Bass – Belleville W (3rd) 152 McCartney Parkinson – Mater Dei (5th) Josh Foster – Floyd Central Jimmy Kraeszig – St. X Logan Johnson – Belleville W (5th) Levi Miller – North Posey 160 Nolan Weidner – Mater Dei Konner Kraeszig – St. X (2nd) Jon Gaudin – Trinity Carlos Perry – Union County 170 Blake Chandler – Mater Dei Micah Ervin – Union County (3rd) Cameron Ward – St. X (3rd) Colton Gamblin – North Posey (4th) 182 Will Schuler – Mater Dei Matthew Clemons – St. X Aaron Mosley – New Albany (3rd) 195 Robbie Helfrich – Mater Dei Matthias Ervin – Union County (5th) Kadin Kulmer – Trinity (4th) Benjamin Deprest – St. X (6th) Jaden Sonner – New Albany (1st) 220 Michael Boots – Mater Dei Issac Merret – St. X Ross Hicks – Union County Manny Cheam – Franklin Community (3rd) Devin Mills – Gibson Southern 285 Roman Graves – Mater Dei Payton Snyder – Union County (4th) Adam Cash – Trinity Anthony Graham – Belleville W (6th) Alex Lichlyter - Memorial
  9. New Feature P4P/Class Rankings

    In my mind Mason Parris should be 1, not by much BUT I feel as though him and Brayton both have a heaping load of national accolades that we can go back and forth on. The difference maker for me is in their freshman year where Brayton did not make it to state and Mason Parris as a freshman took 3rd at 182, which to me is impressive. Being a freshman in those upper weights and placing at all is difficult let alone in the top 3. At the same note to this I think if Brayton didn't get the unfortunate draw of wrestling A. Bethel in that ticket round he would most likely have gotten 2nd/3rd that year behind Nick Lee.
  10. Holiday Tournaments

    I'm on board with wanting to go somewhere for more competition I just assumed they'd stick around since they haven't won it in the last 9 years. 2009-Champs EMD ... Avon 5th 2010-Champs EMD ... Avon 4th 2011-Champs EMD ... Avon 6th 2012-Champs Union County ... Avon IDK but it's outside the top 3 because EMD and Franklin were really close to Union 2013-Champs Union County ... Avon 8th 2014-Champs Union County ... Avon 5th 2015-Champs EMD ... Avon 3rd 2016-Champs EMD ... Avon 2nd 2017-Champs Union County ... Avon 3rd
  11. MD Holiday Classic

    Never mind it's in another thread.
  12. MD Holiday Classic

    What tournament did Avon leave the MD Holiday Classic for ?
  13. #3 Brownsburg vs. #4 Avon

    Just out of curiosity why did Mills not wrestle ? Was really looking forward to seeing a Garcia vs. Mills match.
  14. 126

    i'm assuming Garcia beat Rooks & Viduya in the off season?
  15. Parris releases list of Schools

    not even if that HWT is Mason Parris ?