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  1. IWFTKWC11


    I think people forget that Chad Ruggeri did all of that while weighing around 220 soak and wet, directly after eating 2 big macs, and bricks in his pockets.
  2. IWFTKWC11


    Ruggeri by fall.
  3. IWFTKWC11

    Mappes vs South?

    I think it was Levi Miller's first round match, assistant ref overturned the call and they ended up awarding him a last second take down. Not saying it wasn't there just stating an example. I do agree with you, lots of situations where an assistant ref could have helped.
  4. IWFTKWC11

    Any good spots in Evansville Friday Night

    Can't believe I've been at this semi state for almost 6 hours and I'm still alive. Evansville is freaking terrifying
  5. IWFTKWC11

    Wabash College (Indiana) Boys Ranked in DIII

    A. Beth to the Death ... dude's a freak of nature
  6. IWFTKWC11

    Legal or Not??

    Just for the record if someone is in the state finals they can pretty much do whatever they want so Tommy's cool.
  7. IWFTKWC11

    Illegal equipment

    https://docmillersports.com/blogs/articles/calf-compression-sleeves-for-athletes I hope Mom is a doctor. That was the first article I opened on google, but I bet there are plenty more out there stating similar things about compression sleeves
  8. IWFTKWC11

    Illegal equipment

    What happens if the traditional knee pad slides down below the knee ? Is it okay because it's a traditional knee pad or does the same infraction that would be giving to the leg sleeve be enforced ? I feel as though this would be a good question to ask, so that the rule is not misinterpreted to some.
  9. IWFTKWC11

    Illegal equipment

    I am extremely confused on why knee sleeves/leg sleeves would be illegal. They stay in place and are form fit the leg better than the traditional knee pads which have a tendency to move out of place. These sleeves are the closest resemblance of tights, which do not cause a hazard of getting a finger caught in between them so I feel the safety factor can pretty much be thrown out the window. The only logical explanation I can think of is that this rule must be uniform based, and right now the uniform situation in wrestling is quite askew. I'd rather see these leg sleeves than the loose fitting fight shorts. Pictures below shoe Bryce Meredith with leg sleeve and knee sleeve. David Carr with original white knee sleeve in discussion. Kyle Snyder & Brayton Lee with traditional knee pad that has fallen below their knee. This is just my opinion but I see nothing wrong with the kids wearing a leg sleeve, I would actually promote a leg sleeve over the traditional knee pad.
  10. IWFTKWC11

    Illegal equipment

    What if you wear the extended leg sleeve and a regular knee pad over it? Bryce Meredith wears something along these lines if i'm not mistaken.
  11. IWFTKWC11

    Evansville North Regional

    Isn't semi-state being moved away from the Ford Center ?
  12. IWFTKWC11

    New Uniforms

    I've seen on multiple occasions at various levels where a wrestler is wearing a single and a compression shirt over top, which I am by no means in favor of since you can't tuck the shirt into anything.
  13. IWFTKWC11


    EMD could possibly go the front 9 if they show up to pound.
  14. IWFTKWC11

    Most Wide Open Weight Class

    I know Asa is the front runner but the fact Ty Mills is ranked 7th at 126 screams that weight class could be wide open for anyone.
  15. IWFTKWC11

    Evansville Semi State Rankings

    EMD's Clay Egli at 126 & McCartney Parkinson at 152 should probably end up in those rankings somewhere whenever you're done dying.

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