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  1. RT @LILQT_: “You a lucky ass nigga if my mean ass like ya” https://t.co/d3aKRTm8dG

  2. RT @fxshionfits: Bitch I'm drawin' doodles, Tay-K paint the way https://t.co/DRQYnPMEYI

  3. RT @leeyah_nasty: That lazy sex https://t.co/hCohGTkUjz

  4. Mbn? https://t.co/oGxjdoIYH0

  5. RT @AusarKamau: Mood 24/7 https://t.co/Vt5ThryX16

  6. Back when I actually liked my girlfriend. Funny how things change ?#2016 https://t.co/ykBtxqYNut

  7. RT @caramelthot: THIS IS WHY I LOVE TWITTER LMFAO OMG NSNSKSKD https://t.co/4eo8dX9dYI

  8. Funny?? https://t.co/HiuO9314es

  9. RT @BlakeGermann: Gotta love Indiana https://t.co/UlBboG8sne

  10. RT @HistoryToLearn: The Berkshire Eagle, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, April 28, 1945 https://t.co/oYNXhVNOdi

  11. RT @FloWrestling: My goodness, @alliseeisgold. https://t.co/T1F84CWbzZ

  12. RT @king_Marcus11: Wish Nike sweatpants were $7 for 27

  13. Trust your gut

  14. RT @MasonGaines157: When someone asks how your weight cut is going? https://t.co/x4VEgsrK8A

  15. Bibby and herbo https://t.co/w9FW6wDWwh