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  1. NCC conference

    Not sure on Muncies heavy but it definitely hurts them with them already being top heavy! I like hein but Johnson of Marion has looked tough this year, and he beat Hein last year so I’m somewhat basing it off of that... and the 145, 160, and 170 championships look especially interesting this weekend!
  2. NCC conference

    Without brackets being released until Saturday, here is my best prediction of champs based on the “auto seeds” 106- Cline (MC) over Johnson (MA) by decision in a close one - I think Hein of Harrison and Barr if Jeff give someone a tough semi but not quite enough to knock of either of these two legit lightweights 113- Patrick (J) over Brubaker (McC) by a “close” decision where Patrick is in no real danger of losing the match - Fab freshmen Bayley of Harrison and former conference champ Dennison of Anderson both give someone pesty semi’s but not enough to knock off the top two dogs 120- McCartney (H) rolls past Williams (A) in the finals by some sort of bonus points - Williams of Anderson and Smith of Marion provide an interesting semi, with the “best” match of the bracket, this weight class is very top heavy 126- Burge (McC) over Barnes (M) by a decisive major - this bracket is top heavy, literally... the 1, 4, and 5 seeds of Burge, Wade, and Walker are the 3 best wrestlers at this weight, making the top half of the bracket the real entertainment 132-Betourne (H) over Williams (A) by pin - Betourne will bonus his way through the weight class with Williams of Anderson and Worley of Jeff providing a fun semi but Betourne is head and shoulder above everyone else here 138- Linder (McC) over McCammon (MC) by a close decision - this weight class isn’t very deep but has a strong top 3, I expect Linder to roll to the finals and the McCammon/Maggard match to be a fun one 145- Young (MC) over Merkel (H) by a few takedowns - This is a fairly deep weight class with the 7 seed being 20-9, but I expect Young of Muncie Central and Merkel of Harrison to cruise to the finals 152- Ruble (McC) over Ruiz (H) by decision - Ruble of McCutcheon and Lucky of Anderson should provide a high scoring entertaining semi for us with Ruble coming out on top, Ruiz should cruise to the finals but his run ends there 160- Adkins (J) over Conklin (H) in a close minor decision - Adkins and Conklin should cruise to the finals where Adkins avenges his earlier season loss to last years conference champ 170- Krintz (H) over Lopez (McC) by pin - in a bit of a surprise here I have Krintz upsetting Lopez and doing so by pin, Krintz has a tough road with Prybylla of Muncie Central and Franklin of Lofanspoet to get there, but he gets it done. Lopez wins in a fun semi between him and Fair of Lafayette Jeff. A weight that could have many different combinations of championship matches 182- Abbott (MC) over Younker (H) by a few takedowns - Abbott cruises to the finals and gets the job done against the Younker/Moore of Jeff winner in a pretty good semi 195- Barron (J) over Lee (M) by a minor decision in a low scoring bout - Barron and Lee should roll to the finals with no one else in the weight class on the same level as them 220- Duncan (McC) over Krider (H) by minor decision - this weight could be anyone’s come Saturday, there are a legit 7 or so guys who could win this tournament, I am nervous to make any big predictions here 285- Krider (H) over Watkins (M) by pin - I fully expect Krider to pin his way through the weight and look forward to the semi between Williams of Jeff and Watkins of Marion, I’ll take last years conference champ in that one though Team score- Harrison should run away with this one with Jeff and Marion coming in at second and third. The only teams that I think have the firepower to sneak into the top 3 are McCuthcheon and Muncie Central Should be a good Saturday of wrestling, excited for another NCC Battle!
  3. ECIC

    Here’s my champs.... 106- Hardcastle (OH) 113- Zadylak (N) 120- Lacey (GV) 126- Blackburn (D) 132- Sanders (JC) 138- Evans (OH) 145- Young (MC) 152- Hemmelgarn (JC) 160- Winner (JC) 170- Prybylla (MC) 182- Abbott (MC) 195- Pease (D) 220- Hare (JC) 285- Schwieterman (CW) I’ve got Jay County with the most champs but Oak Hill with the team victory... any thoughts??
  4. State Rankings #1

    They are posted on this site in rankings.....
  5. State Rankings #1

    Any thoughts on the first set of rankings?? Possible sleepers who aren’t ranked high or who aren’t ranked at all??
  6. I remember this great match from Parris's freshman year. The young freshman vs. the experience senior! It was an exciting 11-10 match in the semi finals of state! Anyways, does anyone have this match or know where I can find it? I would love to see it again!
  7. State Brackets!

    they're out!!
  8. Jay county Regionals Predictions ?

    106 Curtis West Abbott Rupp 113 Miller Mosser Todd Robinson 120 Stephenson Liter Lawson Perry 126 Curtis Fiechter Sanders Shaffer 132 Hunt Mosser Schliessman McCammon 138 Hiestand Macklin Cooper Beeks 145 Winner Barr Young Bates 152 Rutter Torbush Leonard Laughlin 160 Laughlin Busse Hemmelgarn Bell 170 Baumgartner Pease Hayden Smith 182 Gray Friedt Chapman Goodson 195 Hankenson Reyes Watson Maxwell 220 Maddox Hare Brunner Gerwig 285 Rhoades Shaw Dunn Schoeneman
  9. Delta Sectionals Predictions ?

    106: Curtis, Abbott, West, Evens (The semis match of West and Abbott will be exciting and whoever wins between Evens and Tinsman will qualify) 113: Todd, Robinson, Winans, Smith (I believe Todd and Robinson are the class of 113 but just have much tougher schedules) 120: Stephenson, Tinsman, Schliessman, Thomas (Won't be too many exciting matches here, I believe everything will kind of fall in to place as is with Schliessman having some exciting wrestle back matches) 126: Curtis, Blackburn, Hale, Lloyd (The matches to watch here is the semis match of Blackburn and Hale and the 3v6 matchup of Willen and Lloyd) 132: Hunt, Schliessman, McCammon, Meiring (Schliessman and Hunt will cruise to the finals with McCammon, Meiring, and Muzzarielli fighting it out for 3rd-5th) 138: Heistand, Cooper, Jones, Love (Exciting semis match with Jones vs. Cooper here but I think there is a strong top 4 in this weight) 145: Barr, Prescott, Young, Richardson (By far the pest weight class. I love the 4v5 matchup with the winner giving Barr a match and the semis rematch of Prescott vs. Leonard will be exciting) 152: Rutter, Torbush, Green, Prybylla (Very excited for the semi finals matchup of Torbush vs. Green and will be excited to see who squeaks out the 4th spot here) 160: Laughlin, Bell, Huser, Wills (The West Point commit is by far the class here but the semis matchup of Bell vs. Huser is very exciting as well, with the loser most likely getting 3rd) 170: Hayden, Pease, Jiminez, Duncan (Strong top 2 here which should make for a good finals and Jiminez, Duncan, and Hicks will fight it out for 3rd-5th) 182: Gray, Sanchez, Richards, Calvert (Gray will run away with it but 2nd-4th is up in the air) 195: Watson, Maxwell, Alley, Sofronko (Maxwell, Watson, and Alley are a strong top 3 and either of them could win it on Saturday but the winner of Sofronko and Minton should qualify as well) 220: Maddox, Parsons, Campbell, Ice (Maddox will handle this class with Parsons most likely seeing him in the finals but Campbell, Ice, Finchum, and Bell will fight for 3rd and 4th) 285: Dunn, Rhoades, Shaffer, Swallow (Very solid weight class here with an exciting championship match of Dunn and Rhoades but Shaffer, Swallow, and Brown could all qualify)
  10. State Champs Now?

    After about a month of action and seeing where guys are fitting in weight wise, who are the top contenders now?? I've got this as mine.... 106- Black 113- Littell 120- Rooks 126- Cummings 132- Bryant 138- Black 145- Lee 152- Lee 160- Laughlin 170- Webster 182- Davison 195- Davison 220- Parris 285- Ellis
  11. Best Weight Class?

    182 is pretty solid too, possibly the best, no clear front runner but real Top heavy with the first 6 or so... Walton, Dull, Davison, Blakeley, Baumgartner, and Gray are all legit title contenders
  12. Big Results Today?

    Any big results from today? Upsets? Surprises? Ranked matchups? Anything??
  13. Who will bring home a gold medal this year?? My predictions are....... 106- Whitman (Upset pick but this weight seems pretty open) 113- Turner 120- Cummings 126- Mulkey 132- Bailey 138- Rumph 145- Lee 152- Lee 160- Laughlin 170- Webster 182- Davison 195- Davison 220- Parris 285- Ellis
  14. Wrestling Rules Book

    Does anyone know the cheapest/most reliable option for getting a High School Wrestling Rules book?
  15. Just curious, how does Indiana decided who represents the state? Is it just whoever finished higher in the state tournament has preference and then they can accept the invitation or how does it work?