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  1. Sectional mis-seeding

    Sounds ridiculous that the ihsaa hasnt already solved this problem. Hopefully common sense will prevail......soon.
  2. Evansville North Regional

    I hear that Jasper has a shot at the new location in 2019.
  3. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Job well done. Thanks for telecasting it.
  4. Calculating

    Rat.....have you been hitting the bottle tonight?
  5. Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Very impressive win by yorktown....congrats!
  6. Remember that one time....

    Wow....impressive....hopefully for their sake, these transfers fit in at their weak weight classes. ?
  7. I realize that. He made a statement that hobart could beat a handfull of teams at team state , and i was just pointing out that castle had already beat them and i assumed emd beat them also.
  8. Castle beat Hobart at the jasper 6 way 42-20. Did Hobart wrestle EMD? If so, does anyone know the score?
  9. #3 Brownsburg vs. #4 Avon

    Dilly dilly
  10. There arent any excuses in wrestling. Most schools have the same issue.
  11. State Rankings #1

    Boarman #13 at 113?
  12. Avon Head-Coach Resigns

    i heard cael sanderson is interested.
  13. Paul Konrath Interview

    Good interview. Class act young man that will be a great pick up for wisconsin.
  14. Any idea on which weight class tsirtsis will be in?
  15. Nick Lee

    Im hoping Lee goes at 141.