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  1. sounds like some jealous buckeyes ???? GO BLUE!!!
  2. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    planning on attending. Should tickets be bought early?
  3. #thefort state predictions pre-sectionals

    1. Yes 2. 27
  4. Positive thoughts and Prayers

    prayers sent to all
  5. Prayers Needed for Garrett Wrestling Family

    so sorry for your loss. Prayers from Manchester

    Are there going to be any ss preview write ups? Or are the online hangouts taking they're place? Always look forward to those.
  7. Prayers for Eastside wrestler

    prayers on the way!! Hope everything works out well!
  8. #thefort state predictions pre-sectionals

    106: Miller,Flores,Teusch,Todd ;Sturgill 113: Curtis,Shearer,Zadylak,Todd;James 120: Watts,Standridge,Mosser,Miller; Burns 126: Mejia,Curtis,Whitman,Schoef; Humphrey 132: Gimson,Cottingham,Ledesma,Haught;White 138:Rutter,Moore,Gimson,Goering; Miller 145:Hunt,Leazier,Young,Kunkel; Beers 152:Arney,Stroud,Macklin,Fielder; France 160:Reed,Bratcher,Winner,Woenker; Elkins 170:Rader,Moore,Lone,Wyro;Hetzner 182:Cressel,Graber,Johnson,Scott; Cary 195:Rasler,Savieo,Davis,Sedgwick ; Shaffer 220:Hart,Leffers,Schumm,Smith;Graft 285:Ault,Yoder,Conner,Jones;Oakley
  9. Prayers needed for Great young man

    God be with him and his family and friends
  10. Best and Worst Sectionals

    AGREED!! Throw45 . No real point
  11. Triton Wrestler Killed

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends from Manchester