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  1. As to all the bs earlier , people are always ready to criticize. Well our social today got rain out. We have 3 1/2hrs to kill. How about us coaches try to get all this boys together before the main event. Let's instead of criticizing joe, we actually do something for this young men. We can take them bowling for an hour? Any suggestions?
  2. This is what I need: 113, 170, 220 freestyle duals at crown point. April 7 let me know if you have anyone that will be interested. It's a iswa state qualifier. 219-241-7227
  3. Jdhomes

    Looking for a low cost dual team

    I need a 195lb and 220lbs for crown point freestyle duals. It's this Saturday April 7. Call me coach diaz at 219-241-7227 if your interested. This is a qualifier for iswa state
  4. Jdhomes

    Pin Chain

    It's as bad some kids walking around with a hammer "I'm assuming they are considering themselves as a hammer" .... I just thought they had to go to work after the tournament.
  5. Jdhomes

    Elkhart Memorial Charger Invite 12/9

    Our first time being in this tournament.... all I can say is that we are very please on how the tournament was handled. I enjoy been around good people and Elkhart memorial staff and coaches have plenty. Thanks for having us and .... I loved the food!!!
  6. Jdhomes

    East Chicago semi state rankings

    I agree, great family.
  7. Jdhomes

    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Michael, Nolan tucker is not going to wrestle anymore. His going to dedicate himself to baseball.
  8. Jdhomes

    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas... don't make me take your indiana mat privileges away!!! Don't be like brikfor6.... Ramos already told him to stop crying on Indiana mat and get to work!!!!!
  9. Jdhomes

    East Chicago semi state rankings

    And by the way Michael ... your doing a great job. No matter what brickfor6 says lol
  10. Jdhomes

    East Chicago semi state rankings

    So wasn't Ian going 138lbs?
  11. Jdhomes

    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Johansen.....you want a hug?
  12. Jdhomes

    East Chicago semi state rankings

    I'm pretty sure his going 120lbs I'll ask his dad tomorrow if there was changes
  13. Jdhomes

    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Alex Bautista?? I believe his going 120lbs and I believe he should be in the mix
  14. Jdhomes

    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Diaz beat cardwell all summer long at rtc at Hobart ....

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