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  1. East Chicago semi state rankings

    I agree, great family.
  2. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Michael, Nolan tucker is not going to wrestle anymore. His going to dedicate himself to baseball.
  3. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas... don't make me take your indiana mat privileges away!!! Don't be like brikfor6.... Ramos already told him to stop crying on Indiana mat and get to work!!!!!
  4. East Chicago semi state rankings

    And by the way Michael ... your doing a great job. No matter what brickfor6 says lol
  5. East Chicago semi state rankings

    So wasn't Ian going 138lbs?
  6. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Johansen.....you want a hug?
  7. East Chicago semi state rankings

    I'm pretty sure his going 120lbs I'll ask his dad tomorrow if there was changes
  8. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Alex Bautista?? I believe his going 120lbs and I believe he should be in the mix
  9. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Diaz beat cardwell all summer long at rtc at Hobart ....
  10. Just wondering, if anyone else noticed, and had any input on the guys that sign up and did not wrestle Sunday?
  11. Not sure what happens with the other sectional and regionals. This is what I was told by a few other coaches from other schools. It doesn't make sense to change regional. If regionals stay the same then, It's just a change of venue. That just affects the schools hosting. But if what the other coaches that are more involve with Ihsaa is true ... well that isn't good. The changes have not been voted on but if we don't ask the right question and really pay attention of what's going on, than things like this can happen. And your right what would happen to the other sectionals? I
  12. Really drunk??? Well some of us are more aware of what is going than others. And some of us can have discussions. If your user name actually back up what it says you should understand this isn't good for the region. Any ways this is what I hear is in plan. Sectionals- calumet moves to Merrillville Crown point sectionals- andrean moves to Merrillville sectionals, and north Newton comes in crown point sectionals. Not a big deal there Regionals- crown point sectionals and Merrillville sectionals is the new regional. So now let's think about that. Portage, Hobart, Merrillville,crown point, Lowell, kv, valpo, wheeler , Hanover central, Hebron , Boone grove, north Newton, Griffith, lake station, river forest, andrean, highland, calumet and Gary west side So what big strong programs are left in the region that are not in that regional? Chesterton and lake central if we go with nwi top 10. So that is 8 of the top 10 schools in our area will be in that regional. Yes we do have other regional coming in. Penn of course is a power house. But I'm more concern what happens in the region . Those are just my thoughts.
  13. I just saw this post.... and I see a lot of statements about what gym or parking lot or who can host it. First .... wadkins is a great person that has done a lot for this sport in our area. But has anyone asked the important questions? How is this going to affect the region. Are they going to just move the place where sectionals and regionals are hosted? Or are they planning on shuffling some schools around? From what I hear it isn't good. Sectionals not a big deal, the kicker is at regionals!!! Can you imagine having a regional tougher than semistate? Just think of wrestlers that wouldn't make it to state bc they got eliminated at regionals not semistate. I think the region should be well represented down in Indy. That's actually good for the sport. Having the best guys competing down in indy. But again it could be all rumors since no one is talking ....
  14. Questionable calls?

    The two veterans refs at crownpoint sectionals today were on point. i would bet one of them has been around for a while... good guy.