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  1. SWSpectator

    Evansville SS - 1st Round Upsets?

    I don't see too many potential "upsets", but here are some first round potential 3's over 2's and a couple possible 4's over 1's..... 113 Sutton over Kirkhoff 120 Tucker over Orman 120 Rioux over Gordon 126 Morgan over Rohrbach 132 Hartz over Reynolds 152 Miller over Schrader 170 Hays over Stikes 170 Willham over Hensley 170 Kleinhenz over McGennis 182 Tasa over Sachinas 285 Curtis over Graves 285 Hillenburg over Hudlin
  2. I thought the tournament directors, workers, North, and anyone involved did a great job! Kudos to all involved on a well ran Regional tournament.
  3. Predictions: 106: Ross, Scott, Boyd, West 113: Boarman, Casebolt, Sutton, Kendall 120: Egli, Hunt, Tucker, Amento 126: Willis, Egli, Overton, Morgan 132: Dickens, Bethe, Hartz, Dunn 138: Lee, Kincaid, Wellmeier, Bryant 145: Fitts, Freeman, Ayer, Frymire 152: Deters, Parkinson, Miller, Deffendoll 160: Weidner, Singleton, Hartz, Martin 170: Gamblin, McGennis, Reich, Chandler 182: Guerrier, Nunn, Tasa, Moore 195: Koonce, Rolley, Helfrich, Barnett 220: Boots, Lichlyter, Stewart, Robinson 285: York, Graves, Rea, Ohlsen
  4. Yeah I saw that result. It kind of surprised me. It looks like Parkinson has Miller’s number this year, and I know Miller beat Deters last year, not sure if they’ve wrestled this year? I wouldn’t count out any of these three though. Should be fun to watch on Saturday.
  5. I figured. I've seen him the past couple weeks in street clothes, but nothing appeared to be injured? I assumed a concussion possibly?
  6. Where has Nathan Willman from North Posey been the second half of the season? He had a good freshman season, and noticed his name in the lineup at team state, but haven't seen anything on him since then....
  7. SWSpectator

    Brayton Lee Article...

    Nice article. One of Indiana's best and by just watching him the couple times I've seen him he seems like a great kid. How do you feel though if you are Austin Bethel, giving him his one and only loss in High School. I did find it funny that the article states Brayton made a mistake late in the match to get pinned. If I remember correctly, Bethel dominated that match early, then Lee made a good comeback only for Bethel to put him away late. The late mistake to me was Brayton trying a desperation move. All in all, great kid, great role model for future Indiana wrestlers. Best of luck to Brayton as he finishes out his high school career and moves on to the Gophers!
  8. I’d hate to be the loser of 152 patiently waiting to see who draws into Lee. Parkinson benefits from only having to beat one of them, where the winner of Deters/Miller has Parkinson waiting.
  9. SWSpectator

    Opening round upsets and big matches

    170lb SIAC Champ Kemper doesn’t get out.
  10. SWSpectator

    Regional first round death matches!

    A few potential matchups that stick out to me at the Castle Regional depending on Sectional finish obviously.... 106 Boyd (Harrison) vs Garris (Central) 113 Sutton (Boonville) vs loser of Polen (Gibson Southern)/Kendall (North Posey) 126 Overton (Boonville) vs Morgan (Mt. Vernon) ; Harpenau (Gibson Southern) vs Bell (Heritage Hills), could also throw in Graber (Washington) as well in Overton or Bell's spot. 132 Fulks (Boonville) vs Dunn, Bethe, or McCrary 138 Kirchgessner (South Spencer) vs Russell (Vincennes) 182 Moore (South Spencer) vs Schuler (Mater Dei)
  11. SWSpectator

    Evansville Central Sectional

    Predictions: 106: Ross, Fitts, Garris, Dike 113: Boarman, Polen, Kendall, Garcia 120: Egli, Amento, Tucker, Mullins 126: Egli, Harpenau, Morgan, Myers 132: Dickens, McNeely, Dunn, Bethe 138: Lee, Wellmeier, Russell, Rapp 145: Fitts, Frymire, McCrary, Ricketts 152: Miller, Parkinson, Deffendoll, Schmidt 160: Wilson, Weidner, Singleton, Martin 170: Kemper, Gamblin, Reich, McGennis 182: Guerrier, Tasa, Schuler, Coomer 195: Koonce, Helfrich, Adkins, Carrier 220: Boots, Robinson, Huggins, Buck 285: Graves, York, Butts, Brievogel
  12. SWSpectator

    Castle Sectional

    Predictions: 106: Scott, Boyd, West, Shorter 113: Casebolt, Sutton, Wuerth, Ordaz 120: Hunt, Heeke, Davis, Short 126: Willis, Overton, Bell, Graber 132: Hartz, Fulks, Kissel, Goodman 138: Kincaid, Kirchgessner, Mayes, Tempco 145: Freeman, Ayer, Rodriguez, McBride 152: Deters, Hust, Lamica, Edwards 160: Hartz, Ransom, Parker, Lewis 170: Parker, Green, Johnson, Sitzman 182: Nunn, Moore, McKinley, Foster 195: Rolley, WIlliams, DeRossett, Barnett 220: Lichlyter, Stewart, Keller, Carter 285: Rea, Ohlsen, Lofton, Weeks
  13. Do they have any other common opponents? If not, and those three are the only common opponents then I feel like the seeding should be B, C, A. B has a 2-1 record, A has a 1-1 record, and C has a 1-2 record against the common opponents which just so happens to be the three of these wrestlers, so B would get the seed based on best record against common opponents, then the seeding should reset, and would go to C next with his win over A.
  14. SWSpectator

    Castle Sectional

    This sectional is way down compared to years past. Moving Reitz back to the Central Sectional doesn't help, and Memorial is way down.
  15. SWSpectator

    Evansville Central Sectional

    Yeah I don't see much debate. 152 Parkinson and Miller could be the match of the day. 170 is probably the best all around weight. I'm not sure if Gamblin has lost to anybody at the weight? I know he beat McGennis by 1 I believe and Chandler by 2 at the Holiday Classic, and McGennis majored Chander at the Holiday Classic. Has McGennis seen Kemper or Reich? Other than that I see it pretty cut and dry on who wins each weight. But, there could be an upset or two. There always seems to be.

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