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  1. Woke up with my back on 10 today

  2. @TrevorHunter12 i see you at j st

  3. @_YourMajesty Im bout to call you in a minute

  4. RT @Thatdude_melly: Karma a bitch look where you at now shorty

  5. Does fat babies fart ??

  6. @_YourMajesty no jacket rockin

  7. @_YourMajesty Oh ok smart ass

  8. @_YourMajesty Stfu again 2x

  9. @_YourMajesty You know how i rock, no sock rockin

  10. @_YourMajesty FaceTime me back when you Got the chance... boy dont i got sumn to tell you

  11. RT @Isaiah_Thomas: People forget and act like I didn’t bust they favorite PGs ass all last season LOL.

  12. I legit just got stuck in a flood .. car was not moving

  13. Damn homie you suppose to be my day 1

  14. I can't keep doing this ***potty mouth***


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