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  1. Because nobody reads the college board

    The boilers are a pretty young team too based on starting lineups I've seen. Tons of potential still
  2. Because nobody reads the college board

    If he keeps recruiting kids like Parriot... he'll get there. He looked dang good
  3. Because nobody reads the college board

    Body language of Purdue coaches vs IU coaches was night and day. Regardless of situation, Ersland and co were up on their feet, very animated. IU coaches sat with their arms crossed.
  4. Purdue's freshman class was pretty highly touted. I think they are on an upswing. I don't follow IU much though
  5. Greensburg vs Switzerland County

  6. Greensburg vs Salem

  7. Iu

  8. I thought stein had to get an at large with his finish
  9. Article: 2016 State Finals Information Center

    Does the 6 pm start time mean actual wrestling or is that the parade?
  10. Article: 2016 State Finals By the Numbers

    I think they always do before sectional
  11. Greensburg vs Batesville

  12. I love the articles highlighting guys from all over the state. Keep it up
  13. Greensburg vs Switzerland County

  14. Greensburg vs Salem