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  1. Ik I told y'all that I'm breaking during the season but this is some solid music right here: https://t.co/eYEfN0cOj4

  2. See you all in February. Pray for me‼️ #OmnisGloriaeAdDeus

  3. RT @Jrd_31: God’s will, not mine. God’s plan, not mine. God’s work, not mine. Because it’s His world, and not mine.

  4. @ericbednarz34 That too

  5. Since Young Money has been around for like 10 years now, does that make them just plain old Money? https://t.co/SOSCMDhYqP

  6. RT @CatholicKnight3: Update! https://t.co/e8QvkxE0wE

  7. I forgot to tell you in person in English today

  8. I'm writing 4 different songs https://t.co/ZPCT0dWgs6

  9. "Can someone please bring me my wine?" The Captain: https://t.co/4u5x5vXl3v

  10. RT @WrestlingMindse: Stop talking about it and start being about it. Talk is cheap! #Mindset

  11. @dankmemes_bot @lsalazar7084

  12. Holy carp! When did this "first of all" thing start?!


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