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  1. @ptoc134 I had no idea that anybody with that name existed!

  2. Can we please get a President who can spell shady correctly? It's a five-letter word, come on now! https://t.co/2EkWWrmx2b

  3. Alright...time for me to get ready to head to the airport. @Delta, get some extra Bloody Mary mixes ready! (don't w… https://t.co/leFP3JqETs

  4. Dang, the Reds fired their manager 18 games into the season? Not like that manager has any control over the players on his team...

  5. @ByCSauertieg Of note: 12 of the 18 greyhound racing tracks still in operation in the United States are in Floriduh.

  6. #TweetsThatDidntAgeWell https://t.co/A1X0Zpzokt

  7. @wrestlingbypir8 @jasonmbryant @WrestlingQuoter @oldestgreatest Man, whoever is operating that account is such a je… https://t.co/9ZyRFaH6W1

  8. @Rhino184 He must be referring to the first Republican President of all time, Abraham Lincoln.

  9. RT @wrestlingbypir8: Anybody doing anything, say, August 3-5, 2018, on the East Coast of Florida? In, say, the Daytona area? #NWCAConv @nwc…

  10. @rickmathern Nah...I'll walk instead!

  11. I'm really glad Bill Gates has given me a $5,000,000 gift...now, when did Bill Gates receive a South African e-mail… https://t.co/GpkYoPqz9e

  12. @soledadobrien https://t.co/bn6iOkWS47

  13. @Mobil1 and @7eleven: Your compressed air machine at Hypoluxo and Jog is not working properly. After 15 minutes of… https://t.co/auh0AXThcZ

  14. RT @ConnorsDad01: @Britt_Malinsky Thank the Lord somebody feels like I do in this world

  15. @SpeyWrestle @TheKenChilds @DurhamBulls High-A: Would sell out 14 of 29 (the Marlins and Cardinals affiliates share… https://t.co/GBYFGcSLEv


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