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  1. @SpeyWrestle The only team I occasionally care about in NCAA basketball lost tonight. I did not submit a bracket fo… https://t.co/bSXH9Ss4MW

  2. The Jets must be the Atlantic Ocean version of the Browns. Giving away three second round picks to move up three sp… https://t.co/vlOY3Qfsaw

  3. To quote @soledadobrien, Mr. Trump, you are a sad and pathetic person. I hope things improve for you soon. Love, Br… https://t.co/tOU6aUdXah

  4. @ByCSauertieg How many seniors did they have this year?

  5. Glad to see my pumpkin-pushing Pirates won an NCAA Tournament game for the first time since 2004! I'm sure… https://t.co/n1woEiaL82

  6. @ChasDorman Hopefully they beat Kansas too...looking forward to seeing the Pirates and Penn in the second round of… https://t.co/ASVh8p4MQ0

  7. @Rhino184 Wasn't he also the first offensive lineman in NFL history?

  8. @ByCSauertieg (also, if somebody has that eighty zillion dollars, Clay and I would each like a few dollars of that money)

  9. If it weren't for our common employment sector, @melissarsimmons and I would NOT be friends this week.

  10. @NateSilver538 The "Eliminate Time Zones" crowd have clearly never been to the other side of the world. Should it b… https://t.co/OfyijvXNry

  11. @theworldchess And how do we access this?

  12. Headlines I never thought I'd see under Governor Voldemort for $1000, Alex. https://t.co/OT7VPdbsL5

  13. .@theworldchess When are we going to be able to purchase the PPV stream of the Candidates tournament? #askingforamillionfriends

  14. RT @Mkosz1: Second annual Sean Cullen Memorial Bracket 2018. From https://t.co/haHJdkghOc. Please let me know if you are interested. Procee…

  15. RT @wrestlingbypir8: Update: Am still hard at work...gotten everything but two criteria done. #d1wrestle