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  1. @MartinHaven That's a sled that'll have no problems meeting the control steel temperature!

  2. @Tony_Rotundo Sorry man...

  3. RT @wrestlingbypir8: January 15th, 2018 WrestlingByPirate Dual Impact Index https://t.co/fFhczLQEeD

  4. @Lawrence Actually, there have been only 44 Presidents of the United States. You counted Grover Cleveland twice.

  5. RT @wrestlingbypir8: Expect the Dual Impact Index to be done overnight tonight...#d1wrestle

  6. @ShesTheFighter Any idea if Pinocchio's sister is available? She may be a better fit for him...

  7. @obrats @jasonmbryant @CPyles8 @EarlD1CW @DukeWRES @ocoachm03 Totally not sure...

  8. RT @wrestlingbypir8: D-1 Week in Preview, January 15-21 https://t.co/MtpbiWqR1H

  9. Just realized I'm operating on, literally, an hour of sleep...could not get to bed last night.

  10. @TheKenChilds What was the old (from the Swiss National Championships, usually held there between Christmas and New Year's) track record?

  11. Would like to know why I'm still awake...it's 1:30 in the morning, and I have an alarm set for 4:45 AM...

  12. I hear @umichwrestling got a few new styles of singlets...wonder which ones they're going to wear tonight...#d1wrestle

  13. They just announced that my flight will not be able to do ground service...never heard that one before! @Delta

  14. @PittsburghPG @realDonaldTrump @AP Normally, I'd recommend he get a job at Sam's Club, but...too soon?