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  1. @gjpepple133 ? https://t.co/uHMS6stCuK

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  3. RT @TevinStuddard: Coming to a campus and country near you #StuddardSports https://t.co/jWz4kpm8ag

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  5. Congrats man that’s incredible! https://t.co/1Idb4hcKEP

  6. Stg https://t.co/L5L85veUp3

  7. RT @ChsSwamp: 106: #4 Logan Bailey defeats #2 Alex Cottey 7-3 to make the team score 21-7☘️?‍♂️

  8. RT @Graesond: You have the opportunity to be great. Don’t waste what was given to you.

  9. RT @JoshMLowe: Highlighted single duals this week: @ChsSwamp at @PMWrestling - WED @DHSWrestling at @DCCWrestling - WED @BuchananEmpire at…

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  11. RT @ChsSwamp: • #2 in the state vs #3 in the state • #34 in the nation vs #47 in the nation • 18 wrestlers ranked in the state • 6 ranked v…

  12. RT @iman_marshall8: Buffalo Wild Wings Undefeated https://t.co/G6MBKA3Evx

  13. RT @NCommentarys: RT if you’re from the 327 Pleasant Park Greasy Grove Retail Row Anarchy Acres Wailing Woods Dusty Depot Moisty Mire Fata…

  14. RT @allaboutpenger: Rt if you're from the 317 Indianapolis Lawrence Carmel Fishers Greenwood Noblesville Avon Plainfield Brownsbrug Zions…

  15. RT @champagnefeeI: why does instagram pick the 2 names u don't wanna see & put them in front of however many likes the person got