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  1. Preseason nationals

    Antwaun Graves from Warren Central went 7-0 and finished first.
  2. 3A Team State Draw and Discussion

    This would show a lack of integrity from said school, not the seeding committee. There is one state champion still. Seeds don't decide winners, the kids do. I'll be back in Florida by this time, Zach, and have invested interest in all 3 of the top teams for different reasons. I really wanted to watch, but will have to rely on some parents to text results. I remember reading many threads and posts that had BB at 2 or 3. If the 2 and 3 are seeded correctly but not respectively, they should handle the 6, 11, 14 and 16 with ease and face each other #2 vs #3 anywyas so who cares? Penn and Cathedral won last year and two years ago? Perry won 3 years ago? Who cares? Perry's coaching staff has changed pretty drastically and I would bet personnel on all teams have changed. Brownsburg has put together a contending program over the last 3 years under Snyder and Weisjan. Deal with it. Sick of people undermining one of the best coaches in the state as if be hasn't been there before. He's been there. I wrestled opposite of Snyder and Weisjan in 2005 at Center Grove and watched him beat my alma mater for his first run at a state title at Mishawaka and had the honor of coaching under him last season at BB. So there you have it. A Perry alumni, one year removed from coaching under Brownsburg, with an idol and life mentor coaching for Warren Central, saying to save the bad mouthing these programs and let the wrestling talk. If #2 Perry has BARN BURNERS with Penn and Cathedral than smokes BB out of the water I think we will all be very very surprised but only then are you right to be so down on Snyder's Pain Train
  3. Team Rankings: IndianaMat Dual Ranking

    I think another thing to consider is that the coaches at small schools who prove themselves are likely to move up to a larger school with more potential for obvious reasons (money, community growth, roster size, room quality, etc). It's a decision you make that involves more than just yourself. It's moving your family to a better option as well. If I were coaching speedway and a school like Brownsburg or Avon saw me and wanted me, I'd be packing my bags and moving on up like the Jeffersons!
  4. Team Rankings: IndianaMat Dual Ranking

    Technically, its not 2-6 points, it's 2-12 points. The kid could step in for Lee and get stuck hypothetically. I think Brownsburg and Warren meet in the finals and we get to see the tow best coaches at their relatively new schools showing why wrestling is absolutely a coaches sport. But I'm a little bias, being as I wrestled for Tonte at Perry and helped coach Brownsburg last year....
  5. Craziest weigh-in story

    My very first varsity meet as a starter was my junior year was the capital city classic. I left practice Friday night at 118.8 and my coaches told me to only eat a very small portion of pasta and drink water. I went home and fell into some temptation (I think it was extra pasta and a package of oreos and some milk) and came into morning practice before the meet at Perry. Oh crap. I was 120.8 and was wrestling 119 pound weight class. I tried to step off the scale before coaches saw so i could handle the situation myself but it was too late. I put on the heavy gear and went on with regular morning practice. After everyone else went to shower and change, I spent the next 30 minutes jump roping in the shower area still in my sweat gear. As we boarded the bus, I told the coaches "i think i lost the 1.8. I'm fine." They scoffed and told me to stand in the middle aisle of the bus and do burpees until we got there. About a half mile away from Beech Grove, the coaches had the bus driver stop. "May, you know how to get there, right?" I literally had to try to keep up with the bus going 25 mph for the last half mile stretch to beech grove in the indiana tundra. It was snowing that day. We got to the venue and had 25 minutes until weigh-ins. I begged to let me go check the weight and the coaches said it's smarter to keep the sweat gear on and keep working. I busted out sprints and finally when weigh-ins came... I made it... by almost 2 pounds. I was 117.2. I had lost 3.6 pounds in my tortorous morning. I came out for my first match as starting varsity at Perry Meridian and I hadn't told the coaches about a wardrobe choice... tights and orange shoes. One of the assistants grabbed me by my ear and said "if you don't win this whole damn tournament the tights are gone." Thank God he didn't notice the shoes somehow. I was the #4 seed as my career varsity record to that point was about 10-4 with no significant wins. I took out the one seed in the second round and had a barn burner with Warren Central's freshman at the time (who went on to be a state runner up) and beat him 13-12. Maybe I should have spent my entire career cutting weight at the last second! PS I wore those dang tights my entire career after that. Earned it.
  6. IHSWCA TOP 20 POLL (12-10-2015)

    Coaches who are a part of the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association
  7. Places to train

    Hey buddy. I'm a ball state alumni and after season is over, I'm leaving for a month for work, then I'll be in Muncie from March 24 to the conclusion of school in May. I will have an alumni pass and I'm a personal trainer and will be looking for guys to lift and play some basketball and football with. Email me @ tdmay@bsu.edu