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  1. Preseason nationals

    Antwaun Graves from Warren Central went 7-0 and finished first.
  2. Team Rankings: IndianaMat Dual Ranking

    I think another thing to consider is that the coaches at small schools who prove themselves are likely to move up to a larger school with more potential for obvious reasons (money, community growth, roster size, room quality, etc). It's a decision you make that involves more than just yourself. It's moving your family to a better option as well. If I were coaching speedway and a school like Brownsburg or Avon saw me and wanted me, I'd be packing my bags and moving on up like the Jeffersons!
  3. Team Rankings: IndianaMat Dual Ranking

    Technically, its not 2-6 points, it's 2-12 points. The kid could step in for Lee and get stuck hypothetically. I think Brownsburg and Warren meet in the finals and we get to see the tow best coaches at their relatively new schools showing why wrestling is absolutely a coaches sport. But I'm a little bias, being as I wrestled for Tonte at Perry and helped coach Brownsburg last year....