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  5. Shake Up the practice room

    We have used our warm-up as a time to play a game like dodgeball or play handball. It's a fun way to get the team loose, excited, and clear their minds of whatever happened at school that day when they walk into the room. We have seen that our kids are more engaged, are less stressed about wrestling, and have a better sweat going into practice than they do with your traditional wrestling warm-up from jogging around the mats and stretching that can often become monotonous. Also adds a bit of competition right off the bat, especially when there is a push-up wager involved.
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  13. Kankakee Valley vs Rensselaer Central

  14. Class Wrestling - Participation

    My favorite quote from this past weekend came from Jacob Gray who said "Playing multiple sports makes me a better athlete, it makes me more versatile". Both of our state qualifiers this year are 3 sport athletes, one has a State Championship football ring, our 106 SQ is our JV quarterback, and both of them play baseball in the spring. I think one thing that has hurt wrestling is the idea of specialization, and it has hurt us in the past with kids who have become football players in the fall and then told us they were not going to wrestle because they needed to lift all winter for football. I think working with your school's football coach, along with other fall and spring sports can really pay dividends for your participation numbers. Classing the state tournament is not going to convince those winter football players at the small school level to come out for wrestling.
  15. Class Wrestling - Exposure

    http://illinoismatmen.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61664 Go check out what Illinois has to say about classed wrestling. It will water down our state tournament