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  1. RT @partynextdoor: Thank you God

  2. RT @ENobleSchCorp: Traditional school closed, Friday, January 12, 2018. eLearning in session.

  3. RT @nicholassayler: Retweet if your dating a 11/10

  4. RT @ENobleSchCorp: Traditional School closed Monday, January 8, 2018. eLearning in session.

  5. RT @NickEDavid: Congratulations: Grant Owens 4th, Adam Ledesma 3rd, Tanner Stacey 7th, Bodey Holbrook 7th, Tony Smith 8th. Thanks to all…

  6. RT @QB_McCormick: Let’s make it official today! #SigningDay #GoKnights #GoSycamores https://t.co/ynAH9aRTwf

  7. always gonna remember it w you? https://t.co/12JMC0nHSe

  8. sorry I dont feel like looking up to kiss my girl. 4’11 is good for me https://t.co/Jyq7rhpZCY

  9. a perfect night with my best friend?❤️ https://t.co/Wk6VOjblHa

  10. RT @deshaunwatson: I'm FOCUSED, I'm back on my Mission!

  11. RT! @JennaZabona https://t.co/XHtkVOA6Q5

  12. RT @Trey_Zabona: My sister thinks since I️ can’t be home for thanksgiving that she can fill my seat with some lil boy.. guess who’s on Trav…

  13. RT @KYTHESEAHORSE: My girlfriend never gonna be single again

  14. RT @QB_McCormick: @JSpaw12

  15. RT @BleacherReport: lol. https://t.co/lFU6wIkltC