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  1. RT @BTMiles4: Heard there's a little bike race going on this weekend

  2. RT @_RachelCooley: ?Help me out for a presentation?Do you use Pocket Points to get discounts?

  3. @shrive26 You’re a fool. Happy birthday tho

  4. @DerekRoberts30 @KingCrabb24 @shrive26 https://t.co/4U4jjtr6eZ

  5. @guiney15 It’s a learning process for sure

  6. RT @TheNotoriousMMA: These fools pull out more times than I do with my dick.

  7. RT @guiney15: The rest of the MLB is soooo fucked let’s go baby

  8. RT @wildcatcooley: @Cooley00888 #PinstripePride

  9. RT @crimsonquarry: hear me out: tom crean to purdue

  10. Happy birthday @shrive26

  11. @LADiener3 @_RachelCooley Ok I’ll take it ?

  12. RT @Archie_Miller: #HoosierNation, time is running out! Retweet this video to help us raise $100,000 for @iudm and Riley kids like Owen! #…

  13. RT @BarstoolHubbs: I hate David Ortiz

  14. @CRuemler @Dr_Fleck Looks like him playing fortnite

  15. @CRuemler @LADiener3 Keep your friends close and your enemies toaster!


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