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  1. If a semistate qualifier can't wrestle at semistate for some reason, do they bring an alternate? Or does his first round opponent get a forfeit?
  2. 1981cam

    The Spartan Classic

    Any big match-ups at hwt?
  3. 1981cam

    How do you add a wrestler profile?

    We have a wrestler with multiple iswa state championships. A iswa tripple crown. 5 Indy national championships. But is not showing up on our roster?
  4. How do I add a wrestler profile to this site?
  5. 1981cam

    Adding wrestler info help

    How do I get my wrestler added to my team roster?
  6. How do you add a wrestler and profile to a roster?
  7. 1981cam


    do you get many middle school hwts show up? need mat time.
  8. Are there any sb 265 planning to wrestle at columbus east?

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