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  1. RT @julianlondono_: Me: good mor- NURSING MAJORS: GOOD morning?? I’ve been in the library for 3 days straight. The class average on our las…

  2. RT @DrAlexTweets: i think that’s none of my business https://t.co/ahNJRoX8X3

  3. I love my parents and the way I’ve had an immense amount of freedom as a kid. But my child will most certainly not… https://t.co/7RFYP1yPft

  4. RT @OnceUponAPete: Business major: *breathes* Art major: I just think it's crazy how business majors only think about making money. Are yo…

  5. RT @MichaelRapaport: my piece of dog ***potty mouth*** IphoneX crashed and broke. Stevie Jobs where you at?

  6. RT @BarstoolPU: When your friend who died at the Cactus shows up to Harry’s https://t.co/wkvdYrFYIB

  7. YANKEES KILLED THE GAME https://t.co/pTSsQFgJO0

  8. RT @cvvper: rt if you’re in a different indiana https://t.co/99kKO8ANGd

  9. FRANKKKKKKK https://t.co/9j2xf0ef3x

  10. RT @ZIatanFacts: Still didn’t get the ball from him. https://t.co/aW6izNBaZw

  11. 14 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/CWOvsVN0zt

  12. RT @Rowe77Casey: Indiana Residents: I am disappointed in y'all. How are there this many slide offs already? Get it together. We take pride…

  13. RT @stoolpresidente: If you don't have chills watching Army Navy enter in the snow move to North Korea.

  14. RT @MishaelTheis: Happy birthday Chris! @52lehman https://t.co/k9hx7MN1QJ

  15. RT @gracebettenga: there is a service dog in the union & i went to go print some stuff off and he came up to me and wrapped his body around…