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  1. This speaks to me https://t.co/Znen1GTP34

  2. RT @DaitonReed: not ONE person in this picture looks like they care at all ??? https://t.co/1Afa7azt8V

  3. Only LL kids know that Mr. Buck was the dopest substitute teacher in the biz https://t.co/nVZxve2hd1

  4. RT @prachid_: When your mom finds your weed+ bowl so you make a whole fake assignment to get it back https://t.co/3rXzQIrUzB

  5. RT @UncleChaps: Manut Bol has a top 5 dick I’d like to take a peek at. It’s gotta look like three straws connected together to make a super…

  6. RT @barstoolsports: Nothing says baseball season's back quite like finger blasting your girl at a spring training game https://t.co/v6Ygt0E…

  7. RT @Logic301: https://t.co/M1yBrimw9C

  8. College: A place where you find a nursing student friend and ask them if you should see a doctor

  9. RT @justinbieber: Grateful for great friends

  10. RT @gjpepple133: Let’s argue https://t.co/Hx0Uabb0Ob

  11. 3 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/CWOvsVN0zt

  12. RT @Snyder_man45: Kyle Snyder vs @BrockLesnar for the @WWE Heavy Weight championship of the world. Who wants it to happen? https://t.co/fwf…

  13. RT @katietalbert63: Don’t @ me https://t.co/N3ydl1QUJl

  14. RT @amberdawnbooth: you will only agree if you’re old enough to be on Twitter https://t.co/9uXXAArJZ4

  15. RT @loccdawgg: Ok meme cancelled since y’all don’t know how to fucking act https://t.co/9HKQiGYsBD