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  1. casualwrestlingfan

    Refresh on Elementary Age

    Questions for those in the know. Are AAU individual tournaments still the thing or is it elementary team duals or club wrestling individual or club wrestling team duals or all the above? Can Ohio wrestler participate in tournaments in Indiana and can Indiana wrestler participate in Ohio tournaments? What is required to do so? It's been a long time since those days so thanks for the helpful information!
  2. casualwrestlingfan

    NCAA Nationals

    Bo ripping OSU's heart out was wonderful to watch. Especially in the Bucknuts back yard.
  3. casualwrestlingfan

    Transgender wrestler in OH accuses coach of outing him to team

    Seems like a non story. Not much different than a girl who claims to be a girl on the team in a wrestling on the mat sense. The locker room and outing puts it in a gray area. Now the transgender from Texas is different and a real problem imo when it comes to competitive equality.
  4. casualwrestlingfan

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Sounds like we should do an all-in format for teams filling 7+ weights. . Maybe make 4 classes to get even sectionals and the 8 sectional champs get split into 2 semi states in a quad. Best record moves on and tie breaker goes to head to head winner.
  5. casualwrestlingfan

    Professional Wrestling League

    Hope you are right. My biggest concern is that it becomes the Arena League compared to the NFL when talking about it vs UFC and etc. That's when it gets dicey. Think PA, OH, Iowa, and Oklahoma would be great starting locations. Make it a big time atmosphere somehow. Also maybe do it in the dead time of the sports year between June and September to attract more eyes and less competition.
  6. casualwrestlingfan

    Professional Wrestling League

    Be awesome as I'm not a UFC fan or the fake crap fan either. Just not sure how realistic it is. Number of teams would be much less imo, but I'd love to be wrong. Have to find a way to market it and bring interest to the non-wrestling fans to become fans. I too have pondered how to get such a league to come to fruition while mixing Freestyle and GR with it. Also creating a 4th style called combined putting all 3 others into 1.
  7. casualwrestlingfan

    Which state does it best?

    I love the single class format our state has (would like to have both classed and single class for individual and team duals but no dice). I wish Fox Sports IN would televise all the rounds and parade of champions like Comcast Chicago did for the Iowa finals. Also be nice if they could cover the team state duals.
  8. Reported on so many levels. Love for Mason to become a gridiron Wolverine demolishing unworthy Bucknuts in The Game.
  9. casualwrestlingfan

    State predictions?

    Be cool to see SA join AC and Bellmont with an individual champ.
  10. casualwrestlingfan

    Because nobody reads the college board

    Not sad about these 2 missing out. Hope Coach Eggum takes more IN recruits. Hopefully Schlatter can steal OH recruits for my Gophers.
  11. casualwrestlingfan

    Sprinting to get seats

    Lower level should be coaches, parents, siblings/family/friends and teammates only of state qualifiers. They should have a certain allotment for each state participant. My preference, will never happen, but have only 1 weight class wrestling at a time. Next weight class cannot start until the previous class is finished (yeah takes longer but who is counting). I assume from the draw that mat # is known and you could make passes for the allotted family members and assign seats or rows of sections near that mat for each section for each match. No pass then no access. Have the Firehouse staff collect each one after the match for winning wrestlers for following rounds.
  12. casualwrestlingfan

    Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    Excited to see the Gophers hitting the Eastern corn belt in recruiting. Excited to cheer those guys on in the coming years.
  13. casualwrestlingfan

    Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Fully understand your concern and reasons. Your athletes on the football team a year ago were outstanding young men, and Im sure this year's team was the same. I think the question to ask is if your son looks back on his choice, will he regret doing or not doing whatever activity. Will he miss making memories on the gridiron or regret not putting more time into his craft on the mat. The good thing is neither is the wrong choice if he can live with the decision. Injuries are going to happen regardless of the sport. This accident prone guy knows all about that.
  14. casualwrestlingfan

    Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    I'd be for it, but I know 2 football coaches that would kill it immediately as they have baseball and track. Plus 1A schools would struggle to have enough athletes for each.
  15. casualwrestlingfan

    Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    Yep, unless anyone can convince him otherwise. Let's be honest, wrestling and basketball are #2 sports for our athletes. Not that we don't give 110% in everything, but football has always been the #1 by a wide margin and will probably always be if nothing changes.

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