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  1. Fall Brawl in PA

    Still need a 200 and a heavy. We will cover your entry. You can catch a ride w someone. You shouldn't be out much money wise. We will leave next Friday and return Saturday night. Thanks
  2. Ok... after pondering my post it does seem like a dumb question, lol! Still, what if?
  3. What if USA wanted Lee n Parris? I know they're Hoosiers. A friend and myself was pondering it. High honor no matter what.
  4. Pennsylvania tournament October 7,8th update

    Have a 167. Still need a 200 and a heavy
  5. Charlie Pingleton

    This is very sad to say the least. Being from Putnam county we all know each other very well. He touched a lot of people. Peyton and I will always have good thoughts of this man! He fought the good fight like we all would hope we could. Prayers go out to a big Pingleton family and especially the boys. This is a huge loss.
  6. Our team needs 167, 200 and heavy. Cost is 45$. Gary Black is our coach. We have multiple state placers. Drop me a line if interested. Kids can catch rides with us/wrestlers. Thanks. 317-518-5490
  7. Moment of Silence

    Well said. Very heartbreaking!
  8. Best wrestling duo

    Just think how tough Shenandoah would be with Slivka and the other 2 kids that moved.
  9. Hoosier Crossroads Conference

    In my humble opinion, I believe there should always be an american flag present for youth events. I agree Danny w the service point you made. My thinking is the lessons trying to be instilled in regards to country. Every soul in the gym was looking for one...
  10. Need high school 220 and Heavy. Pm if interested. Entry fee is 55$
  11. Dates for Big10 next year?

    When will tickets go on sale now what's the best way to get some?
  12. Avon Sectional

    Where in my 2 posts do i say the kids are getting to slide by?! You guys are meddling and have no clue to what the recourse has been. Again, let the conversation be about whats happening on the mat.
  13. Avon Sectional

    It amazes me how some of you guys are so enamored with other peoples personal business. The appeal already happened. According to the Brownsburg Athletic Handbook it happens within 5 days of the incident. If you appeal and win, you can have your penalty lessened. It appears one won his appeal. These are kids we are talking about. Everyone on this planet messes up in life. Leave it alone and lets enjoy the remainder of a great season.
  14. Avon Sectional

    Nothing slipped by or was overlooked people! The Brownsburg Athletic Handbook was followed. You have to read past the first part and into the appeal process. There is this thing we call " due process". Let the process play out before we start pointing fingers and throwing mud. At the end of the day this is about the kids so lets try and be civil and choose our words with caution.
  15. Team State Debacle

    I preface my comment by saying im not an event expert. My comment or suggestion is this - what about Hinkle Fieldhouse?