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  1. Sorry fellas I doubt any ladies tuned in tonight but great show anyway.
  2. East Chicago semi-state bracket

    106 is gonna be fun too The Frontier Falcons representing here with Colin Reagan. I think he can get past Rodriguez but it will be tighter than records indicate. Diaz and Moran should cruise but you never overlook a ticket round match. I expect to see both at their best. Alexander v Cruz will be a good battle as well.
  3. East Chicago semi-state bracket

    195 should be a good ticket round to watch especially the bottom of the bracket. Fowler v Donovan Ford v Schoonveld I like it!
  4. Notable win 1-6

    Eager to see how Walendzak bounces back after a tough loss to a good wrestler. Not a huge upset in my opinion Gavin Rose is gonna keep moving up the rankings into the top 8 or so within the next few weeks.
  5. Article: 2015 Fort Wayne Semi-State Preview

    Miller v DeMien...what a ticket rounder
  6. Almost amazing in that streak they only had one individual state champ. With so much team success it speaks to his efforts with such an effective system of coaching. Very impressive!