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  1. Southridge Sectional

  2. Southridge Sectional

    Where is this sectional actually held at?
  3. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Or we could just count the forfeit
  4. Seeding Meeting Change???

    why don't we just take the number of team points scored in actual matches.Then divide it by number of actual matches to see which kid has done better
  5. Hoosier Hills Conference

    New Albany is cancelled
  6. Cathedral vs Perry

    Really appreciate you guys making this happen.It was great to see solid Indiana highschool wrestling from my couch
  7. Hoosier Hills Conference

    I heard a decision should be made tomorrow.I don't care if we do it at 2pm as long as it happens this Saturday
  8. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Rooks beat Craig 3-0 at regional last year.Dalton Craig is good enough to get a medal at state. Rooks is good enough to win it all this year
  9. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Just hope it doesn't snow to much
  10. Too many takedowns(?)

    I think it only becomes a problem when one Wrestler is clearly superior to the other. If that is the only way you can win then do it but if you can pin a kid no one wants to see you get 15 takedowns

    152 foster Floyd central beat Pollitt Columbus east
  12. State Rankings #1

    Floyd central 152 Foster is looking solid this year may surprise some people at HHC duals
  13. I heard a rumor it was Wes Koch
  14. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    Without a doubt Jeffersonville is the weakest sectional in the state now