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  1. Nick Lee question

    Please keep posting updates on all indiana boys
  2. Who impressed you the most

    After seeing him get injured at semistate I would say Boarman
  3. Best Career

    I think we would all gladly trade either one of these studs highschool careers.I am just really proud both are indiana boys
  4. Blake Boarman

    I hope he is 100% kid is a hammer
  5. Mappes vs South?

    I tell all the kids about Jimmy fisher before semistate just to let them know don’t leave it in the refs hands
  6. Coach Roy Monroe Sullivan

    Glad you are ok
  7. I love that Phil Collins song
  8. Toughest semi-state???

    Evansville has dip n dots
  9. Confession Time

    We call that the jankowski draw where I’m from
  10. Sectional Surprises

    Conley beat Sellmer ticket round his sophomore year and after that never again
  11. Best and Worst Sectionals

    I believe santos defeated the tell city kid in overtime at jeff classic.
  12. Southridge Sectional

  13. Southridge Sectional

    Where is this sectional actually held at?
  14. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Or we could just count the forfeit
  15. Seeding Meeting Change???

    why don't we just take the number of team points scored in actual matches.Then divide it by number of actual matches to see which kid has done better