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  1. 01/20/2018

    Macaiah White
  2. 50th Goshen Invitational

  3. 2018 Hoosier Heartland Conference

  4. Qualified Weigh-ins

    Regarding question #2, the time frame you give would not allow by the rule of 1.5% a week to achieve the desired weight. It's not a suggestion, these are the guidelines were all supposed to adhere to. In talking with several coaches around State, I think the weight management plan is extremely misunderstood. Also you are correct that if you consider bumping a guy up for a competition, you definitely have to pay attention to their weight to not get to big for their normal weight or they must work down again. Hope this helps
  5. 01/13/2018

    Aren Turner
  6. 01/13/2018

    Macaiah White
  7. 01/13/2018

    Tallan Morrisett
  8. 01/09/2018

    Eastern (Greentown)
  9. Qualified Weigh-ins

    Sectional participants must have 6 qualifying weigh ins prior to the seeding meeting for sectionals. One must be scratch weight
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    Tallan Morrisett
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    Garrett Hetzner
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